Members of the Board

  • Pat Caldwell
  • Sr. Georgianna Coonis SND
  • Mary Danna
  • Helen Dietz
  • Mark Fernandes
  • Patricia Ericson '92 Johnson
  • Dori Yob Kilmer
  • D'Arcy Kirkland
  • Celeste Martin '72 Melehan
  • Kathleen O'Shea '65 Muller, Board Chair
  • Cindy Gavin '70 Pond
  • Lorne Rundquist
  • Barbarah Simmons
  • John M. Sobrato
  • Nicola Tan '03
  • Jim Woods
  • Katie Heagerty '87 Zazueta

In accordance with Notre Dame’s bylaws, the school is governed by a board of directors. The board’s primary work and focus is:

  • Long range and strategic planning; mission and vision
  • Policy oversight
  • Financial planning, management and reporting
  • Selection and evaluation of principal

The board’s responsibility is to ensure that the operations of the school are consistent with the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SND) and to provide fiduciary oversight.  Prospective board members are approved by the SND Provincial Team.

The board is not involved directly with specific school management, personnel or program issues.

The board meets approximately seven times per year. There are five standing committees and other advisory committees to the board.  The committees are chaired by board members and meet five or six times a year:

Standing committees include:

  • Executive: oversees and manages the work of the board
  • Mission Integration: assists the board in assuring the Catholic identity, the mission of Notre Dame San Jose and the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame learning community
  • Committee on Governance: identifies, recruits and cultivates board and board committee members, oversees board governance 
  • Finance: develops the long range financial plan; sets tuition and reviews yearly operational budget for board approval; monitors investment portfolio
  • Development: Supports fund growth and long range plan for school advancement

Cindy Gavin '70 Pond

Executive Committee

Kathleen O’Shea ’65 Muller

Board Chair, Executive Committee

Celeste Martin ’72 Melehan

Secretary, Executive Committee

Katie Heagerty ’87 Zazueta

Chair, Strategic Partnership Development

T James (Jim) Woods

Board Committee

Patrick (Pat) M. Caldwell

Executive, Finance and Investment Subcommittee

Mary Danna

Committee of Governance

Patricia Ericson ’92 Johnson

Chair, Principal Development

Mark Fernandes

Strategic Partnership Development Committee

Dori Yob Kilmer

Chair, Committee on Governance

Lorne C. Rundquist

Chair, Finance Committee and Investment Subcommittee

Barbara Simmons

Chair, Mission Integration

John M. Sobrato

Chair, Physical Resources

Nicola Tan '03

Strategic Partners Development Committee; Board of Directors Future Sustainability Project