In accordance with Notre Dame’s bylaws, the school is governed by a board of directors. The board’s primary work and focus is:

  • Long range and strategic planning; mission and vision
  • Policy oversight
  • Financial planning, management and reporting
  • Selection and evaluation of head of school

The board’s responsibility is to ensure that the operations of the school are consistent with the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (SND) and to provide fiduciary oversight.  Prospective board members are approved by the SND East West Province.

The board is not involved directly with specific school management, personnel or program issues.

The board meets approximately eight times per year. There are ten committees to the board made up of community members and chaired by board members. The committees meet approximately eight times a year:

Standing committees include:

  • Committee on Governance: Identifies, recruits and cultivates board and board committee members, oversees board governance.
  • Diversity Committee: Oversees Notre Dame’s policies, initiatives, and strategic goals related to Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI). Works with the board and the administration to ensure that Notre Dame strives to be a school free from discrimination.
  • Executive: Oversees and manages the work of the board.
  • Finance: Develops the long range financial plan; sets tuition and reviews yearly operational budget for board approval; monitors investment portfolio.
  • Head of School Development Committee: In addition to writing the head of school’s annual performance appraisal, the head of school development committee determines the needs of the head of school position for growth, sustainability and succession and makes recommendations to the board accordingly.
  • Investment Committee: Overall stewardship of Notre Dame’s investments and oversight of the investment management services. The investment committee is a subcommittee of the finance committee.
  • Mission Integration: Assists the board in assuring the Catholic identity, the mission of Notre Dame San Jose and the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame learning community.
  •  Physical Resource Committee: Assures a long-term resource plan for the school’s needs that includes physical plant development, real estate, and community/city relationship.
  • Strategic Partnership Development: Supports fund growth and long range plan for school advancement.
  • Strategic Plan Oversight Committee: Monitors the progress of the Vision 2025 plan and reports to the board of directors bi-annually.

Chris Arriola

Chair, Diversity Committee

Christopher Arriola Supervising Deputy District Attorney Community  Prosecution ...

Linda McMullen '66 Bearie

Executive Committee; Head of School Development Committee

Linda McMullen ‘66 Bearie Retired (Occasional Consultant/Trainer) ND Board Memb...

Demerris Brooks-Immel '87

Executive Committee

Demerris Brooks-Immel ‘87 Director of Workforce and Organizational Culture Sant...

Sister Terry Davis SNDdeN

Head of School Development Committee

Sr. Terry Davis SNDdeN Sister of Notre Dame de Namur ND Board Member Term: July 2022...

Pani Dixon

Finance Committee

Pani Dixon VP Corporate Controller Marvell Semiconductor ND Board Member Term:...

Nancy Erba

Chair Elect, Executive Committee

Nancy Erba CFO Infinera Corporation Current Parent:  Angelina Lewis ...

Mark Fernandes

Chair, Board and Executive Committee

Mark Fernandes Managing Partner Sierra Ventures Current Parent: Sarah Fernan...

Kristy Gannon

Strategic Partnership Development Committee

Kristy Gannon CEO Fluxx Labs ND Board Member Term: July 2021 – 2024 ...

Selina Garrison

Chair, Strategic Plan Oversight Committee

Selina Garrison Director Professional Services Intuit Current Parent:  Al...

Jen Hall

Committee on Governance

Jen Hall Retired Human Resources Executive ND Board Member Term: July 2022 – J...

Greg Hanson

Chair, Finance Committee; Gift Acceptance Committee

Greg Hanson COO, Inxeption Former COO, eBay Americas Current Parent:  Kate...

Jenny Hsia '99

Chair, Physical Resource Committee

Jenny Hsia ‘99 Project Executive XL Construction ND Board Member Term:  ...

Rose Que '82 Lue

Chair, Mission Integration Committee

Rose Que '82 Lue Community Organizer, Lay Pastoral Minister, Spiritual Director C...

Laura Murphy

Chair, Committee on Governance

Laura Murphy Attorney Community Volunteer Parent of Alum: Sara Murphy 2020 ND Board...

Alexandria Nguyen '94

Physical Resource Committee

Alexandria (“Alex”) Ngoc Nguyen ‘94 Real Estate Attorney, Berliner C...

Dremeco Seifert

Finance Committee

Dremeco Seifert Audit and Assurance Partner Deloitte & Touche LLP ND Board...

Barbara Simmons

Diversity Committee; Mission Integration Committee

Barbara Simmons Self-employed, Independent College Mentor/Advisor, The College Jo...

Rose Pierro '63 Simmons

Chair, Strategic Partnership Development Committee; Chair, Gift Acceptance Committee

Rose Pierro ’63 Simmons Retired:  Operations Officer Health Care Non-p...

Eileen Tanghal

Chair, Investment Committee

Eileen Tanghal Founder & General Partner Black Opal Ventures   ND ...

Melinda K. Postle '88 Thompson

Committee on Governance

Melinda K Postle ’88 Thompson General Counsel Miro ND Board Member Term: July...

Jim Woods

Chair, Head of School Development Committee

Jim Woods Director, Media Community Development Facebook, Inc. Parent of Alum: ...