Personal & Academic Counseling

The mission of Notre Dame’s Counseling Department is to provide comprehensive support for our students to complement their academic experience at Notre Dame.

Each student is assigned a counselor (based on the student’s last name) who will support the student around personal and academic issues. Counseling assignments are listed below.  The counselor will work with this student for the duration of the student’s time at Notre Dame, and will be a resource for both the student and parent for four years.  Personal/academic counselors will meet with each student in their caseload a minimum of once per semester, and as needed throughout the school year.  Personal/academic counselors will track a student’s progress at each grading period, coordinate conferences with teachers as needed, and consult with the college counselor beginning in the junior year.

Personal/academic counselors also attend to the needs of students with learning differences. They connect students to resources and track progress over the school year. Please contact your daughter's counselor for more information. 

Notre Dame offers a comprehensive series of events covering topics including communications, develoment and college admissions.

View a list of current articles, books and resources on social-emotional and other important topics related to raising adolescents.


The counseling department provides 
answers to some of the most common questions asked by parents of current Notre Dame students.