Since 1851, Notre Dame has provided the young women of Silicon Valley with a distinctive, high quality Catholic college-preparatory education. The annual fund is Notre Dame’s mission-critical fundraising effort that provides the resources needed to maintain innovative programs that prepare students with what they need to know for life in the next century and beyond.  The annual fund directly supports academic and co-curricular programs, salaries, facilities and tuition assistance. 

Notre Dame's parent pledge program is a component of the annual fund. All parents are asked to participate with a donation to annual fund as tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating our students. (Additional information about this program is included at the bottom of this page.)

Your support of the annual fund is crucial to the ongoing financial and academic health of the school. If you can only make one gift a year to the school, the annual fund is the most important. Contributions to the annual fund are leveraged when we seek support from foundations, corporations, donors and other institutions.

All gifts to the annual fund are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We appreciate every gift, regardless of the amount.

Thank you for valuing a Notre Dame education - education that develops the women leaders of tomorrow.

Why do we ask parents to make a pledge to support the annual fund?

Parents of current students are requested to make a pledge to contribute to the Notre Dame Annual Fund each year to provide resources that extend beyond tuition income . Since introducing the Parent Pledge Program, Notre Dame has been able to preserve and grow our distinctive Catholic college-preparatory education for the young women of Silicon Valley while maintaining tuition increases below 4% annually. 

As with all independent schools, Notre Dame is dependent on two sources of revenue to operate the school: tuition and fundraising. Gifts from the Parent Pledge Program provide Notre Dame with resources that tuition does not cover and allow parents to benefit from the tax advantage that comes from making a donation as opposed to paying increased tuition. As such, we expect all families to contribute to the annual fund by making a “stretch” gift on behalf of each student who attends Notre Dame. All gifts to the annual fund are 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

What is the Annual Fund? 

The annual fund is the backbone of Notre Dame High School’s fundraising program and provides the funds necessary to support our vision of educating young women in Silicon Valley for career success, global leadership and socially-responsible entrepreneurship. Gifts to the annual fund help sustain academic programs, update facilities, recruit and retain talented faculty, upgrade technology, offer tuition assistance, enhance co-curricular and athletic programs and contribute to capital projects and endowment. Parent support is critical to our ability to continue to offer these programs, which make Notre Dame a unique and distinctive place to learn.

What is my expected level of giving in the Parent Pledge Program? 

All families with current students at Notre Dame are asked to make a gift commensurate with their financial situation. ​Through the generosity of our parent community, Notre Dame has been able to keep tuition stable, with annual increases of less than 4%, while offering parents the opportunity to make a tax deductible contribution rather than paying higher tuition costs. ​ As such, we expect all families to carefully consider making a “stretch” gift on behalf of each student enrolled at Notre Dame. Through this ongoing partnership with the parent community, Notre Dame can continue to offer the best value for our distinctive, college preparatory education.

What are the tax benefits of participating in the Parent Pledge Program? 

Unlike tuition, gifts to support the annual fund are 100 percent tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If my employer has a matching gift program, does my employer’s contribution count toward the amount I pledged?

Matching gifts serve as an additional opportunity for you to extend your generosity to Notre Dame and double your own personal investment. Although we encourage and appreciate matching gifts, Notre Dame is unable to offer personal credit for matching gifts made by your employer.

How can I make the donations towards my pledge?

Your pledge will be added to your FACTS account (tuition payment system). When you make your pledge during the enrollment process, you will be asked to choose a payment schedule. If you prefer, donations can also be made in the following ways:

  • Via credit card online here.
  • Via check or cash. Please mail your payment to Notre Dame High School. 596 S. Second Street, San Jose, CA 95112. Be sure to indicate the reason for your donation.
  • Via stock transfer. You can learn more here.

Can the cost of the pledge be shared by more than one individual? 

Yes, however, this arrangement must be completed prior to the registration deadline by contacting the development office at (408) 294-1113 ext. 2157 or E-mail.

What happens to my pledge if my daughter decides to leave Notre Dame High School? 

If your daughter decides to leave Notre Dame High School, you will no longer be enrolled in the Parent Pledge Program.

What if I have additional questions about the Parent Pledge Program? 

Contact the development office at (408) 294-1113 ext. 2157 or E-mail.

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