Career & Life Success

The Career & Life Success Program at Notre Dame creates learning experiences that take students beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. The program prepares young women for life beyond college by empowering them to identify and nurture their individual gifts and talents as they explore opportunities for future career and life success.

Three Core Competencies for Students

Self Awareness

A clear perception of their personality, including unique talents, strengths, passions, core values, goals and desires.

Skill Development

The development of essential skills necessary for future career and life success. 

Career Exploration

Knowledge of a variety of career options and the importance of fit with one's unique career preferences.
Student at a workshop about personal finance
Marvell seminar

Programs for Our Students

Pre-College Programs
Pre-college programs are educational programs designed to prepare high school students for college-level coursework and provide them with exposure to college life. These programs may include academic courses, workshops, seminars and extracurricular activities designed to help students develop skills and knowledge essential for their future college studies. They may be offered during the summer or throughout the academic year and may focus on specific subjects or academic areas, such as STEM or the humanities. Additionally, some programs provide a broader overview of college life and academics. Students interested in applying for pre-college programs may receive application support from the Director of Career and Life Success. Support includes: essay and short answer editing, material gathering (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) and serving as liaison between the program and student.

Guest Speakers
Guest speakers provide students with real-world life experiences, bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace. They provide insight into different industries and career paths, as well as suggestions for curricular and co-curricular paths to help them achieve their goals. View our list of guest speakers.

Career Experiences
Career development and networking opportunities allow students to learn about companies, industries and careers in a personal setting. Students visit local companies and engage with industry professionals, building their network while exploring career options.

Internships offer students a hands-on opportunity for career exploration and valuable workplace-readiness training. Students also see how their academic studies apply to the real world. The experience makes them stronger candidates for college and jobs after graduation.

Job Shadows
Job shadows are short-term, partial-day (1-3 hours) workplace experiences that pair students with business professionals. Through hands-on projects that connect workplace skills with academic learning, students develop an awareness of the educational and technical skills necessary for entry and advancement in business. Currently, we have a partnership with Marvell Technology Inc., who offers this opportunity to students interested in business and accounting.

View a list of partners who support the Career and Life Success program.

For questions about the Career & Life Success program or internship opportunities at Notre Dame High School, please contact:

Raven Gilberts

Raven Gilberts

Director of Career and Life Success

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