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Leadership 2020-2021 School Year - Updated List with HR Reps  
Club Officers 2020-2021 School Year - LIST OF OFFICERS 

Online Entrepreneurship Summit
Learn and hear from educational business panels featuring successful business leaders and an entrepreneurial pitch competition. Summit runs from June 18-21.  Click our website for more information. Click here for the flyer!

------ Reminder Announcements ------- 

FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES: Community Service Learning hours requirement has been waived for the remainder of the year.
In the meantime, if you have ideas for remote support or advocacy, please post them here!

JUNIORS: Community Service Learning hours requirement has been waived for the remainder of the year. Please complete SSLP form in google classroom by June 1.  
Deadlines for electronic components remain in place. Please complete this SSLP Brainstorm Form by June 1 (assigned on google classroom). While we’re remote, take some time to review the websites of our various community partners (list found on the ND website and student start page), to determine where you’d like to serve when it is safe to volunteer again. In the meantime, if you have ideas for remote support or advocacy, please post them here!

Schoolwide or Classwide Emails Must Be Approved Before Sending
All schoolwide and classwide emails from students must be sent to Mr. Bracco or Ms. McGovern for approval before they can be sent.  All campaign related email must be approved by Ms. Pandori.

Auditions for String Ensemble and Advanced Choir 2020-21 School Year Will Be Rescheduled
Please check out the following slide deck, and wufoo link for more information, and to sign up for an audition. Information Slide Deck / Audition Sign Ups               


Notre Dame's Student Newspaper the Crown and Shield NEWS   

Notre Dame has various places to pray and reflect throughout the day
You may record your prayer intentions in the Book of Intentions at the St Julie alcove in Manley Hall. You may record your prayer intentions in the Book of Intentions at the St Julie alcove in Manley Hall. Prayer mats for daily Muslim prayers are available in the Learning Commons and for use in Our Lady's Grotto and adjacent patio areas.Our Lady's Grotto and the SLC Courtyard also serve as places for prayer and reflection.

JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES - Confirmation Preparation 2020-21
As you prepare for Spring 2020 course selection, we want to be sure you're aware of the process for the Sacrament of Confirmation at Notre Dame. The program is offered every other year for junior and senior students only. You will need to register by Fall 2020 AND be sure to enroll or have completed the Faithful Life course. We are currently gathering information for those that are interested in this program. No academic credit is given, but students who wish to take advantage of the program at Notre Dame can indicate their interest in this FORM For more information, please see Ms Quiazon or Mr. Valcazar in campus ministry.  

Looking for service and advocacy opportunties?
For upcoming service and advocacy opportunities, check out the flyer of events HERE. For more information contact Ms Scullin. 

Ecuador/Galapagos STEM Trip 
Interested in traveling to Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in the Summer of 2021 for 9 days?  E-mail Mr. Lecheler or Ms. Heigre.  MORE INFORMATION 

Notre Dame Themed Merchandise
Looking for fun Notre Dame themed gifts?  Check out the Notre Dame page on Redbubble.  Want to add your own Notre Dame themed artwork to this site, upload your artwork to this FORM.  All proceeds from the sales of these items goes to the Notre Dame Sister Circle Tuition Assistance fund.

FRESHMEN/SOPHOMORES/JUNIORS - Need ideas for service hours? Check google classroom and x2VOL for upcoming service opportunities. For local opportunities please also visit the Notre Dame community partner list of agencies, the map of local agencies, or updated listings on x2vol. Please review your current activity log to ensure all hours are accurate and verified in order to be approved. 

Allergy Notice
We have several students for whom potentially life-threatening food allergies are a reality.  In order to ensure the safety of these students, we want to inform, and remind, everyone of the following: 
1. There is a strict no food/beverage policy in ALL buildings, including classrooms and common areas (i.e. couch in Manley foyer).  The only exception is for classrooms used for club/co-curricular meetings, at the end of which ALL desks where food was consumed need to be wiped down with the food-surface-safe spray. 
2. There will be one table in Pardini, 3rd St Cafe, SLC Lounge, and SLC Courtyard that is designated as ALLERGEN FREE.  Students choosing to sit at these tables MUST NOT consume any products with eggs, shellfish, or nuts/tree nuts.  
3. There are particular classrooms that will be marked as nut-sensitive.  If you are in one of these marked classrooms for a co-curricular activity or club meeting, please be mindful to not consume nuts in this room, and to be sure to carefully wipe down desks.

Lunch Line Reminders
During lunch and brunch, the only entry to the line for the cafeteria is through the side door of the gym.  ALL BACKPACKS must be placed along the inside wall of the gym in a SINGLE row.  Do not leave them on the steps going into the gym, nor the breezeway, nor piled right in front of the gym door.  

Picnic Table Etiquette
Picnic tables in Pardini Park and the 3rd St Cafe are all first-come, first served.  This means that nobody can claim a table as theirs for the school year, nor can anyone remove items that a student(s) have placed there before going to purchase their lunch or heat up their lunch.  Additionally, the tables are for SITTING -- there should not be any tables only used for storing bags during the entire lunch period.  We need every table we have in order to accommodate our student body, so please do not waste table space by simply storing things on them.  Be courteous and respectful to your peers; invite other students to sit with you if you have space, and respect other people's belongings if they have set them down at a table at the start of the period.  

Link to Notre Dame's Online Newspaper Crown & Shield 

College Rep Visits - Full Calendar

Internship/Jobs/Enrichment Opportunities - most recent Internship/Jobs/Enrichment opportunities.

Sister Circle Totals 
Class of 2020 Donation Page: https://www.ndsj.org/support-nd/class-of-2020-sister-circle
Class of 2021 Donation Page: https://www.ndsj.org/support-nd/class-of-2021-sister-circle
Class of 2022 Donation Page: https://www.ndsj.org/support-nd/class-of-2022-sister-circle
Class of 2023 Donation Page: https://www.ndsj.org/support-nd/class-of-2023-sister-circle



10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Notre Dame will celebrate its 169th graduation ceremony at the California Theatre for the Class of 2020. This event is not open to the public and requires a ticket for admission.