Today we say goodbye to the 2018-19 student leaders as we pass the baton to our new leaders and officers. Congratulations to the 2019-20 leadership teams! "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Let us pray, God, we are immensely grateful for and celebrate all the leaders who paved the way for us this school year. Bless the new leadership teams with confidence, strength and open mind, ears and hearts. May they dream, inspire and walk with us next year. AMEN. 


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Dance Showcase at Lunch Thursday
Join us in the gym Thursday, May 16 at lunch for a short preview of the dance showcase that you won’t want to miss!

Showcase your Sharks Pride on Friday, May 17 
We're excited that our local team, the Sharks, have made it this far in the NHL playoffs! To celebrate their success so far and to showcase our support, this Friday you can wear free dress bottoms with Sharks gear tops (i.e. t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys) or tops in Sharks colors (black, teal, orange). Come to Pardini Park at 11:15AM to be part of a photo op! **If you don't wish to wear any of these colors, Regent Friday rules apply -- this is not a full free dress day unless you're in the Sharks gear/colors.

Junior/Senior Prom - A Night of Elegance & Glamour 
The Senior/Junior Prom is Saturday, May 18 from 8:00pm to Midnight at the Corinthian Grand Ballroom, 196 North Third Street, in downtown San Jose. TICKETS are $95 per person. Get dressed in approprate (see pg 28 of Student Handbook) formal attire and come enjoy a beautiful venue with multiple glamour photo backdrop stations.  Enjoy great desserts including a giant chocolate fountain, ice cream bar, cakes, fruit, cheese and unlimited soft drinks.  

Boba Sale Friday, May 17 at Brunch - New Flavor Strawberry Green Tea with Popping Boba
The Faculty/Staff is hosting the last boba sale this Friday, May 17 at brunch to raise funds for the Faculty/Staff Senior Scholarships.  Boba is $5 and four flavors will be offered: Jasmin with boba, Mango green tea with lychee jelly, Thai with boba and Strawberry green tea with popping boba.

Reuseable Straws
Do you know that if Jesus threw away a plastic straw it would still be around today? Do your part and purchase either a regular or boba metal straw on Friday at lunch, near the boba sale. Metal boba straws for $1.60 each and regular metal straws for $1.25. Each type will have it’s own bundles with different tips, cleaners, and bags. Hope to see you there! 

Confidence in Bloom: A Dance Recital
Join us on Friday, May 17 from 7:00pm to 8:15pm in JB Hall for "Confidence in Bloom: A Dance Recital". Our student choreographed show features dances by Regent Collective Dance Company as well as our Block 2 dance class. Come celebrate movement with us as we explore the theme of "confidence" within ourselves, our friendships, and our community. The show is FREE and all are welcome! All students attending may enter a raffle for a $25 Starbuck giftcard.

Ambassador Application for 2019-2020 
Interested in becoming a Notre Dame Ambassador?  APPLY by Wednesday, May 22. In order to be an Ambassador, you must commit to the Ambassador Training (Friday, August 16, 2019), Open House (October 19, 2019) and two additional events per semester.

Justice/Leadership Immersion Trip Interest Form Now Open!
The Interest Form to apply for the justice/leadership immersion trips for the 2019-20 school year is now open! Submit your application for the Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Francisco, Central Coast and El Salvador trips through this interest form. The form will be open through September 20 but many trips fill up fast, so submit your application today! Please see the Global Education page of the website for more details about the individual trips.

2019-20 Student Parking
Interested in purchasing a parking spot for the 2019-20 school year in the City of San Jose I 280 lot? Get added to the list of interested students so that you will be the first to receive application and payment information once it is released because there is a limited number of spots available. Email Ms. Borromei to get on the list of interested students, and please include a parent's name and email address.

------ Campus Ministry Announcements ------- 

Retreat Early registration EXTENDED!

Early retreat applications extrended to Monday, June 3! Early bird junior applicants get priority signs up to room with your friends. Early senior retreat applicants receive a discounted rate. See below for more information. SIGN UP TODAY!

SOPHOMORES! Junior Retreat Registration is now open!
Sophomore homerooms: Please watch junior retreat video TODAY in homeroom. Junior Retreat is a two day/one night retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains on Thurs-Friday, November 14 - 15th. Cost is $190. Financial aid is available. Register by the early bird registration deadline of MONDAY, JUNE 3 and get priority signs up to room with your friends. For more information, click HERE or contact Ms Yavorsky in campus ministry. 

 JUNIORS! Senior Retreat Registration is now open!

Senior Retreat is a three day/ two night retreat at San Damiano Retreat Center in the hills of Danville, CA. Cost is $340 and financial aid is available. Those registering by the early bird registration date of MONDAY, JUNE 3, pay a discounted reg fee of $320 and may indicate their preferred retreat date. For more information, click HERE or contact Ms Yavorsky in campus ministry. 


Are you a junior or senior interested in leading retreats? You can sign up today to lead Junior Retreat, Sophomore Breakaway Day or both retreats! Deadline for all applications is TODAYFriday, May 17th. We would love to have you lead with us! For more information, click HERE or contact Ms Yavorsky in Campus Ministry. 

 Community Service Learning Hours Deadline!

All community service hours for this year must have been submitted and verified by your contact person by Tuesday, May 7th! Pleae check your hours in x2vol to be sure all events have been checked by your site supoerviosr. Hours will not be approved until verified. For service opportunities and questions, please see Ms Scullin or the bulletin board on x2vol and the SLC hallway. For x2vol issues, please see Ms Johnston.

Ramadan Prayer & Food Free Lunch Space
Our Lady's Grotto is an available quiet space for prayer during the day. In the Learning Commons, there is a container with prayer mats for public use. Campus Ministry is also hosting M202 for students to utilize during lunch for prayer or work that is "food free".


------ Reminder Announcements ------- 

Leadership Elected & Selected Officers and Candidates - Final List of Officers 

Notre Dame Students in Bellarmine's Play - I Hate Hamlet! 
Come see this hilarious comedy including ND's students, Genevieve Richards '19; Bianca Romero '19; Ella Nowinski '21. TICKETS are $15 and the show starts Friday, May 10.

Second Semester Club Schedule
Second semester clubs will consistently meet every other week on the same day. Club Calendar / Club List of Dates  / Club Spotlight Weeks

Check Out Notre Dame's Home Page
The home page of our website is featuring you, our students, in honor of Women's History Month. If you have been recognized by an organization this academic school year, be proud and shout it out. You can email Ms. Garcia or Ms. Heiser and tell us about yourself or someone you think should be featured. Be sure to include a good quality photo and some details about your award or recognition.

New Music Course Offerings for 2019-2020 School Year
There are some exciting changes in the music course offerings for next year!  Click the links below to check out these opportunities to be part of something, new, different, and exciting at ND: Advanced Choir / Performance Choir / String Ensemble / Symphonic Band / Music Structures in American History / Introduction to Composition.  If you want to be a part of ANY of these classes, simply email/talk to your counselor. AUDITIONS for Advanced Choir, Performance Choir, and String Ensemble are after course selection deadlines, but sign up for them anyway, audition after, and we'll sort the rest out from there. Questions or concerns, Ms. Paulson is more than happy to answer them in person or via email.

Allergy Notice
We have several students for whom potentially life-threatening food allergies are a reality.  In order to ensure the safety of these students, we want to inform, and remind, everyone of the following: 
1. There is a strict no food/beverage policy in ALL buildings, including classrooms and common areas (i.e. couch in Manley foyer).  The only exception is for classrooms used for club/co-curricular meetings, at the end of which ALL desks where food was consumed need to be wiped down with the food-surface-safe spray. 
2. There will be one table in Pardini, 3rd St Cafe, SLC Lounge, and SLC Courtyard that is designated as ALLERGEN FREE.  Students choosing to sit at these tables MUST NOT consume any products with eggs, shellfish, or nuts/tree nuts.  
3. There are particular classrooms that will be marked as nut-sensitive.  If you are in one of these marked classrooms for a co-curricular activity or club meeting, please be mindful to not consume nuts in this room, and to be sure to carefully wipe down desks.

Purchase Your Yearbook Now! 
Order Form

Lunch Line Reminders
During lunch and brunch, the only entry to the line for the cafeteria is through the side door of the gym.  ALL BACKPACKS must be placed along the inside wall of the gym in a SINGLE row.  Do not leave them on the steps going into the gym, nor the breezeway, nor piled right in front of the gym door.  

Picnic Table Etiquette
Picnic tables in Pardini Park and the 3rd St Cafe are all first-come, first served.  This means that nobody can claim a table as theirs for the school year, nor can anyone remove items that a student(s) have placed there before going to purchase their lunch or heat up their lunch.  Additionally, the tables are for SITTING -- there should not be any tables only used for storing bags during the entire lunch period.  We need every table we have in order to accommodate our student body, so please do not waste table space by simply storing things on them.  Be courteous and respectful to your peers; invite other students to sit with you if you have space, and respect other people's belongings if they have set them down at a table at the start of the period.  

Links to Sister Circle Donation Pages - Sister Circle Totals
Vipers Class of 2019 Donation Page :
Griffins Class of 2020 Donation Page:
Tigers Class of 2021 Donation Page:
Raptors Class of 2022 Donation Page:

Notre Dame/Bellarmine Ultimate Frisbee Team 
No experience is necessary!  Questions email Coach Marrero.

Link to Notre Dame's Online Newspaper Crown & Shield 

Text Reminders
Do you want an easy way to know about upcoming ND events and reminders? Join ASB's texting reminders that are compatible with any phone. Once you text the information described below for your class, answer the prompts that follow with your first name only and "s" for student. Remember to include the "@" when joining the reminders. Please note if you already signed up for your class's reminders last year, you do not need to sign up again. If you have any difficulties please feel free to email Samantha with your technology issues.
2019 VipersText "@2019vipe" to 81010
2020 Griffins Text "@2020gri" to 81010
2021 Tigers Text "@2021tige" to 81010
Class of 2022 Text "@clss2022" to 81010

Elected/Selected Student Leader Meeting Schedule
If you are an elected/selected student leader, please review the Elected/Selected Meeting Schedule. At Notre Dame ALL leadership meetings are open meetings, everyone is welcome.

Final Elected/Selected Leadership 2018-19 Final List 

Liturgical Ministers
Are you someone who loves to dance, sing, bake bread? Are you interested in being involved with liturgies throughout the year at ND? Depending on prior experience and faith traditions, minister training may be required in the fall. We welcome all faiths and backgrounds. Let us know your talents, availability and interest in supporting ND liturgies! Liturgical Ministry Sign Up Form


College Rep Visits - Full Calendar

Internship/Jobs/Enrichment Opportunities - most recent Internship/Jobs/Enrichment opportunities.

Check Out Notre Dame's Student Newspaper the Crown and Shield Online for the Latest ND NEWS  

MAY 20

Head to the Learning Commons for senior-only textbook buyback from May 20-22. Other grades can participate in the buybacks from May 28-30. Please see the attached flyer for more...

MAY 21

Head to the Learning Commons for senior-only textbook buyback from May 20-22. Other grades can participate in the buybacks from May 28-30. Please see the attached flyer for more...

MAY 21

Join us as we recognize the successes of this year's speech and debate program student participants.

MAY 22

Head to the Learning Commons for senior-only textbook buyback from May 20-22. Other grades can participate in the buybacks from May 28-30. Please see the attached flyer for more...

MAY 22

The Class of 2021 will host a special lunch for their big sister class, the Green & Gold Vipers.

MAY 22

Family and friends of the Class of 2019 are invited to join us on the Notre Dame campus as we recognize the accomplishments of the graduating class. This event is open to the pu...

MAY 23

The Notre Dame faculty, staff and student body will gather in Julie Billiart Hall to recognize the accomplishments of the Class of 2019 in this final farewell to the graduates.

MAY 27
MAY 28

Head to the Learning Commons for all-grades textbook buyback from May 28-30. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

MAY 29
Last Day of Classes
All Day Event