What is ARISE?

The ARISE program at Notre Dame is a partnership between the learning resource specialists, faculty and student participants to provide personalized and differentiated support. The program includes three pillars: 

  1. Academic Resources
  2. Individualized Support
  3. Empowerment

Specifically, our learning resource specialists have used these pillars to design programs and experiences to promote a successful high school experience at Notre Dame for a variety of students.  Designated program space for ARISE is on the first floor of Donnelly Hall.

Academic Resources

Notre Dame offers a variety of programs and opportunities for students to grow their personal learning toolbox. These opportunities are designed to empower students to increase their academic engagement and to take advantage of the curriculum to their fullest potential.  

Individualized Support

Individualized supports are provided for students so they can achieve their desired personal and academic goals. Supports and resources are student-centered, and based on the individual needs, goals, and interests of that student. At Notre Dame, every child is worthy of reaching their potential, and our learning resource specialists are committed to designing and facilitating a circle of support for our students.


The ARISE program uses an asset-based approach to learning and skill development that highlights strengths and builds a growth mindset. An empowered student welcomes the opportunity to create and re-evaluate their goals, builds confidence, and practices life-long learning through purposeful decision making.  This includes developing attitudes and using strategies to be more constructive, proactive and independent learners. 

ARISE Support team:

photo of Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

ARISE Program Director

photo of Tammy Castillo '09

Tammy D. Castillo '09

Learning Resource Specialist