The Notre Dame Robotics Team encourages girls to explore various STEAM pathways as they build a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition. The Janksters, also known as FRC Team 1967, focus on maintaining a student-focused team and student-built robot with mentors in guiding and supporting roles. The team is made up of four committees: electronics, business, mechanical and programming allowing girls to explore a variety of facets of engineering and business. The team is open to all interested Notre Dame students regardless of experience. 

Questions about joining the robotics team can be directed to the robotics program director, Marta Carrillo via E-mail

Contact Information

Program Director: Marta Carrillo,
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Robotics News

The Janksters hosted 24 potential rookies at the 6th Annual Robotics Boot Camp the first week of August. The rookies were introduced to a variety of skills such as using power tools, CADing, programming and driving the robot. Veteran students taught the workshops and engaged the rookies with games and fun challenges. The rookies were enthusiastic about robotics and making new friends. The team looks forward to having the rookies join the team in September.
In the spring, the Janksters competed in the 20th Silicon Valley Regional. During the three days of competition, students worked hard to improve robot performance and cheered on their alliance as Lola (the robot) achieved a record high of six cubes placed in the five foot scale in a two minute match. Other highlights of competition were hosting four other teams at the annual Jankster team social and speaking to the president of FIRST, as well as receiving a recognition for their safety program.

Robotics Team Meetings

Tuesdays and Thursdays