City as a Classroom

San Jose Museum of Art

Contemporary issues including diversity, women's rights and active citizenship (Social Studies)
Art review of european paintings (French)
Exhibit of spanish artwork (Spanish)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

History and culture of San Jose scavenger hunt (Social Studies)
Dia de los Muertos altars and exhibits (Modern Language)

Other walking field trips include: 

  • SoFA district institutional analysis walk (Religious Studies)
  • Culture walks (Modern Language)
  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral tour and history (9th grade Religious Studies)
  • San Jose Stage Company theatre productions (10th grade students & Drama)  
  • Washington Youth Center (Peace & Social Justice)
  • Guadalupe River Park longitudinal water testing (AP Environmental Science class)
  • Guadalupe River Park morning prayer and walking meditation (Religious Studies)
  • Muwekma Ohlone monument (9th grade Religious Studies)
  • Mexican Heritage Plaza theatre productions (Spanish)
  • San Jose State: Natalie and James Thompson Galleries art exhibits (Religious Studies)
  • Center for Spiritual Enlightenment tour, prayer and labyrinth walk (Religious Studies)