Students are invited to participate in a number of retreat opportunities during their time at Notre Dame. These experiences, offered away from campus, are a time to come together in joy and friendship for fun activities and self-reflection. Retreats are offered for each grade level and build appropriately to match a student’s development and experience in high school.

Please contact Daniel Valcazar via E-mail if you have questions about the retreat program.

Retreat Financial Aid   

Retreats at Notre Dame High School are valued as significant experiences in a student's spiritual growth. For junior and senior Retreats, campus ministry offers alternative payment arrangements and partial financial aid awards for those requiring financial assistance.  The Financial Aid Application is now included as part of the retreat registration. 

Senior Retreat

The student retreat program culminates in an optional three-day, two-night retreat at the San Damiano Retreat Center in Danville. Based on a Kairos model, the senior retreat is distinctively Notre Dame and is facilitated by the faculty and staff members during the spring semester.

Junior Retreat

Juniors may choose to attend a two-day, one-night retreat at Mission Springs Camps & Conference Center in Scotts Valley. This retreat encourages students to reflect on themselves and their spiritual journey through interactive activities, individual creativity and group prayer. The retreat is led by seniors and the campus ministry team.

Sophomore Breakaway Day

Building on the experience of the freshman breakaway day, sophomores travel to Dominican Center in Fremont in the fall semester for their second retreat. The day's activities are planned and implemented by student leaders and the campus ministry team.

Freshman Breakaway Day

In spring, freshmen attend one of two day-long retreats at Dominican Center in Fremont. The day's activities, which center around seeing one’s own story as sacred and seeking wisdom from the stories of those who have gone before us, are planned and implemented by student leaders and the campus ministry team.

Mother & Daughter Retreat

The mother and daughter retreat is a two-day, one night experience focusing on the spirituality and dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship. This retreat is offered every other year and will be offered in the 2019-20 academic school year. Participants can develop a deeper understanding of one another by sharing their story and communicating what they appreciate about one another. They will learn strategies for more effective communication such as active listening.  Students of all grade levels and faith traditions are welcome to attend with their mother or a mother figure in their life (e.g. aunt, grandmother, guardian).