Approximately 25% of students rely on tuition assistance to attend Notre Dame High School. Gifts to support our tuition assistance program help to maintain our tradition of making a Notre Dame education possible for the most qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances. Tuition assistance also helps ensure that we will continue to be ranked as the most diverse private high school in Santa Clara Valley. 

ThirtyOne Women 

Mary Quilici '75 Aumack and Maria Bellafronto founded ThirtyOne Women in 2011 as a way to help girls from low income families who attend Our Lady of Grace Nativity School afford a Notre Dame High School education. The concept is simple - a group of 30 women committed to giving a fixed amount each month for four years. The outcome - four years of a Notre Dame Catholic education for one young woman who then becomes the center of the circle and the thirty-first woman. The money generated by each group of women covers the costs associated with high school education including tuition, books, uniforms and other fees. The first two recipients of ThirtyOne Women scholarships graduated in June, 2016. Click here to join a ThirtyOne Women circle or email Shannon Chastaine at or 408-294-1113 x2123 for more information.

Sister Circles

Sister circles are a group of alums and friends who provide tuition assistance support for one student throughout her four years at Notre Dame.  Each member of the circle commits to a gift of $25 per month over four years. Click HERE to join a Sister Circle or contact Monica Gomez at or 408-294-1113 x2153 for more information.

Village Scholarship

The Village Scholarship is a circle of 40 donors who want to take an active role in ensuring that an increasing number of Black voices and stories will be included in the Notre Dame student body.  Each member of the “village” pledges to a monthly gift of $45 over four years for a total donation of $2,160.  The Village Scholarship provides an all-inclusive, four-year scholarship for a young woman of Black, African ancestry with financial need to attend Notre Dame.  Click HERE to join a Village Scholarship Circle or contact Shannon Chastaine at or 408-294-1113 x2123 for more information

IMPACT Notre Dame

IMPACT ND is a giving circle of men passionate about making a Notre Dame education available to talented young women with limited financial resources and committed to making it available through financial aid. Each giving circle of IMPACT ND consists of 25 men committing to a gift of $75 each month for four years to cover the costs of one young woman from a low income family to attend Notre Dame High School San Jose (NDSJ). Members of the giving circle will make a lasting impact on the life of a Notre Dame student and her family. Click HERE to join an IMPACT ND circle or contact Shannon Chastaine at or 408-294-1113 x2123 for more information.