Photo of Sr. Terry Davis SNDdeN

Sister Terry Davis SNDdeN

Head of School Development Committee

Sr. Terry Davis SNDdeN
Sister of Notre Dame de Namur
ND Board Member Term:
July 2022 – June 2025
Board Committee: Head of School Development

Sr. Terry Davis has been a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur for 55 years in been in several ministries over the years. She taught at NDSJ for 5 years in the mid 1970’s mostly in the Art Department. She also served at Notre Dame High Schools in Belmont and Alameda. She taught art and religion before moving to the House of Prayer in Carmel for 2 years. She was invited to work at the Catholic Television Network where she served for 10 years in various production capacities. During that time, she recognized the need for graphic design services for non-profit and religious organizations. She went on to set up a small graphic design service working only with non-profits she felt were also carrying out the mission of the Sisters.

In 1996 she was elected to serve in general government and moved to Rome for 6 years. In that capacity, she travelled throughout the congregation and was able to experience the work of sisters in Africa and Latin America. Those experiences were most transformative and she still works to support the SND Jubilee Fund which financially sustains our sisters serving in some of our world’s poorest places.

She served as the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Stockton for 16 years and retired from that in 2019. She now enjoys the chance to create her own art with Photography and PhotoPainting and having the time to volunteer at Sacred Heart Community Services in San Jose.