Graduation Requirements

  • Total Credits Required: Students must complete 235 credits to graduate.
  • Elective Credits Required: Students are required to complete 25 credits in general electives.
  • Minimum Number of Classes: Students must take 6 classes each semester. 
  • Maximum Number of Classes: Students may take no more than 7 classes each semester.
  • AP classes: It is recommended that students do not take more than 3 APs per year in order to support student wellness.

(4 Years Required)

9th  - English I
10th - English II
11th - English III or AP Language & Composition
12th - 2 semester electives or AP Literature & Composition
(3 Years Required)
Math pathways depend on student placement in grade 9
(3 Years Required)
All students begin with Biology
For students wishing to double up in science, only ONE can be an AP course
Social Studies 
(3 ½ Years Required)
9th grade Global Studies (semester)
10th World History
11th US History
12th Government (semester) + elective
Modern Language
(2 Years Required,
3 Recommended)
Chinese, French, Spanish (or ASL with counselor approval)
(1 Year Required)
Visual or Performing Arts
(3 ½ Years Required)
9th Spirit, Self, Scripture
10th Gospel Stories, Gospel Choices
11th grade Peace and Social Justice + elective
12th grade elective
PE (1 year) 9th grade Intro to Healthy Living (semester) +
JV or Varsity Sport
Dance I or Dance II
Sports Medicine