The science department strives to provide all students with a background in science that will enable them to function as effective citizens and responsible adults in a world that is scientifically and technologically oriented.  The department provides a supportive atmosphere so that each student is encouraged to question, draw and act on her own conclusions, thereby realizing the importance of herself as an individual to her class, school and society in general.  The department wants each student to develop a deep respect for nature and to foster the realization that an understanding of the interaction of matter and energy will enable her to appreciate natural processes and to co-exist with her fellow humans and the environment in a symbiotic and responsible manner.

Fast Facts about the Notre Dame Science Department

  • Biology is available to all 9th grade students.
  • All science classes integrate hands-on lab activities.
  • In addition to earning college credit by passing the advance placement exam in science courses, the AP Environmental Science students can enroll in the San Jose State University Step to College program to earn 3 units of college credit.
  • We extend our learning outside of the classroom with the following:
  • Field Trips - the science classes visit the Tech Museum, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Exploratorium, the San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant and the Guadalupe River.
  • American Geophysical Union's Annual Fall Meeting - AP Environmental Science students attend one day of the annual fall meeting in San Francisco to hear presentations and meet scientists.
  • STEAM Speaker Series - Scientists come to campus to present their work to students during Notre Dame's collaboration period.
  • Science Interns - The Science Department hires to or three students each year who gain practical work experience setting up labs and maintaining the science lab rooms.
  • Summer Student Research - The Science Department facilitates student research opportunities at Stanford University and at local biotech companies through Bridge to Employment.
  • Junior Science and Humanities Symposium - Three students are selected each year to attend the symposium to view original research and experimentation in the sciences.