Academics at ND

Building Blocks for the Future

A program rich with co-curricular opportunities and rigorous academics ensures that all our graduates are well prepared for college and positioned for life success.

Eight Academic Teams

Learn more about Notre Dame's English, Mathematics, Modern Language, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies and Visual & Performing Arts programs.

Earn a Notre Dame Degree

In addition to 235 credits, Notre Dame High School requires a commitment to community service and the completion of a Senior Service Learning Project.

Personalized Support

A comprehensive counseling system ensures that students receive the personal, academic, college and learning support they need throughout their high school experience.

Course Descriptions

Learn about the specific course offerings of each of our eight departments as well as co-curricular and internship opportunities.

Technology as a Tool

Our Bring Your Own Device policy meets the learning needs of each student and allows for personal choice and broad accessability to evolving technology and tools such as 3D bioprinters.

Learning Resources

Notre Dame High School employs a learning resource specialist as well as a learning resource coordinator to help ensure all students are successful.