The Technology, Engineering & Design (TED) faculty focuse on educating students for the future.  As technology continues to grow exponentially and innovatively, courses will foster the 21st skills successful students will need. We strive to represent the interdisciplinary nature of STEAM at Notre Dame.   Courses offered model the Design Thinking Process and provide students with hands-on learning experiences in content specific areas.  Through these courses, students will learn to explore problems, prototype models, and identify various solutions.  Students will engage in creative and critical thinking, design and develop unique ideas, and strengthen their collaboration skills.

TED goals are to:

  • Teach innovation, creative thinking and the collaborative process
  • Provide project-based and hands-on learning experiences that involve students in real world problems and solutions
  • Develop student awareness of the need for the participation of women in STEAM fields through a variety of career awareness programs
  • Provide information regarding careers and leadership for women in STEAM
  • Foster divergent ways of thinking and designing
  • Encourage and cultivate reflective problem solvers
  • Apply technology, engineering and design thinking to address social justice issues
  • Ideate, invent, and develop solutions to real world problems
  • Offer field trips that provide students with real-world exposure to STEAM concepts

Fast Facts 

  • We have implemented Makerspace in the Learning Commons
  • Courses offered are hands-on and project-based to strengthen students' real-world problem solving strategies
  • Classes provide real world exposure through field trips:
  • Engineering and Computer Science class visits the the Tech Museum
  • The Filmmaking class tours the KNTV news room and experiences live production broadcasting
  • Introduction to Design and Creative Thinking visits locations to understand the role of landscape in architectural design
  • Graphic Design takes a walking tour of SoFA District to analyze business logos and store fronts