Mary Quilici '75 Aumack and Maria Bellafronto founded ThirtyOne Women in 2011 as a way to help girls from low income families who attend Our Lady of Grace Nativity School afford a Notre Dame High School education. The concept is simple - a group of 30 women committed to giving a fixed amount each month for four years. The outcome - four years of a Notre Dame Catholic education for one young woman who then becomes the center of the circle and the thirty-first woman. Each year, the ThirtyOne Women program funds two full, four-year scholarships for students from Our Lady of Grace to attend Notre Dame.

Over the past ten years:

•Three scholarship recipients have graduated from college. One is an industrial engineer, one is a non-profit professional preparing for law school, and the third is starting her career in education.
• Seven scholarship recipients are currently attending college.
• Eight scholarship recipients are current students at Notre Dame High School, preparing for their future.
• $1 million raised by 343 women, over ten years, have helped students from Our Lady of Grace continue their Catholic education into high school.

The money generated by each group of women covers the costs associated with high school education including tuition, books, uniforms and other fees. Complete the form below to join a ThirtyOne Women circle.

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If you have questions about the ThirtyOne Women program or would like to learn about additional ways you can support Notre Dame students, please contact:
Amy Pizzaro

Amy Pizarro
Executive Director of Advancement
408-294-1113 x2181