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Please consider donating to support a student from the incoming class while they attend Notre Dame on the Village Scholarship.

The Village Scholarship provides an all-inclusive, four-year scholarship for a young woman of Black, African ancestry with financial need. Donors give a student the gift of a Notre Dame education, preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our inclusive and diverse student population is the fabric that amplifies social justice awareness and advocacy for all.

We encourage donors to contribute $50 per month for four years to support this scholarship. One-time donations of any amount are also welcome, expanding the mosaic of diverse perspectives.

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If you have questions about the Village Scholarship or would like to learn additional ways to support Notre Dame students, please contact:

Amy Pizzaro

Amy Pizarro
Executive Director of Advancement
408-294-1113 x2181

If you work for a company that offers employee matching, you can double your impact. Contact your employer to find out if they will match your gift to the Village Scholarship. Learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities HERE.

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