How to Apply

Have your eyes set on a specific trip? Or maybe there are a few that interest you. Our application processes make it easy to get started on your ND Global Education journey.

Justice and Leadership Immersion Trips

The justice and leadership application process will be posted before the start of the 2022-23 school year.

Cultural/Language Immersion Trips

Students interested in the following trips are required to email the faculty/staff trip organizer for more information and to apply for the trip:

Financial aid is not offered for these trips. Each trip has a different student selection process and the respective trip organizer can be contacted to find out more. Student grade level and application date are almost always considerations and feedback from the student's counselor is always looked at. Certain trips have other selection priorities - for example, since the Japan trip is an exchange program with Notre Dame Seishin in Kurashiki, Japan, priority is given to students who are able to host a Japanese exchange student in their home in the odd-years when the Seishin students come here.

Financial Aid

Costs are designed to cover the full experience - transportation, housing, meals, trip guides and other program costs. Costs are reflective of “simple living” and cover basic needs. We strive to live simply so we are in solidarity with the communities that we visit. Please see the respective trip pages or the main graph on the front page of the website for costs.

For those requiring financial assistance, Global Education offers alternative payment arrangements and/or partial financial aid awards, depending on trip and need. The financial aid request is included in the interest form, and must be completed by the registration deadline of September 20 in order to be considered for aid. Justice/leadership immersion trip placements are made irrespective of need or financial aid requests and decisions are made by two separate committees.

Student Commitment Expectations

Students are expected to have open hearts, minds and hands to the full process and experience, including simple living, reflection and prayer. Each student must be in good standing and up-to-date with all academic, service and discipline obligations. Each student must attend all pre-trip meetings and complete paperwork by set deadlines. All immersion students will participate in the Solidarity Dinner as well as post-trip advocacy and witness activities. 

Parent Expectations

Parents should be willing to support their daughter with prayer and encouragement and must be willing to make the financial commitment and/or request supplemental financial aid for the trip. Parents must complete paperwork by set deadlines and support and attend the Solidarity Dinner.