Why Global Education at NDSJ?

St. Julie Billiart and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur model a commitment to education for life. Notre Dame women have “hearts as wide as the world.” Immersion is a powerful learning tool that surrounds a person with a particular culture and intense experience. It develops human relationships and creates understandings of stewardship, solidarity, relationship, and compassion between individuals, communities, and nature. Immersion moves people to confront essential questions of peace and justice, freedom, the human condition in our world. 

Global Education Program Components

  • Education - Learn about different facets of a community (social, political, cultural, etc.)
  • Community - Develop relationships with students, adults and members of the community.
  • Reflection - Reflect and discern personal discoveries about self, others, and God.
  • Action - Challenge self to live simply, stretch beyond comfort zones, see things previously invisible, and value each person.
  • Witness - Witness and advocate for justice and social change.

Notre Dame will empower students to effectively work with diverse populations in a variety of settings to build global perspective, cultural competency and cultural fluency. Students will understand the connections between their own lives and those of people throughout the world and will understand, appreciate and interact with people from cultures or belief systems different from one's own. They will be respectful and responsive to the beliefs, practices and norms of the cultures students experience through immersion, and they will have the capacity to embrace and understand various cultural environments, and the ability to utilize diversity for understanding and growth. 

Ready to Learn More?

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