Robotics Compete in Orange County Regionals

Rosa in competition

Ananya ’27 & Khloe ’27

The Janksters competed at their second competition of the season along with 47 other teams at the Orange County Regional (OCR). Their robot, Rosa, participated in a total of nine qualification matches and placed 13th out of 48 teams. 

The team started off the competition strong by winning their first qualification match. The group noticed a rookie team with a half-way built robot, and were able to help the team complete their robot and compete in their first match. At the end of the day, all the Janksters felt truly accomplished seeing how well the rookie team performed in their matches.

On their final morning, the team competed in the two remaining qualification matches, ranking 13th overall. After a weekend of hard work, the team was happy about the outcome of the competition. Being able to learn and experience playing against new teams at OCR, the Janksters achieved their hopes of going against different teams that they hadn't met locally.

Playing with, and being able to help other teams, was a key takeaway for the Janksters. Their collaboration was a testament to their ability to work efficiently and help others. OCR being their last competition of the 19th season, the Janksters felt accomplished and prepared for next year. 

Orange County Regional Venue




Rosa in action








students in the pit and in competition