Dance Recital 2024

Dance Recital - arabesques

By: Amabelle ’25

Last Saturday, Notre Dame’s dance department held its winter showcase, “So We Think You Can Dance!” Taking place in Julie Billiart Hall on a gorgeous stage with unique lighting, there were 22 incredible performances from the Varsity Regent Collective Dance Company, the National Dance Honor Society, cultural clubs and other recreational dancers under the guidance of Dance Director Emily King.

Not only were the dancers fellow students, but so were the MCs! ND is known for its amazing student leaders, and the dance show was a fantastic display of that. “Students from across campus came out and performed various duets, solos, and cultural dances that they had created. I was so proud of the work they did!” shared King.

Notre Dame is a school with multi-talented students, and the “So We Think You Can Dance!” show demonstrates that. Notre Dame, we definitely think you can dance!

Dance Recital

Dance Recital solo dancer

Dance Recital - group standing with hand in the air