A Celebration of Culture, Dance and Familia

5 seniors wearing their cultural stoles

By Damian Trujillo, ND Compadres Chair (Malyna ‘23, Isela ‘26)

More than 200 people filled JB Hall last week for an end-of-year celebration organized by the ND Compadres parent resource group. Families came together for food, music and dance. ND Compadres honored the current parent leaders and introduced the new leadership team for next year. The evening also honored graduating seniors in the Latinas Unidas student group and presented them with cultural stoles sponsored by ND Compadres parents. In a touching moment, graduating seniors walked to the stage to the sound of “Pomp and Circumstance” escorted by their sponsors/guardians and shared a short message on stage. 

A special moment was presenting a cultural stole to head of school Mary Beth Riley, making her an “honorary Latina”, highlighting her support for ND Compadres and honoring her legacy at ND. 

The evening ended with cultural dances performed by the ND and Bellarmine folklorico group.

Thank you to Deacon Ruben Solorio for providing a blessing over our graduates as they venture off to college, knowing they've been well prepared by Notre Dame. 

senior recognition - students wearing cultural stoles

Mary Beth Riley wearing a personalized cultural stole

Notre Dame and Bellarmine folklorico group performing cultural dances