FOUR - A Contemporary Dance Performance

A student dancer performing

By Anusha Trivedi '23

Recently Notre Dame’s Varsity and Junior Varsity Regent Collective Dance Company, as well as their dance class, presented their winter dance performance. Although these events were held in person in the past, this one took place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The performance, called “Four,” depicted the four seasons through multiple stories inspired by the natural world. Students played different characters that represented various aspects of nature, such as the moon, the sun and the wind. The students began working on this show, choreographed by Notre Dame’s dance coordinator, Ms. King, since August of 2021. 

The students’ and teachers’ hard work paid off during this event, despite not being able to perform live. They executed a beautiful display of storytelling and sophisticated dance techniques. The seniors were able to shine through their solo performances, and the group dances were graceful and coordinated. “The show is meant to represent the cyclical nature of life, observing growth and rebirth,” said Ms. King. “While there are some sad songs, such as ‘Leaves from the Vine’ when Mother Earth loses all of her leaves, it is an overall celebration of the seasons and the joy that they bring in different ways.”

You can view the show, in its entirety, here.