An Unforgettable Spirit Week

An Unforgettable Spirit Week

By Luce Cada '23

Spirit Week is the biggest week at Notre Dame, and students and faculty alike look forward to it every year. Held in March, it is the week where the entire school comes together to have some fun and show their school spirit. The many activities include dress-up days, games, creating huge decks in the gym, and rallies at the end of each day. Since the pandemic prohibited them from gathering as a school in Julie Billiart Hall, the ASB School Council worked hard to provide a Spirit Week that was just as fun as before. Shoutout to ASB President Maddi Wong ‘21 and all of the ASB council members for dedicating so much time and effort to create a unique and exciting week! 

They kicked off Spirit Week last Friday with the banner reveal - READ MORE HERE and showed videos of students from each grade playing live, socially-distanced games on campus. There was also a remake of the popular Jubilee series “Cut” with four students and one teacher. ASB released each grade’s song on a Soundcloud, and the grade with the most streams by the end of the week would win; the juniors won, which was announced on the last day of Spirit Week. They also began the annual Sister Project, where students normally bring in feminine hygiene products for donations to Sacred Heart Community Center. This year, campus ministry adjusted so that students could donate money online which will be used to purchase products. 

Throughout the week, students dressed up according to the theme of the day: Scrabble Day, B-Day, Dreamworks Day, Album Cover Day, and Rep Your Deck Day. Some popular costumes were Kaia Pang ‘21’s Megamind, Ms. Burson and her class’s the “Burson Bunch”, and the ASB School Council’s recreation of Lauv’s album, ~how i’m feeling~. They also watched student-edited videos of online games and ND-traditional activities. The class skit made a comeback this year as well as the class song, which was a music video, the class dance, where volunteers submitted a 5-second video of themselves dancing, and the class cheerleaders. Some school favorites were the senior cheerleaders’ amazing Spider-verse film, the sophomores’ Alice in Wonderland skit, the juniors’ rendition of “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo, and the freshmen’s Harry Potter dance. At the end of the week, the winners of the Soundcloud streaming were announced as well as the winners of Sister Project, which were the sophomores. The seniors were invited on campus for their very last spirit week day and played live games including a rubber chicken toss off the new balcony of the Center for Women's Leadership. The final Friday rally also featured the ever-popular faculty and staff skit and teacher bowling!! Click on the links to view!

Of course, every rally ended with the alma mater led by a different class, and ASB Council sang the alma mater in person to end the week — a tradition that always made the school truly feel like one, no matter how far apart they were. Students and faculty enjoyed this year’s Spirit Week just as much as any other year and gained beautiful memories to keep and share throughout their lives.