Speech & Debate Kicks Into Full Gear

Speech & Debate Kicks Into Full Gear

By Parvathy Nair '22

As we approach fall, Notre Dame’s Speech & Debate Team has kicked into full gear. In speech and debate, there’s something for everyone! If you enjoy research and speaking on social justice issues, Original Oratory and Advocacy are a perfect fit. If you’re more interested in ethics, morality and governance, Lincoln Douglas and Parliamentary are amazing choices as well. 

In speech, the months of September and October are mainly reserved for brainstorming, researching and writing. In the Original sector, I’ve heard my peers discuss topics ranging from the oversimplification of language to the significance of a haircut. This just goes to show that insapeech, you can speak about any issue or idea you want--as long as you’re passionate about it. Nimi Nair '23, chair for Original, says, “I chose to join speech and debate because it’s a place where I get to teach others about issues, and also where I can be creative and speak openly about what I’m interested in.” 

While participating in speech events allows students to prepare and practice beforehand, debating can help foster on-the-spot thinking skills. In Parliamentary, our debaters are only allowed twenty minutes to prepare their entire argument. In addition, students often have to come up with strong rebuttals within only a few minutes to defend their claims. Participating in these types of events can help build students’ skill set and prepare them for real-world situations. 

If you’re looking to overcome a fear of public speaking, or simply want to try something new, definitely consider joining ND’s Speech & Debate Team!