Caring for Our Community - Achieving the Graduation Outcomes

Caring for Our Community - Achieving the Graduation Outcomes

By Eran DeSilva, Director of Faculty Professional Development, and Kathleen Quiazon, Director of Mission & Ministry

Be it on senior retreat, around the dinner tables of family homes, or even through the various celebrations of our graduates, we inevitably hear the refrains of a Notre Dame graduate through the words she speaks, the values she holds and the choices she makes. We also hear the observations of teachers and parents who remark on the growth and transformation that has taken place and wonder, “how did it all happen?”

As educators, we are keenly aware that this growth happens through the integration of learning experiences that form the whole person within a vibrant community over the course of their Notre Dame education. Even though circumstances may be different in certain respects, students continue to explore new perspectives and broaden their world view.  

Life-long Learners

Students in Model United Nations are organizing a virtual discussion regarding the Berlin Wall via Zoom. In the first part of the event, the Notre Dame team including Varsha P. will be giving a brief lecture about the history behind the Berlin Wall, including different countries' perspectives. In the second part, every participant will share a specific country's perspective on the topic.  Students are extending their learning beyond the classroom and digging into their passion to explore history and the world around them.

Spiritual Seekers

In Gospel Stories, Gospel Choices, students created poems and prayers that explore the essential questions of the course such as, “We belong to each other. How does your story connect with the universal story of human suffering and resurrection?”  Beautiful spoken word art that tied together the year’s content was created.  Hear one example from Kristine P. ‘22. “Epiphany and Prayer”

Community Leaders

Dr. Jim Barry from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute joined the Environmental Science class for a discussion about global climate change and the oceans.  Notre Dame school leaders Maddi Wong ‘21 (ASB president for 2020-2021) and Neha Jain ‘20 (ASB president for 2019-2020) moderated the discussion. They were able to talk to a scientist and innovative thinker conducting cutting-edge research whose experience can help shape their path to being women of impact and community leaders.

Social Justice Advocates

The Class of 2020 presented their Senior Service Learning Projects in a virtual version of the Young Women’s Advocacy Summit last week. The Senior Service Learning Project integrates a Notre Dame student’s curricular and co-curricular learning across their four years. At the heart of this experience is the understanding that service is transformational — for the community served as well as the student. This transformation weaves intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth as the student engages in direct relationship with her community. We invite you to view a few of these projects:

Shreya Garg ‘20 - Child Health & Education at the Madhu Mansion Charitable Trust

Clara Oberg ‘20 - BOK Ranch - Therapeutic Horseback Riding