Classes Reveal Spirit Week Themes & Banners

Classes Reveal Spirit Week Themes & Banners

By Isha Trivedi '19

As Spirit Week draws closer, build day preparations begin, songs are practiced, and the energy at Notre Dame is at an all time high. As Sister Project donations start rolling in, ND students are immersed in the festivities of Spirit Week and the excitement surrounding it. 

Spirit Week preparations officially kicked off on Monday at lunch with the banner reveal! Students met at lunch in Pardini Park in front of four separate banners, and after long weeks of anticipation, the themes were revealed! 

The Class of 2021 Tigers showed their creative Mickey Mouse themed banner next to the Class of 2020 Griffins’ inventive Up themed banner. Just next to them were the Class of 2019 Vipers with their Peter Pan themed banner looking whimsical. The Class of 2018 Dragons’ final Spirit Week theme: Monsters’ (Dragons’) University is a great theme to end the year on. 

As students and teachers prepare for their costumes for dress up days, and each class’s deck is being built, we hope that this year’s Spirit Week is fun and exciting for everyone!