image of Onward! Endowment Campaine 2022-23

photo of Mary Beth Riley

Thank you for your interest in supporting Onward! 

As Notre Dame prepares for the June 2023 retirement of head of school Mary Beth Riley, she is using this opportunity to prepare Notre Dame for the future.

In her final act of leadership for the school, Mary Beth launched the Onward! campaign with a goal of growing the school’s endowment by $2 million. At this time we’ve raised more than $1.5 million, and we’re determined to close the gap and fulfill this vision.

Will you please join this collective “thank you” from the Notre Dame community? We invite alums, current and past parents, and other partners and community members to make a donation to the endowment. Your gift of any amount is appreciated.

On behalf of Mary Beth – and the thousands of students, faculty members and families her leadership has touched – we extend our deepest gratitude for your support of Onward!


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If you have questions about the Onward! campaign, or to learn additional ways for you, as an individual, or your company to engage with us, please contact:
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Amy Pizarro

Executive Director of Advancement