As the Dragons head off to colleges and universities around the world, they are sharing reflections of their high school years and hopes for the future.

Simrin Bhargava

University of California, Berkeley
Notre Dame galvanized my spirit for social justice and leadership. My education spanned everything from learning calculus in classrooms to witnessing inequality and injustice through immersion trips. Over the past four years, I have used my experiences to mold my voice--a voice that will blossom further at UC Berkeley. Berkeley's exceptional education combined with their historic culture of advocacy make the university my perfect fit! Go Bears!

Sapna Ramappa

University of California, Los Angeles - Regents Scholarship & Alumni Scholarship
Notre Dame has instilled in me a passion for social justice, leadership, and learning; ND's emphasis on encouraging resourcefulness and compassion will enable me to take on the changing world with alacrity and adaptability. I'm looking forward to growing holistically through UCLA's incredible neuroscience program and research opportunities, spirited student body, and vibrant location in Los Angeles. Go Bruins!

Jelena Buccat

University of San Francisco - Getty Honors College Scholarship, University Scholar Award
Environmental Studies
The diversity and emphasis on social justice at Notre Dame has fostered my creativity, passions, and leadership skills. I’ve had the greatest friends and mentors to teach me the value of staying educated and utilizing my unique assets for a larger, global impact. Through USF’s endless resources and programs, I’m excited to study urban agriculture and sustainable design in the colorful city of San Francisco and all over the world.

Chiara de Leon

UC Merced
Although going to college in Merced will be a big change in scenery for me, I’m excited to meet new people and study what I love. I chose UC Merced because of the numerous opportunities for research in all years, and because the campus looks like it came straight out of a science fiction movie, meaning it's very high tech. Notre Dame, thank you for all the lessons I’ve learned and for all the memories I’ve made, you will always have a place in my heart. Ora et labora!

Miranda Godinez

UC Davis - Regents Scholarship
Biomedical Engineering
During my time at Notre Dame, I've developed of sense of who I am and who I want to become. Thanks to ND's supportive yet challenging environment, I've realized how I want to make my own unique impact on the world. At UC Davis, I look forward to taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and engaging with the people around me in order to achieve this goal and grow into an even better version of myself.

Susan Dahni

UC Merced - Benton Honors
Biological Sciences
ND has helped me grow in my confidence and leadership skills. I found myself participating in many extracurriculars, from being a club officer to editor in journalism. This combined with ND's loving and accepting atmosphere encouraged me in so many ways. When I first saw UC Merced, I knew it was for me. I loved the campus, its proximity to my hometown, and it's focus on STEM, combined with a private school-like faculty-to-staff ratio. I will always remember ND and the connections I've made, and I look forward to a bright future. Go Bobcats!

Sanjana Malik

UC Riverside
Notre Dame has been one of the most valuable experiences so far. The education, resources, and support of my teachers helped me find my passion and pursue it – to become a doctor and support the community. I choose UCR as it will help me pursue my passion for medicine with its state-of-the-art facilities and resources for aspiring doctors. As I embark on my new journey to college, I’m extremely excited and confident that UCR will help me realize my dreams. GO HIGHLANDERS!!

Melanie Huynh

UC Davis
Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
My past four years at Notre Dame have allowed me to grow into the woman I am today. I am excited to further my passion for biology and service in college. Known for its supportive community and pre-medical program, I couldn’t be more thrilled to attend UC Davis. Go Ags!

Amritha Sankarappan

UC Riverside
I am so grateful for the education, leadership opportunities, and friendships Notre Dame has given me. When I visited UC Riverside, I was amazed by its strong pre-medical program, diverse community, and its limitless research opportunities. I am so excited to start my journey in Southern California and make an impact on my community. Go Highlanders!

Ariel Cheng

Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
I have always admired Notre Dame’s love for learning and am happy to have found a similarly passionate and welcoming culture at UCLA! Being in LA means I will have ample internship and research opportunities at my fingertips, allowing me to explore a range of interests. The food doesn’t hurt either! Thanks to Notre Dame, I feel ready and excited to tackle the challenges I might encounter in college. Go Bruins!

Emily Vanuy

CSU Long Beach
Animation & Illustration
Notre Dame has given me the opportunity to explore new interests, and the past four years have been unforgettable. I chose CSU Long Beach because of its dedication to building professional artists by teaching students to network and brand themselves.

Gauri Sehgal

University of San Francisco - Provost Scholarship & Global Award
Biological Sciences
As I head to the University of San Francisco, I will be taking the open mind I cultivated at Notre Dame which encourages me to understand, and explore my surroundings. USF is in the heart of San Fransisco, giving me endless opportunities to thrive and obtain an education. Go Dons!

Christina Casillas

San Jose State University
Notre Dame’s urban landscape has made me value schools deep in the city. San José State, which is also in the heart of downtown San Jose, naturally seemed like an excellent fit. Finding that they offered the major I wanted to pursue, in addition to the beautiful campus and diverse community, I decided SJSU was where I wanted to be. Notre Dame has truly prepared me for taking the next step by pursuing a higher education, and I hope to find as great a home there as I have at ND.

Alondra Arana

Notre Dame de Namur University - Silicon Valley & Belmont Scholarships
Criminal Justice
We all have a voice. At Notre Dame, I learned to use my voice and to advocate for social issues. I am walking away proudly embracing sisterhood, being an advocate, and being there for others.  I chose to attend NDnU because I want to continue growing as a social advocate and giving back to my community as I continue my education.

Sindhu Bijj

UC Merced
Computer Science & Engineering
My four years at Notre Dame have made me a more independent, compassionate, and confident woman. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I had and all the friendships I made. Like ND, UC Merced provides so many opportunities to dive deeper into subjects while being part of a close community. I am so excited to start the next chapter of my life at UC Merced! Go Bobcats!

Nikita Jagdish

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Presidential Scholarship
Mechanical Engineering
Notre Dame provided me with a supporting community where I was able to find my voice and learn through a social justice perspective. I chose WPI because of it's integration of humanities into STEM, through which I can continue my social justice education by using engineering to help solve global issues. I am so excited to be pursuing my passions and grow more as a woman of impact surrounded by the tight knit community at WPI. Go Goats!

Elaine Duh

University of Southern California - University Scholarship
Computer Science
 I chose USC because of its interdisciplinary opportunities that combine engineering and social good. Notre Dame has given me the opportunity to develop my love for computer science and grow into a social justice advocate, and I can’t wait to continue exploring these interests at USC. Fight on!

Aliya Merchant

University of California, San Diego
Global Health
Thank you Notre Dame for giving me such a loving and supportive community. I have grown into a confident, empowered individual and I'm ready for my next adventure. Due to its proximity to the beach, beautiful sunny weather, and community of people, I instantly fell for UCSD. With its distinguished pre-medical program and cutting-edge research opportunities, I couldn’t be more excited to make my mark at UCSD! Go Tritons!

Maddie Walstrum

University of Maryland
Environmental Science & Policy
Notre Dame has helped me gain confidence and taught me not to be afraid to pursue my passions. Four years ago I could not imagine uprooting my entire life and moving across the country. I chose the University of Maryland because it will put me out of my comfort zone and will help me grow in new ways. With D.C. only a few miles away, I can get involved beyond the classroom and encourage change in what I am passionate about.

Shikha Nischal

University of San Francisco - Provost Scholarship
Psychology & Journalism
Notre Dame has truly helped shape me into the confident young woman I am today. It made me an advocate for others and for myself, allowing me to understand the significance of helping others. Similarly, USF teaches the importance of social justice, education, and serving your community. I can't wait to take everything I've learned with me to USF and continue living out as a woman of impact. Go Dons!

Vanessa Santos

UC Davis
Biological Sciences
Notre Dame has allowed me to grow intellectually and has helped me develop my passions and interests. I am excited to use the skills I have learned at Notre Dame in college. The past four years have been memorable and I cannot wait to continue pursuing my goals at an amazing university with a distinguished biology program and inclusive community. Go Ags!

Christina Malia Joseph

Santa Clara University

Notre Dame has cultivated a love for learning, passion for justice and equality, and a motive to achieve my full potential. My heart lies in living out my faith by working and helping others and I am excited to pursue a degree in communications. I am excited about SCU's incredible theatre/dance department and incredibly grateful to Notre Dame for all the wonderful artistic opportunities I have been given. Ora et labora, and go Broncos!

Irene Ragudo

University of San Francisco Honors College - University Scholar Award
The past four years at Notre Dame have allowed me to grow as a leader and develop a passion for service and advocacy. I was attracted to USF's strong nursing program, the school's mission of developing students into both better people and professionals, as well as the various opportunities the city of San Francisco has to offer. Go Dons!

Stephanie Chung

UC Davis
Computer Science
I came to Notre Dame doubtful of myself and my future, but I'm leaving with confidence about what I can do, and what I will do. I'm really excited to join UC Davis' diverse student body, participate in everything they have to offer, and pursue my passions!

Binita Pandya

Scripps College 
Human Biology
My journey at Notre Dame has helped me define and articulate what I value: social justice, equality, community and so much more. These were the values I sought in my college and one of the biggest reasons why I chose Scripps college. With its prime location and boundless opportunities, I truly believe Scripps will help me blossom into a strong thinker and an even stronger woman. Go Athenas!

Gillian McGinnis

Reed College 
Being a student at Notre Dame has allowed me to grow in my leadership, self-confidence, and critical thinking. I am thrilled to continue growing these skills at Reed College. I chose Reed for many reasons, including its emphasis on intellectual development, small class sizes, and beautiful campus.

Lauren Luspo

Pace University NYC - Trustee Recognition Award
Communication Studies

Continuing with an education in a big city, I plan on opening my mind to meeting new people, engaging inside and out of the classroom, and exercising my independence all while developing my identity and expressing myself as a creative individual as Notre Dame has taught me.

Amber Kesapradist

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Rensselaer Leadership Award 
Design, Innovation & Society
I chose RPI because I want to gain a new experience and a new perspective on a different coast. I also chose RPI because of their futuristic view on technology. From my ND experience, I want to keep advocating for social justice. I am excited for my new adventure.

Lara Fernandes

Santa Clara University 
Notre Dame has given me so many opportunities to explore my interests and find new passions in a fully supportive and cultivating environment. I'm excited to continue my journey at Santa Clara University where I can grow as a student and be inspired as an individual. Go Broncos! 

Pearlin Liu

Fordham University - Loyola Scholarship & Tuition Scholarship
Psychology & Political Science
My time at Notre Dame has shaped me into the person I am today, and I'm eternally grateful for the opportunities I've been given and the incredible, talented students that I've met. I'm happy that I was able to find a college that was both cost-effective and a fit for my needs (fit over prestige!). Fordham's Lincoln Center campus is located in the heart of NYC, with access to a multitude of internship and career opportunities. I'm so excited to be continuing my education in another bright, bustling city, 3,000 miles away. Go Rams! 

Dipa Sur

Barnard College of Columbia University
Computer Science
Coming from ND, I wanted to find a college that would similarly focus on female empowerment and women’s leadership. Through Barnard’s encouraging faculty, staff, and students, I know that I will learn to tackle problems bravely and effectively. Barnard, unlike any other college, offers three classrooms: the intimate setting of a liberal arts college, the immense resources of a large research institution, and the cultural classroom of New York City. I can not wait to join another community of brilliant women!

Marcella Hollero

University of San Francisco - Provost Scholarship
Business Administration - Management
In deciding where to spend the next four years of my life, I knew I wanted to attend a school with a similar urban environment and underlying curriculum for social justice that Notre Dame has offered me. Luckily, I found my perfect fit the moment I walked onto the campus of the University of San Francisco! I am so excited to immerse myself in the heart of San Francisco and to explore all the new opportunities available there. 

Sonali Patel

University of Waterloo - Presidential Scholarship
Biomedical Engineering
Notre Dame has given me the encouragement and support to be an independent learner in both my studies and outside pursuits. With all that I have gained at Notre Dame, I am ready to attend the University of Waterloo in Canada, where I will explore my field in the real world by taking part in cooperative studies. Go Warriors!

Claire Smith

Dominican University - Dean's Scholarship
Liberal Studies & Education

I chose Dominican University for the education program because I can earn a bachelor's degree, master's degree and credential in five years. Over the last two years at Notre Dame, I have learned not to be afraid to try new things because you never know what you are capable of doing. Go Penguins! 

Isabelle Asuncion

St. John's University - Provost Scholarship & Catholic School Scholarship

The moment I stepped onto the Notre Dame campus I knew it would be my new home for the next for years. ND helped me feel empowered to be a woman of impact and taught me that my voice matters and I can use it to speak out against the injustices in our society. I absolutely love the diversity, sense of community, and being a social justice advocate. I had the same feeling that when I stepped on St. John University's campus - the sense of belonging, comfort, and knowing that this will be my new home. 

Elyssa Saldivar

Notre Dame de Namur University - Belmont Scholarship & Silicon Valley Scholarship
Integrated Liberal Studies

These past four years at Notre Dame have given me the biggest blessing - teachers that have made a huge impact on me. They are the reason I want to become a teacher. I am so grateful for the experience I've had here. It has made me a better person and put me on the right path to become the woman I want to be someday. I am so excited to move on to the next chapter of my life in the Notre Dame community.

Amrita Kaur

UC Riverside
Political Science & International Affairs

With its wide variety of majors, UC Riverside is giving me the opportunity to study two in the form of one. By focusing on global issues and affairs, I am able to continue on my journey towards social justice and awareness, having begun it over the last four years at Notre Dame. I want to thank ND for exposing me to advocacy and global citizenship, as I will be carrying these two things with me to SoCal. Go Highlanders! 

Caroline Hamm

Gonzaga University - Dean's Scholarship

As I leave Notre Dame I take with me the loving friendships that I have made and the confidence I have discovered in my four years. I'm excited to continue my Catholic education, in the Jesuit tradition, and pursue my artistic and intellectual dreams at Gonzaga University. 

Carolyn Chen

Northeastern University
Economics & Business Administration

Throughout my four years at ND, I have discovered new passions, cultivated incredible friendships, and developed a resilient mindset. ND’s focus on the empowerment of women and social justice-oriented curriculum has equipped me with the tools necessary to make an impact in my community. Northeastern’s emphasis on innovative, experiential learning, global opportunities, and eclectic culture have captivated me and I am ecstatic to start my next chapter in Boston! Go Huskies! 

Sarah Thomas

Purdue University
Computer Science

From Notre Dame I am taking my desire to explore diverse thought and interdisciplinary study, as well as my passion for service. I chose Purdue because of the unique structure of its compter science major, a track system that will allow me to explore really specific areas of interests. I look forward to bringing what I have learned at ND to Purdue’s distinguished CS program in the fall. Boiler Up!

Ashritha Eswaran

UC Berkeley

Notre Dame has allowed me to become a woman of impact, find my passion in math, and has broadened my outlook into the world. When I visited UC Berkeley, I noticed that the goals of service, education, and helping one another were a huge part of their campus life. I am very excited to attend UC Berkeley this fall, and hope to continue my journey of learning and meet new people!

Melissa Pashby

Regis University - Regis Achievement Catholic Award
Visual Arts

Coming from 13 years in Catholic private schools, I’m looking forward to continuing it at Regis. Regis is almost exactly like Notre Dame with their deep Catholic values, strong belief in advocating for social justice issues, and their dedication to service. I can’t wait to take all of the lessons I’ve learned here at Notre Dame to Regis and make it my new home. From Regent to Ranger, I’m ready for you Regis!

Gabriella Davila

New York University - Tandon Scholarship
Mechanical Engineering

At Notre Dame I found a tight knit community that supported me as I developed my voice and discovered my passions. NYU offers many opportunities for me to continue to grow in the vibrant city of New York. I am very excited to spend the next four years at NYU where community and diversity are valued. Go Violets!

Sarah Babar

University of San Diego - USD Scholarship

Notre Dame has made me a compassionate and empathetic woman who is active in the community and wants to make a positive impact on the world. The University of San Diego prides itself in creating "Changemakers," which I feel I have already started at Notre Dame. I will be pursuing the pre-medical track at this prestigious university and I look forward to serving the community through this!

Miyo Imai

Drexel University - Dean's Scholarship & CCI Women in Computing Scholarship
Computer Science

Notre Dame has fostered my growth from a small, shy freshman to a college-bound senior with a passion to advocate for social justice and to uphold the importance of community. I've chosen to continue my education at Drexel University after having fallen in love with its outstanding co-op program and its great location in the heart of Philadelphia!

Grace Edmonds

Notre Dame de Namur University - Notre Dame Merit Scholarship

Notre Dame has always made me feel that I could achieve my dreams and I am grateful to be prepared for the next chapter of my life. I’ve studied under excellent teachers and learned to appreciate a strong sense of community during my four years at Notre Dame. This is a place that cares about its students, their families, and the community. Notre Dame de Namur University embodies these same values that I have come to love.

April Alger

Northern Arizona University - Founder's Gold Award
Environmental Sustainability

Notre Dame has taught me to speak up and follow what you are passionate about. Northern Arizona University is located in the middle of the Ponderosa Pine Forest and 30 minutes away from the Grand Canyon and Sedona Park. With these three amazing environments, they provide the perfect opportunity for hands-on learning. I have always been adventurous and love to explore and try new things, so I am off to the coldest part of Arizona.

Aditi Gandhi

UC San Diego
Bioengineering & Bioinformatics

I am beyond grateful for the resources, encouragement, and education Notre Dame has provided me for the past four years. I can’t wait to embark on my new journey and explore different research opportunities that feed my ambition with my Notre Dame values by my side.

Rose Scott

American University - Deans' Scholarship
International Studies

At American University, I found an amazing community of students that care about justice, community, and leadership – the same concepts that have marked my Notre Dame experience. I am thrilled to be pursuing international studies in Washington DC, a center of diplomacy and foreign relations. Notre Dame has helped me cultivate compassion, confidence, and the desire to make change, and I look forward to advocating for social justice as an AU Eagle.

Cassandra Yuan

Washington University in St. Louis - Washington University Scholarship
Political Science

Notre Dame's social justice-influenced curriculum has allowed me to strengthen my voice and find my passions through unique classes, projects, and learning opportunities. I chose WashU because of its interdisciplinary nature, smaller class sizes, and overall school spirit, which provides the perfect environment for me to learn and thrive. I feel well prepared and excited for my next journey!

Sana Shah

University of Michigan
Biology & Political Science

The University of Michigan will allow me to further develop my passions, explore new areas of study, and strengthen relationships with peers just as Notre Dame has done for me over the past four years. I am so ready to pursue subjects will make a lasting impact in my community, and continue to be an activist and woman of impact in Ann Arbor. The groundbreaking research, unparalleled school spirit, and constant innovation present at the University of Michigan makes me excited to Go Blue this fall! 

Sydney Snyder

Lewis & Clark College - Faculty Scholarship
Psychology & Special Education

Notre Dame has taught me the importance of taking initiative in your life. It has also given me lifelong friends who I know will support and believe in me no matter what. 


Isabel Mangoba

University of California, Davis
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Over the last four years, Notre Dame has allowed me to foster my passion for biology. With a renowned biology program, supportive pre-health advising, and a diverse, welcoming community, UC Davis is the perfect environment for me to grow as a student and individual. #GoAgs! 

Maalvika Bhat

Olin College of Engineering - Olin Scholarship
Electrical & Computer Engineering

I feel so grateful for the wholesome education I have received at Notre Dame. When visiting Olin, I was delighted by the dedication of the students and faculty, their mission to reinvent engineering education, the incredibly tight-knit community, their creative, hands-on approach to learning, and warmth. As I step into my future, I carry the empowering values Notre Dame has instilled within me and hold all the friendships I have made close to my heart. I am so excited to continue growing and thriving in Boston.

Nicole Yu

American University
Political Science & International Studies

Notre Dame is the place where I really found my voice and figured out what I want to do and who I want to be. Notre Dame has taught me to think for myself and have my own opinions but still respect, love, and care for everyone around me. I chose Washington, DC because I knew I needed to be in a place where I could create change. I will never forget where I came from and I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have received here.

Tammy Tran

University of the Pacific - Merit Scholarship

When I first entered Notre Dame, I was a shy, young girl who was unsure of what to do in the future. During my time at Notre Dame, I have gained the strength to be confident in myself. Notre Dame has given me the determination to pursue my dreams of becoming a dentist and helping others gain the boost they need to smile confidently too. I chose UOP because its dental program gives me the opportunity to follow my passions, while staying close to home. 

Ria Bhatt

University of Oregon
Computer & Information Science

The University of Oregon is the right fit for me because of the exciting research opportunities, the beautiful green campus, and the diverse faces of new people. I can take with me my experiences of advocacy and standing up for those who might not be heard from Notre Dame. Go Ducks!

Arielle Smith

Washington University in St. Louis
Psychological & Brain Sciences

ND has given me the community and skills needed for self-discovery. Confident in who I am and what I want to be, I look forward to engaging in the interdisciplinary academic programs and the collaborative culture at WashU. Go Bears!  

Anna Giubileo

Case Western Reserve University
Psychology - University Scholarship

Notre Dame allowed for many opportunities in the surrounding city, and with Case situated similarly in Cleveland as ND is in San Jose, I'm excited to further immerse myself in an urban classroom, and take advantage of everything they offer.  

Jazmine Palominos

UC Merced

Notre Dame has taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to work hard to get what I want. This led me to choose UC Merced which is full of academic opportunities, interest clubs, and one-on-one attention from professors. I will continue to fight for social justice and encourage others to do the same.  

Himani Parikh

Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics

Located in such a vibrant, urban community, UCLA is the perfect fit for me. Through my time at ND, I learned to use the urban environment to help me expand my knowledge about the community in which I live. I chose this school because of the great research opportunities it has to offer its students. When I stepped onto campus, it felt like home. I couldn’t be happier to spend the next four years at UCLA. Go Bruins! 

Meghan Chung

University of Pennsylvania
Philosophy, Politics & Economics

I am so excited to begin my journey at the University of Pennsylvania next year! Situated in the heart of Philadelphia, Penn is the perfect place for me to study both the past and future of politics. Additionally, Penn's "one-university" policy allows me to take classes in any of one of its undergraduate schools, giving me access to renowned professors in America's top business school, Wharton. Because of Notre Dame's supportive community that has pushed and encouraged me to do my best, I've turned into a more confident, socially-aware thinker, and I can't wait to continue growing academically and personally at Penn! 

Maddy Drogy

Tulane University - Presidential Scholar Award
Cell & Molecular Biology

After visiting Tulane this spring, I knew that it was the place I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. The culture of New Orleans, emphasis on public service, strong pre-medical program, and the tight-knit community make Tulane a perfect fit for me! Notre Dame has sparked my passion for leadership, science and social justice. I am beyond excited to see where the knowledge I have gained at ND brings me in college. Roll Wave!

Elizabeth Thomas

Purdue University

My time has Notre Dame has allowed me to become a young woman of impact, someone whose desires and hopes extend far beyond themselves. I look forward to using my small school roots as a tool to excel in Purdue's renowned engineering program and enormous campus. Boiler Up!


Audrey Steinkamp

Yale University
Environmental Science & English

Since freshman year, I've had my heart set on moving across the country, and I could not be more excited to be chasing my dream to Yale! I know that even when I'm 3000 miles away from Manley Hall, all my friends will still be by my side. I've chosen Yale for the breadth of knowledge I will be able to explore and because their focus on undergraduate community made me feel at home the moment I stepped on campus. In the last four years, Notre Dame offered me every opportunity to grow in my passions, and I cannot wait to see where the next four take me!

Isabella Walsh

San Jose City Community College
Social Work

Thank you, Notre Dame for giving me the foundation to exert myself with confidence. Without the community of my basketball team, my family, and the school community, I wouldn't have made it as far as I have done. 

Daenerys Pineda

Claremont McKenna College - McKenna Achievement Award, National Merit Scholarship, GE Star Award

I've always loved the Notre Dame community of passionate, engaged people, and so during my college search I was looking for something similar. When I visited Claremont McKenna, I was struck by how incredibly articulate, motivated, and friendly the students are. I'm so excited to take the passion for social justice ND has instilled in me and combine it with the unparalleled pre-professional opportunities Claremont McKenna offers.

Emme Tracy

Denison University - Alumni Scholarship

Notre Dame has allowed me to grown into my own person and find new passions I will to bring to college. Four years ago, I would've been completely nervous to spend the next four years in Ohio but Notre Dame has challenged me by pushing me out of my comfort zone in order to prepare me for my next adventure. I am so excited to study psychology at Denison and see where my passions take me next! 

Nikhila Kalapatapu

Johns Hopkins University
Cognitive Science

With its endless opportunities for research, renowned pre-med advising track, and culture of creativity, Johns Hopkins University was the perfect school for me. Empowered by my experience at Notre Dame, I can’t wait to continue learning, speaking up for what I believe in, and thriving in Baltimore. Go Blue Jays!   

Sophia Pawlowicz

Loyola University Chicago - Damen Scholarship

I am so excited to attend Loyola Chicago because of it’s beautiful campus and direct entry nursing program! Notre Dame has allowed me to become an independent learner and set the right path for my next four years of education. I hope to be able to bring the things ND has taught me along the way as I move across the country and through the rest of my career. Go Ramblers!

Abigail Walsh

Notre Dame de Namur University - NDNU Women's Basketball Scholarship, Belmont Scholarship

ND has given me so much insight into who I am as a life long-learner, and my responsibilities as an advocate to my friends, family, and world community. NDNU has everything I have learned to value; a small diverse community, a strong basketball family, a value for education, and a love for service. Thank you ND for my amazing four years!


Sarah Arreola

University of Redlands - Achievement Award
Media & Visual Culture Studies

Throughout the colllege process, I struggled to decide on a single major that matched all my interests until I came across the Media and Visual Cutlure Studies major at University of Redlands. It immediantly captured my attention due to the wide range of classes offered focusing on the different aspects of media and it’s influence on our society’s culture today. I felt at home when I visited the Redland’s campus, as it reminded me of when I first visited Notre Dame. I will never forget the bonds and experiences I gained at Notre Dame’s which have inspired my own passion for education, leadership, and social justice. As I take the next steps forward, I am excited to carry with me all the values and lessons I have gained as I continue to pursue my passions and make new memories!