As the Jaguars finish up their Notre Dame education, they are sharing reflections of their high school years and hopes for the future.

Aayushi Notre Dame Graduate


University of California, San Diego
Structural Engineering

The past four years at Notre Dame have nurtured me with a diverse set of skills, values and irreplaceable, precious memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. I am grateful for this growth, and am ecstatic to pursue my passion of engineering and design at UCSD. Go Tritons!

Abbey Notre Dame Graduate


University of Washington - Purple and Gold Scholarship
Pre-Sciences - Public-Health

My Notre Dame education has taught me how to push myself to achieve things I never thought I could, and I truly value the education I have received as I have grown so much academically and developed a strong worldview. I chose the University of Washington because, like Notre Dame, it will challenge me academically and prepare me for my next journey. I also fell in love with the incredible school spirit, focus on STEM, the city of Seattle and the opportunity to attend the same school as my older sister who is also a Notre Dame alumna! I cannot wait to begin my next chapter. Go Huskies!

Alana Notre Dame Graduate


New York University

Over the past four years of high school, I have learned the importance and power of a women's education in society. ND taught me how to confidently speak for what I am passionate about and never be afraid to ask questions. I will continue to use these skills throughout my journey at NYU while majoring in acting. I also look forward to living in a new environment full of different perspectives and culture. In the future, I aspire to be a well-educated actress so I can not only play authentic characters that portray Afro-Latina women, but also use my platform to elevate challenges in society.  

Ambika Notre Dame Graduate


Santa Clara University 
Political Science & Ethnic Studies (Pre-Law Track)

As I enter higher education, I feel confident knowing that my time at Notre Dame has prepared me for the future. Whether it was analyzing the ethical implications of artificial intelligence, writing a research paper on the harmful stereotyping of ethnic minorities, or even organizing a student-centered walkout against the atrocity of gun violence, Notre Dame encouraged me to take risks and push beyond the status quo, which has fostered my lifelong passion for learning. These values will accompany me to Santa Clara University, where I will work toward a career in public service. Go Broncos!

Angelina Notre Dame Graduate


Saint Mary's College of California - Febres Cordero Scholarship - Merit 

One thing I will take from my ND experience, as I move into this next journey in my life, will be the leadership skills that I have gained while I was here. Being mascot the past four years has shown me what it means to be a part of something bigger and truly connect with others. I chose Saint Mary's College because of the small community just like ours here at Notre Dame. I really felt at home, and hope to keep growing with my skills and to earn some new ones!

Aayushi Notre Dame Graduate


Bucknell University, Presidential Fellowship
Biomedical Engineering

I’m so grateful for my time at ND. It has taught me how to step outside of my comfort zone, widened my perspective and given me a chance to meet and be empowered by passionate, kind-hearted and hardworking individuals. I also thank ND, especially the robotics program, for introducing me to my love for STEM. As I move on to Bucknell, I look forward to continuing my journey as a lifelong learner in a similar tight-knit environment, and making the most of the opportunities I’ve been given for hands-on research and close collaboration with professors. I’m excited to carry with me to PA the values my fellow Jaguars and teachers have instilled in me, and work towards a career in which I can utilize my interests in engineering to make a positive impact on my community. ‘Ray Bucknell!

Anika Notre Dame Graduate


College of Wooster - College Scholar Award, Alumni Award
Environmental Geoscience

My experience at Notre Dame has been truly valuable, and I’ve met some amazing people here. I have grown so much since I first stepped into the Manley foyer freshman year, both in the classroom and as a whole person. I have become more aware of our society’s injustices and have been supported to speak out and make a difference using skills I’ve developed at ND. I’m excited to continue my education at Wooster and be a part of its vibrant and supportive community similar to ND’s. I look forward to initiating my own research, meeting people from all over the world, and exploring my many passions.

Anna Notre Dame Graduate


Stanford University - 2023 Coca-Cola Scholar, Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar
Symbolic Systems & English

Notre Dame has encouraged me to use my voice and become a confident advocate for the issues that matter to me. Through my leadership and service in both school and the larger world, I’ve explored my role as a justice advocate and community leader. I am excited to further my studies at Stanford — a school that encourages intellectual curiosity and challenge — where I’ll continue discovering my passions and uncovering the next stage of my future!

Anya Notre Dame Graduate


Boston College

At Notre Dame, I started as a homeroom representative and grew into other leadership roles such as Freshman Link and TASC service. From these experiences, I have gained leadership skills but more importantly, I have made lifelong friendships. Over the last few years not only have I found my place in this community but I have also gained the qualities to serve in new communities in the future like Boston College.

Aparna Notre Dame Graduate


Emerson College- Trustees Scholarship and Expression Scholarship

Notre Dame has taught me the importance of advocating for justice in every capacity possible. Over the past four years, I have learned how to use my voice to make a difference in the world. I am taking these values with me to Emerson College and beyond as I work to become a political journalist; I aim to diversify the media industry and amplify intersectional and minority voices. The lessons that I have learned at ND have made me the person I am today, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that the Notre Dame community has afforded me.

Apurva Notre Dame Graduate


Occidental College
Critical Theory & Social Justice

Notre Dame’s school community is like no other and I will cherish the memories made. Notre Dame has taught me the importance of making my voice heard. Over the past 4 years, I have been involved in the League of Young Women Voters, a leadership group on campus, to register and pre-register students to vote. Through this leadership experience, I found a passion for social justice and advocacy work. I am attending Occidental College because, like ND, it focuses on social justice and advocacy. I am excited to continue my learning in Los Angeles, a vibrant city with many opportunities. Go Tigers!

Ashley Notre Dame Graduate


University of Washington, Interdisciplinary Honors Program - Purple and Gold Scholarship
Pre-Social Sciences - Education, Communities & Organizations

The past four years at Notre Dame have pushed me out of my shell and enforced important values of service and justice while challenging me academically. My experiences in high school led me to fall in love with the University of Washington and its similar core values. I look forward to joining a large spirited school community and continuing my academic journey at UW. Go Huskies!

Ayah Notre Dame Graduate


UC Santa Cruz
Cognitive Science

Attending ND has been a rewarding experience! From the welcoming environment to the seemingly endless amount of opportunities and support, my time here has helped me break out of my shell, nurtured my confidence, taught me the importance of service and advocacy, and helped me make lifelong memories and friendships. I can confidently say that I would not be the young woman I am today without the support of the ND community. Although it saddens me to be leaving, I am excited to continue my education at UCSC, where I will keep living out the values ND instilled in me while exploring my own passions. 

Brianna Notre Dame Graduate


Rose Hulman - Merit Scholarship
Electrical Engineering

Choosing NDSJ has been such a worthwhile decision! I look forward to coming to school every day, which speaks volumes about the welcoming nature at Notre Dame. On campus, you will find countless opportunities to try new things, and students eager to take them. I have so much love and appreciation for Notre Dame, and I’m excited to continue learning and running at Rose Hulman this fall!

Brooklyn Notre Dame Graduate


Saint Mary’s College of California  - Politics Scholarship, Academic Honors Scholarship
Political Science

Notre Dame has taught me a variety of things. I’ve been challenged academically, expanded my worldview, and have made lifelong friendships. I feel grateful knowing that I’ve gone to a school that uplifts women’s leadership and the gift of diversity. At Notre Dame I’ve been given the tools that I need to succeed and be a leader at college and beyond. I chose Saint Mary’s because it has a lot of the same values that ND has. I hope to continue in leadership at Saint Mary’s and apply what Notre Dame has taught me to my community at SMC.

Celeste Notre Dame Graduate


University of California Merced  - Fiat Lux Scholars

ND has taught me how to be an advocate whether it’s for myself or others to receive the help and resources I need. It’s also taught me to embrace the gift of diversity and inclusion. UC Merced also encourages diversity and has a lot of resources that will help me improve as a student.

Celeste Notre Dame Graduate


California State University, Monterey Bay
Cinematic Arts & Technology

I value the life-changing friendships, teachers/staff, and inclusiveness they constantly bring to ND. Over the past 4 years, I have grown to feel a strong sense of belonging here. I love the support I received from my teachers, especially during my senior year. I chose CSUMB because the people I interacted with were kind-hearted, easy-going, and always welcoming. All of these qualities reminded me of ND, and I’m excited to continue my educational journey in this type of environment. Go Otters!

Della Rose Notre Dame Graduate

Della Rose

McGill University
Economics & French

I am excited to be attending McGill University in Montréal, Canada. This is a huge step that I could not be more thrilled about. I took French because I wanted to try something new, and it instantly became my favorite subject. I love how learning a language is all about making mistakes and knowing that you are not perfect, but instead you are motivated by making connections with other people. I love economics for the same reason: it is focused on people and how they interact through money and products. I hope to go into international government and policy making; Canada is just the start!

Diana Notre Dame Graduate


University of San Francisco - Araoz Nursing Scholarship

In the past 4 years at Notre Dame, I have learned many valuable lessons about leadership, relationships, and values by taking the opportunities that were available to me. The welcoming and inclusive learning environment at the University of San Francisco will allow me to continue to demonstrate what I have learned at Notre Dame, explore my interests by taking advantage of the many programs, and create new experiences that will prepare me for the future.

Eli Notre Dame Graduate


University of Oregon
Environmental Sciences & Biology

Don't be afraid to reach out for help; it won't always come to you if you don't go out and ask. I chose the University of Oregon because while I was touring, I just felt really comfortable and calm. It felt like the kind of place that I could breathe and find a community for myself. While I don’t have any alternative plans, I reassure myself that if I'm really struggling and not fitting into my environment, I can always transfer or take a break.

Elysse Claire Notre Dame Graduate

Elysse Claire

UC Davis

Notre Dame is where I first began my journey of learning about justice and discovering what calls me. My experiences over the last four years have taught me to value diversity – learning from the perspectives and stories of others. I chose UC Davis as the school’s nurturing and inclusive spirit reminded me of ND. I believe that I will be able to continue to grow as a leader and advocate as I explore the intersection of science and justice through Davis’ chemistry program. The skills I’ve developed and the lessons I’ve learned from my time at ND are ones that I will always carry with me.

Ema Notre Dame Graduate


University of Toronto

I am very excited to attend the University of Toronto where I hope to make many friends and excel in my classes. I will continue to live my life being a lifelong learner, spiritual seeker, justice advocate, and community leader. In the next chapter of my life, I will take with me and live out these Notre Dame graduation outcomes.

Emily Notre Dame Graduate


Purdue University
Mechanical Engineering

My time at Notre Dame has been one that will forever be a part of my life story, one where I had the privilege to learn more about myself. These new things that I have learned about myself are things that will help me take the next step into the unknown. With this, I will start a new chapter in my life by attending Purdue University studying mechanical engineering. I believe that Purdue University will help me achieve all of the things that I wish to accomplish in my life and reach my fullest potential, and maybe even beyond.

Emma Notre Dame Graduate


University of Southern California
Business of Cinematic Arts

I chose USC because it offers everything I need for a fun and fruitful career. I plan on taking advantage of the vast Trojan network and the vivid culture in LA. My major offers a unique perspective on the business of entertainment, which I will utilize to make the industry more diverse and dynamic. I look forward to learning alongside an administration that prioritizes students and their experiences, specifically how we can challenge ourselves and explore new possibilities. Fight on!

Emma Notre Dame Graduate


UC Santa Barbara
Statistics & Data Science

Notre Dame's supportive environment has diversified my world perspective and fostered my confidence. Through my relationships with my peers/friends, teachers, and coaches, I have been able to further many qualities and life skills. At UCSB, I hope to build on the foundations ND has given me and continue to develop my interests.

Gauri Notre Dame Graduate


Saint Mary's College of California - Benildus Scholarship
Political Science

Notre Dame was a helpful stepping stone on my journey to college. I will take the knowledge I've gained from my experience and use it on my future endeavors to succeed in college and beyond. Although I am uncertain of my college journey, I will take the first step with St. Mary's and see where it takes me. Go Gauri!

Ginni Notre Dame Graduate


University of California, Berkeley
Nutritional Sciences

Choosing ND was one of the best decisions of my life and it’s made me feel so sad that it’s time to leave. Having the privilege to be in a small, women-centered environment at ND, I had the opportunity to find what fills my cup and to grow in my leadership skills. Our community here at ND felt so much like a second home, simply because my classmates and faculty around me made it feel like a sibling/sisterhood. At UC Berkeley, I’d like to carry ND’s value of community service and social advocacy, and I’m super excited to study nutritional sciences and possibly pursue a field in Dietetics.

Isabel Notre Dame Graduate


University of Chicago

I have been mentored and inspired by many amazing teachers at ND, and I hope to keep the curiosity and confidence that these experiences have given me. ND’s vibrant and diverse student body has also inspired me to consider studying abroad, and I look forward to interactions with new people!

Isabel Notre Dame Graduate


Claremont McKenna College - Podlich Scholarship Award
Government & Economics

A lesson I’ve learned throughout my time at ND is that your success and happiness depend on YOU and you only. The confidence and self-love I have nurtured within myself have allowed my success to flourish. This is why I chose to attend Claremont McKenna. It’s the place where I can genuinely be myself while surrounded by other mature and dedicated students. I truly believe that this college is the right place for me and my 6-year-old self, who discovered she wanted to be a great attorney. I am so excited to see what I create for myself, but above all, THANK YOU to my beautiful parents.

Joyce Notre Dame Graduate


Cornell University
Computer Science

I’m truly grateful I made the choice to join the ND community 4 years ago. The eminence of student collaboration in the classroom, unmatched dedication of teachers, and culture of big-heartedness instilled in me a spirit of curiosity and resilience. Notre Dame taught me to value the pockets of discovery that I have the privilege of experiencing through learning and innovating. I am excited to continue my academic journey at Cornell, where I’ll have all the resources and opportunities I could possibly ever want to further my interest in robotics. Go Big Red!

Katelyn Notre Dame Graduate


University of Southern California, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Bocconi University - Presidential Scholarship
World Bachelors in Business (WBB)

Under the WBB program, I have the unique privilege of making the world my campus — traveling to a different country each year to earn a degree at three universities. Having never traveled, many expect me to be scared and unprepared, but thanks to Notre Dame this is far from the reality. Notre Dame has equipped me with the skills, network and resilience to take on the unexpected. At ND, I was provided with a community and environment that transformed me into a person my freshman self would be proud of. With confidence I know that I am prepared to not only survive, but thrive on my own.

Kati Notre Dame Graduate


UC San Diego
Bioengineering: Bioinformatics

I’m thankful to the people I’ve met, the teachers who have helped guide me, and for all the opportunities Notre Dame has provided to make me the person I am today. From my time here, I’ve gained leadership, public speaking, and advocacy skills as well as grown in confidence. I chose UCSD because of its close and supportive community in addition to its strong bioengineering program. I hope to carry all I’ve learned at ND into UCSD where I can collaborate with those around me to make a positive impact in the world.

Katie Notre Dame Graduate


Northwestern University
Data Science & Creative Writing

I am extremely appreciative of Notre Dame’s support during my four most formative years. Through focused learning, community engagement, and intellectual discussion at ND, I have developed the valuable life skills of communication and advocacy. I have gained memorable experiences and lasting friendships that will continue to carry me through the next chapters of my life. This fall, I will be attending Northwestern University, and I could not be more excited to take full advantage of its interdisciplinary mindset and the vast resources and opportunities available.

Leia Notre Dame Graduate


Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Animal Science (Pre-Vet Track)

Notre Dame will always hold a special place in my heart for the friends and connections I have made in the past four years. I am very grateful to each and every person I’ve met during my time here.

Madison Notre Dame Graduate


Tufts University
Environmental Engineering

I am truly grateful for the supportive teachers who helped me learn and grow. I will cherish the fun memories that I made with my friends at Notre Dame, and I am looking forward to my next adventure. Go Jumbos!

Leia Notre Dame Graduate


Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology

Throughout my time at Notre Dame, I have grown both as a student and as a person. The supportive and encouraging ND community has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and take advantage of various opportunities and explore my passions. I am so grateful for all the people I have met these past four years, and I know that Notre Dame has prepared me to excel at UCLA. Go Bruins!

Malyna Notre Dame Graduate


George Washington University - Cisneros Scholar at the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute
Political Science with a Public Policy Focus

My ND experience has taught me to be resilient and have GANAS - transforming me into the community leader I always aspired to be. I am so excited to bring the ND values with me to George Washington University. Not only will I be living and learning in the cradle of democracy, but I will have the Cisneros Familia supporting me and other Latino students along the way, ensuring we get the mentoring, internships, and community we deserve. I look forward to taking advantage of all D.C. has to offer and make it my home for the next 4 years and beyond. See you in the halls of Congress!

Marina Notre Dame Graduate


Stanford University 
Sociology with a minor in Chicano/Latino Studies

At ND, I have learned from different perspectives and shared my gifts to help the larger community. I worked with my peers to initiate service events benefitting the migrant farmworker community which raised awareness and donations. I plan to utilize the skills I have gained from planning events at the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford. This community, rooted in love and support, has furthered my desire to seek equally rigorous and supportive intellectual environments. I am excited to continue my journey as a proud Latina scholar who hopes to provide opportunity for others.

Marissa Notre Dame Graduate


West Valley College 

I’m starting my next chapter in the honors program in Biology at West Valley College which will put me in a financial position to further my education in a graduate program. Notre Dame will always be close to my heart as I continue to advocate for myself and others. I am grateful to have gained a strong academic education along with the leadership skills I have learned during my time at Notre Dame. I will take with me the work I have done to teach and mentor children and continue to be a lifelong learner. I will also continue to advocate for women inspiring women. I am excited for our future!

Meghaa Notre Dame Graduate


UC Berkeley - STEM Excellence through Diversity and Equity Scholar
Society & Environment

I am proud to have chosen Notre Dame for my high school education as I have made lifelong friends here, expanded my ideas of advocacy and inclusion, and grown confident in my identity. I chose UC Berkeley for its diverse community and academic excellence that encourages student curiosity and the ambition to change the world. I will never forget the memories I made here as a Jaguar with my classmates and am excited for the next chapter of my education. Go Bears! 

Mel Notre Dame Graduate


Seattle University
Digital Design

I chose Seattle University because of their design program, commitment to sustainability and significant Asian population. It’s important to me that the school I’m going to has a Filipino cultural club and some good Asian noodle restaurants since that is one of my comfort foods. I am excited to continue my education at another school that values nurturing the whole person, not just the “student” side of me, and focuses on the importance of being a community leader.

Melissa Notre Dame Graduate


University of Washington, Seattle - Purple and Gold Scholarship
Environmental Studies

ND has taught me a lot about the importance of social justice and diversity over the last four years. I wanted to go to a university with similar values, and I'm sure that at UW I will be able to continue growing into an activist, advocate and leader. I am so grateful for the friends and memories I have made here - ND will always be in my heart. Go Jaguars!

Myiesha Notre Dame Graduate


Santa Clara University - Dean's Scholarship
Economics (Business)

The concept of challenging injustice is the most valuable skill ND has instilled in me. With years of leadership experience, I have become a leader who learns as she grows. At SCU, I hope to pursue my passions and continue my leadership journey by supporting communities in need and standing up for those facing persecution. My time at ND will never be forgotten as I will always remember to look towards the positive, just like how a sunflower reaches towards the sunlight.

Ginni Notre Dame Graduate


University of British Columbia
Bachelor's of Media Studies Program

ND has taught me how not to limit myself. Here I have found appreciation for new subjects through inspiring teachers, reached for opportunities out of my comfort zone that were more than worth my while, and committed myself to athletics and performing arts all four years. I learned open-mindedness, team belonging, and how to do my best work. Next year I will join UBC’s Media Studies program, which combines classes in disciplines ranging from Journalism to Creative Writing, Art History, Computer Science, and Film. I look forward to further exploration, all while staying connected to my passions.

Natalia Notre Dame Graduate


Santa Clara University - Bronco Scholarship and Heritage Fund
Political Science

It has been a privilege to attend Notre Dame because I have been educated, not only on an academic level, but also on a heart and soul level. As a Mexican American student, it has been empowering to experience Notre Dame’s effort to teach me what I need to know for life; both in and out of the classroom. I have engaged in conversations that expand from harsh realities to creating change, and I am empowered by seeing myself represented throughout the school. Notre Dame’s environment, students and faculty have developed my whole being and inspired me to create impact in our world.

Nimi Notre Dame Graduate


University of California, Berkeley - Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship, STEM Excellence through Equity and Diversity Scholar
Computer Science

Notre Dame taught me how to find meaning in my work through advocacy. Co-curriculars and clubs have provided me with platforms to lead change, discover meaningful support systems and understand how empathy creates communities. I chose UC Berkeley because it also celebrates speaking out. Not only am I inspired by its rich history of protest, but I also appreciate its emphasis on the intersection of education and identity. I am so proud to be a California Golden Bear!

Paulina Notre Dame Graduate


Santa Clara University
Accounting & Information Systems

I am thrilled to continue my private and Catholic education at Santa Clara University. I am confident that I will take the skills learned here at Notre Dame and make the world a better place with my education, talents, and gifts. I chose Santa Clara due to their well-rounded education. Learning doesn’t stop as you exit out of the classroom. At Notre Dame I have been granted and instilled with the confidence and determination to achieve any goals I set myself and to never ever give up. I look forward to forever being a lifelong learner.

Ruby Notre Dame Graduate


Barnard College
Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

At Notre Dame, I truly learned to become a justice advocate and leader, specifically when it comes to issues of gender and sexuality. My experience at Notre Dame led me to choose a women's college to attend in the fall, and I'm excited to continue working towards gender-justice as a gender studies major. I know the friendships I've made and lessons I've learned at ND will last a lifetime!

Sahana Notre Dame Graduate


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Statistics & Computer Science

At Notre Dame, I've learned the importance of second chances and never giving up, and I've been able to foster my interests while building lasting relationships. I chose UIUC because it has a communal spirit and solidarity similar to Notre Dame, and it is where I hope to continue my learning and make an impact. 

Shiori Notre Dame Graduate


Keio University and Cornell University 
Economics & Information Science

My time at Notre Dame has pushed me out of my comfort zone, helped me create many friendships, and helped me discover myself and my interests. I will carry all of this with me as I continue on my educational path. I am spending a year of college in Japan to connect with an important side of my identity before I start my journey at Cornell. I want to be a bridge between my two cultures. I look forward to challenging myself both as a student and a leader in this next chapter. Go Unicorns and Bears!

Sophia Madison Notre Dame Graduate

Sophia Madison

Chapman University - Provost's Scholarship 
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Notre Dame has always been a supportive and welcoming community that allowed me to excel academically, spiritually and physically. The teachers continue to uplift and help students become the best learners they can be, well-preparing them for the rigorous college curriculums. My time here at ND has been a very memorable four years, and I hope that I will become a part of the familiar loving community during my time at Chapman University. Paws up!

Suhani Notre Dame Graduate


Stanford University
Human Biology

I am so grateful to have spent the past four years at Notre Dame. With so many opportunities to grow, I have become a student and leader shaped by values of compassion, dedication, and curiosity. Although I am excited for the next chapters of my life, I will forever cherish the friendships and connections I have created at ND. At Stanford, I plan to keep questioning the world around me as I explore the complexities of the human brain. Go Trees!

Tien Notre Dame Graduate


Loyola Marymount University

Notre Dame has taught me the importance of using my voice to make an impact and to amplify the voices of those around me. Being surrounded by a diverse community of women who embrace and celebrate their cultures has enriched my understanding of diversity. As I continue my journey at Loyola Marymount University, I will bring with me the values of collaboration, inclusivity, and cultural identity. I am grateful for all that Notre Dame has taught me, and I am excited to continue my academic journey with these values at the forefront of my mind. Go Lions!

Tri-An Notre Dame Graduate


California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo
Child Development

I am immensely grateful towards Notre Dame because they have given me the opportunity and gift of representing my class for the past four years. As a Vietnamese American student, I am so proud of my heritage and ND has helped give me a platform to uplift my cultural community. I have learned to be a better listener, a louder advocate, and a compassionate leader. ND has provided a strong example to put action behind your words. Therefore, I decided on Cal Poly SLO because it too emphasizes hands-on opportunities, application, and student-centered learning. Go Mustangs!

Victoria Notre Dame Graduate


Cornell University 

ND taught me the value of being a lifelong learner and justice seeker. At Cornell University, I will pursue my passion for social justice and work towards my dream of becoming a lawyer. I am also incredibly excited and honored to be able to continue my career as a competitive artistic gymnast for the next four years. I would not be the person I am today without all the love and support the ND community has provided me. I will forever be grateful for the friends I have made, the teachers I have had and all the wonderful people I have connected with during these past four years!