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As the Raptors finish up their Notre Dame education, they are sharing reflections of their high school years and hopes for the future.

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Mount Holyoke College

Notre Dame has allowed me to grow in confidence and leadership and I will forever be thankful. I was able to discover all different facets of myself with the support of my classmates. Notre Dame has made me realize that school is not only about academics but also creating a strong community that can advocate and lead. I’ve made so many memories with my fellow Raptors - a class full of vibrant people who are ready to support each other no matter what. A diverse women’s education is something that I’ve come to value  in the last four years so I am excited to continue my education at Mount Holyoke College and take all the lessons and experiences that I have learned to the east! Go red pegasi!


Creighton University

Leadership is something that is needed in a multitude of situations. At ND I have grown my leadership skills immensely through campus ministry and the student ambassador program. I choose Creighton because of the supportive community and amazing internship program they offer. 


University of Southern California

I chose USC because, like Notre Dame, it is diverse and also provides the opportunity for a young independent woman to continue to have global impact.



University of California, Los Angeles
Environmental Sciences

Being part of ISR and APES at ND definitively cultivated my interest and passion for environmental science. The collaborative environment at ND challenged me and also prepared me to enter the research field. UCLA carries the same sense of support and challenge, and I am excited to continue working to create a more sustainable environment by pursuing a law degree to make a bigger difference in the world. 


New York University
Liberal Studies

I am very grateful for all my friends and family who guided and helped me through this process. So excited for new beginnings and adventures!



Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Animal Science/Pre-vet

Since before freshman year, ND has pushed me to become my best self, both as a person and as a student, constantly reminding me that I am a life-long learning. I am choosing to continue on my journey as a learner with Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” motto, and even later in life as I continue to vet school and whatever else awaits me in the future. 


Chapman University - Provost Scholarship & Schmid Talent Scholarship

I chose Chapman University because of its welcoming community and because it feels like Chapman has a place for everyone, no matter what you are interested in. It offers a place for me to have a balance of academics and outside activities, encourages me to discover different topics I am interested in, and will support me on my path to finding what I enjoy doing. From the rest of my time at ND and throughout college, I will continue to be curious and explore what I am passionate about. 


Chapman University - Hesperian Scholarship

I loved how the students are able to work with teachers on a 1:1 level at Notre Dame, so I really wanted to find that same connection in college. I enjoyed my ND experience and will cherish all the memories with friends and teachers!



UC Berkeley - Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship

Notre Dame gave me the tools to discover my passions and taught me how to advocate for myself and others. At UC Berkeley, I hope to continue the personal growth I started at ND and pursue the subjects I love.



University of San Francisco - Presidential Scholarship

Considering I loved the small, tight knit community Notre Dame offered me, I looked for that quality in the college I chose. USFCA will allow me to get close with my professors and peers which is something I will always look for anywhere I go in life. I am so grateful that Notre Dame supported my journey and taught me how to find my own voice in this world.


Chapman University - Provost's Scholarship
Business Administration

I chose to continue my academic career at Chapman University and I am so excited to be taking all that Notre Dame has taught me to the city of Orange. I am so grateful for all the friends I have made and what a true leader I have become, all because of the strong community Notre Dame has built. I could not thank my teachers enough for all the support they have shown me through one-on-one meetings along with celebrating with me when I get a good grade. I will never forget all the wonderful people Notre Dame has presented to me and I am so excited for the next chapter of my life to start, with a sunflower in my heart.


Occidental College
Urban & Environmental Policy

Notre Dame helped me realize the importance of learning simply to learn and attending a liberal arts institution will give me the space to continue to question and explore the world. I am particularly excited to be attending Occidental because of the urban and environmental policy (UEP) major. ND allowed my passions for social justice and the environment to grow and gave me space to use my voice to lead others and create change. I look forward to continuing to pursue my interests and hope that what I learn will help solve very real problems. I thank ND for helping to refine me into the advocate and person I am today.


Creighton University - Magis Award, Roman Shaffel, S.J. Award

Notre Dame has allowed me to grow as both a student and an individual through its uplifting, supportive community. While I have strengthened my passion for the sciences, ND’s consistent emphasis on social justice has led me to pursue a career in health. I chose Creighton University because of its many parallels with ND and the endless professional health schools that they offer. Go Bluejays!


UC Berkeley
Undeclared - Rausser College of Natural Resources

At Notre Dame, I developed a love for learning that has motivated me to use the opportunities I am given to the fullest. At UC Berkeley, I hope to pursue the sciences and conduct research on topics I am interested in. I also hope to grow my passion for art through a minor in art practice. 


UC Merced
Environmental Science

While attending Notre Dame, I have learned the importance of small class sizes and building a close-knit community. I chose to continue my academic career at UC Merced because, like Notre Dame, I will be able to have one-on-one conversations and small, inclusive classes. I am grateful for the amazing friends I have made and the rigorous courses Notre Dame has offered me. I am beyond excited to be starting a new path and I am forever grateful to Notre Dame for preparing me for this next chapter in my life. 


University of San Diego

In my four years here at ND, I have grown to become a life-long learner, women of impact, and justice advocate for both my local and school community. I am grateful for all my friends and memories I have made along the way! I chose USD because it gave me a familiar feeling similar to when I chose ND. I am so excited to continue my journey of education and impact, as well as continue to cherish my experiences I have made here at this school. Go Toreros!


University of Portland - President's Scholarship, Pacific Student Success Award, Catholic High School Success Award

I will be forever thankful for all of the amazing opportunities Notre Dame has given me throughout these past four years. My leadership skills have grown immensely and I am proud to call myself a person of impact. My friends, family and teachers have prepared me well for the journey that lies ahead and I can't wait to attend the University of Portland. Go Pilots! 


Northeastern University
Northeastern College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD) Creative Leaders Scholarship

From attending Notre Dame, I learned I need to be in a vibrant, urban areaa community where experiential learning is valued. NEU is the community that will help me grow as a designer and leader!


UC Santa Barbara
Pre-Earth Science

Throughout these last four years, Notre Dame has helped me strengthen my skills as a life long-learner. The strong connection I have with my class and the welcoming nature of the community as a whole pushed me outside of my comfort zone into leadership positions and academic pursuits that I never would have expected. I’m so grateful for my time at ND, the teachers, opportunities, experiences, and especially my friends and classmates. I can’t wait to start my journey at UCSB. Go Gauchos!!


Northeastern University - Dean's Scholarship
Undeclared - Explore Program

Notre Dame has taught me to be a better advocate for both myself and the communities I am part of. I am so thankful for the friendships I've formed and know that my experience at Notre Dame has given me countless opportunities to grow and challenge myself. I'm excited to explore the academic opportunities at Northeastern next year - go huskies!!


Stanford University - 2022 Coca-Cola Scholar
Symbolic Systems (Neuroscience) & Public Policy

My past four years at Notre Dame have taught me to be a life-long learner, guiding me to apply my passion and inquisitiveness to all that I do. The knowledge and experiences ND has provided me with will remain essential for the rest of my life as I make my own global change. At Stanford, I plan to continue discovering new ideas and challenging myself while exploring how implicit motives shape policy.


Santa Clara University - Bronco Scholarship
Biology (Pre-Med Track)

ND taught me the importance of finding my passions and striving for what I believe in. At SCU I will be able to follow my passion for medicine and be able to work towards achieving my dream of becoming a doctor. ND's values for life-long learning and never giving up have helped make me into the person I am today, and I know I will continue to be influenced by these values throughout my time in college. I am so grateful for all of the amazing friends I have met here and for all of the incredible experiences I’ve had! 


Chapman University - Schmid Talent Scholarship, Provost Scholarship
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

I'm so grateful for the friends and memories I've made over my time at ND, but I am especially thankful for how I was pushed to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a leader and life-long learner, both in and outside of the classroom. I chose Chapman because it will provide me with equal opportunities to continue to grow as a student and a person, while continuing my soccer journey.


UC Berkeley
Cognitive Science

My past four years at ND have helped build my confidence as a student and leader. I’m so excited to continue learning and growing at Berkeley! 



Santa Clara University


I chose Santa Clara because, after ND, I value a smaller school and a tight knit community. Santa Clara exceeded my expectations in how comfortable and welcomed I have felt during each of my visits. The students are kind and genuinely excited to meet you and here about what you are planning to major in. My dad graduated from the Leavey School of Business and he is still close with his college roommates and I wanted an environment where I could meet people and make long lasting friendships. I am so excited for the fall and can't wait for what's in store!


UC Santa Cruz 

Attending ND has allowed me to build connections with my friends, teachers and, more importantly, grow as a woman of impact. Being in a diverse community has allowed me to become the person that I am and take what I’ve learned and go about the world with a different perspective. Just like ND, UCSC offers a diverse community to continue my studies and build new connections. I am incredibly appreciative for the support I've had throughout my time at ND from teachers, my family, and friends! Go banana slugs! 


Chapman University - Dean's Scholarship
Film Production

What I'm taking from ND is to speak out when there is something to be spoken about and how being silent is not an option I want to take. I chose Chapman because it has an atmosphere that feels like a community, and all of the students seem genuine, grounded, and friendly. 


Santa Clara University - SCU Bronco Scholarship

Notre Dame has taught me how to be confident, curious, and a leader. I see myself not only being those things, but building on them at Santa Clara University. I am excited to work with others like me who want to make the world a better place for the generations ahead of us.


University of San Francisco - Global Award, University Scholar

Throughout my four years at Notre Dame, I am grateful to have been given the opportunities, support, and close environment to thrive. My experience allowed me to develop as a student, friend, community leader, and as a whole person. I chose to attend University of San Francisco because of its likeness to Notre Dame as I hope to continue growing in a close community campus with a big city to explore.


Seattle University
Communications & Media

When I toured SU I fell in love with the city and the inclusive environment on campus. I was drawn to the university's values which line up closely with ND's values of justice advocacy and diversity. This was important to me because my last four years showed me the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Notre Dame prepared me to be a woman of impact in and out of the classroom. I hope to use the tools ND gave me to be a justice advocate in my new college community and the city surrounding it.


University of Washington - Purple & Gold Scholarship

Notre Dame has shown me that with any initiative, I can make something happen, whether that’s with forming lifelong relationships or raising awareness for issues I deeply care about. That I can be a powerful voice of change without letting sight of kindness and empathy. When I first visited UW, I was immediately welcomed by the exact same environment, but on a larger scale. I am so excited to spend my next four years continuing my work and initiating ideas through dance, psychology, and research. Go Huskies! 


Parsons School of Design - Merit Scholarship
Interior Design

At ND, I've learned the importance of a tight-knit community, and taken many valuable steps out of my comfort zone. ND allowed my passion for the arts to flourish and gave me room to focus on academics and social justice themes in-depth. I've chosen to further my passions at Parsons School of Design, where I'll be in an urban environment surrounded by other like-minded and future-oriented artists. I am grateful to Notre Dame for giving me a chance to be a leader and shaping me into the confident and multi-faceted person I am today. 


University of Southern California
World Bachelor in Business

I'm so thankful for all of the memories and opportunities I've had at ND. The strong community of our class and school really made the past four years so fun and pushed me to be a better student, leader, and person. I'm excited to continue learning hands-on in the world around me at USC, HKUST, and Bocconi in the WBB program. Fight on!


Caltech - National Merit Scholarship
Computer Science & Applied Math

I'm eternally grateful for my time at Notre Dame, from the lifelong friendships I've made to the confidence and maturity I've gained. Through my four years here, I've been able to explore my scientific research interests, stretch my academic boundaries, and develop my voice as a global activist. I'm beyond excited to further my education at Caltech, whose close-knit student body and collaborative atmosphere resembles so much of ND. Go Beavers!


University of Oregon - Apex Scholarship

Throughout the past four years at ND, I have grown immensely in confidence and have created life-long friendships. I have been able to find my voice and use it to fight for change in our world. I chose the University of Oregon because of the welcoming environment and the drive they have for students to make a difference. I felt a sense of belonging on campus, just like Notre Dame. I am so grateful for the impactful experience I had during my time at Notre Dame and am excited to see what the future holds for me.


Salve Regina
Elementary Education

Notre Dame has allowed me to really enjoy learning, not only in the classroom but also teaching me knowledge for the real world. I choose Salve Regina because I want to broaden my horizons and because it reminds me of Notre Dame. All the experiences I have had at Notre Dame will help me throughout my whole life, because I am a life-long learner. 


University of California, Santa Cruz
Business Management Economics

From ND, I'm taking away the constant support and kind words that the teachers and students give. I chose my college because of the environment and the social justice activism portrayed on campus.



Barnard College
Biochemistry & Computational Biology

My four years at Notre Dame have been an incredible experience, and I would not be the young woman I am today without the life-long lessons ND has taught me. Not only will I be graduating with an incredible education, I will be leaving Notre Dame confident and competent as I continue my educational journey in New York City. Notre Dame has fostered my interest in science, and I look forward to continue growing as a scientist at Barnard College. Go bears!



The ND community has given me more than an education. The lifelong connections and meaningful relationships have sustained me through it all. The raptors are an amazing class and though I am heartbroken to say goodbye I am so excited to see what they achieve. At Northeastern I am excited to continue exploring the world and have unique opportunities.



University of San Francisco - University Scholar Award

My four years at Notre Dame have shaped me into the woman I proudly am today - a strong, confident leader with a love for service and advocacy. I am thankful for this community of diverse, driven, talented and supportive people where I have developed long-lasting friendships, memories, and experiences! I chose the University of San Francisco because of its strong nursing program, the opportunities they offer, and its similar principles to ND. I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in my life to pursue my passions and continue my growth as a student and an individual at USFCA! Go Dons!


New York University
Computer Engineering

When I visited ND before my freshman year, I knew that this school was the perfect fit for me. I'm extremely grateful for the teachers, clubs, and extracurriculars that have shaped me into the person that I am today. Now that I look back on my four years, I can confidently say that I have become a woman of impact. I'm ecstatic to begin my new journey across the country to study computer engineering! Go violets!


University of California, Riverside

My four years at Notre Dame have been a unique learning experience, and I am grateful for the environment and the resources I was given to cultivate my academic and extracurricular interests. The rigorous curriculum has taught me valuable time management and problem-solving skills, preparing me for both the engineering and research field. I am excited to continue using what I learned from ND and pursue my studies in biomedical engineering and robotics at UCR!


Seattle University
Cell & Molecular Biology

Notre Dame has elevated my values of community, education, and spirituality. With a unique learning experience, I was able to grow alongside my classmates and teachers both in and out of the classroom. I chose Seattle University for the same reasons I chose Notre Dame as I saw the same diverse, close knit, and welcoming community right in the middle of the city. Although I am starting this new part of my life, I will always remember my Notre Dame memories and experiences.


San Jose State University
Management Information Systems

I will forever be grateful for all the friendships, support, and opportunities I've had these past four years. The community at Notre Dame has empowered me to becoming a better student and leader with perspective for the world. I can't wait to carry on the skills and lessons I've learned to college and beyond. Go Spartans!


Barnard College
Political Ecology

With my experiences in journalism, Facing History Student Leadership, and AAPI Coalition at ND, I’ve learned to utilize my voice as a means of resistance and advocacy. Thus, I was immediately drawn to Barnard when I learned they were founded as a response to Columbia’s refusal to admit women. I can’t wait to continue to challenge myself as a lifelong learner and justice advocate at Barnard.


Johns Hopkins University
Biomedical Engineering

Notre Dame has enabled me to build my confidence and truly discover my passions. The caring faculty, welcoming student body, and opportunities at ND have allowed me to grow and learn in so many distinct ways. I am excited to continue my educational journey at Johns Hopkins. Go Blue Jays!


Scripps College, James E. Scripps Scholarship
Molecular Biology & Music

As an ND ambassador, I have always taken great pride in sharing that our students are as supportive and uplifting of peers as they are individually ambitious. I knew that this kind of community mindset was a characteristic that I would want in my college. With Scripps College, I felt an instant sense of familiarity with this community's genuineness. Pushing myself to step up in completely voluntary ways, from taking electives out of pure interest and being a leader in co-curriculars, is a mode of action that has made my ND experience feel especially fulfilling. That's why I'm so excited to have the flexibility to craft my journey and the opportunities to explore my immunology and music passions at a liberal arts institution!


University of Washington, Seattle - Purple & Gold Scholarship
Political Science/Engineering

When I started high school, I didn't know who I was, wanted to be, or what I wanted to do. As I transition to college I am still left with many questions about what I wish for my future to look like, but nevertheless, I will continue to persevere and push myself to be the best woman I can be. Thank you, ND, for giving me a welcoming environment and a competitive community to thrive.