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As the Tigers finish up their Notre Dame education, they are sharing reflections of their high school years and hopes for the future.

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University of Toronto with Membership to Innis College
Environmental Biology & Drama

My four years at Notre Dame have been the best years of my life. Notre Dame has taught me how to be an effective and passionate advocate: for myself, for the planet, and for those whose voices would otherwise not be heard. I am grateful for the love and support of my friends and the faculty and staff, without whom I would not be the confident young woman I am today. The interdisciplinary curriculum has shaped me into a better student, artist, and global citize and the countless student organizations helped me discover passions I can't imagine living without now and I'm so excited to pursue them at UofT. Go Varsity Blues!


Seattle Pacific University - Faith for the Future Scholarship

Notre Dame has taught me so much these past four years and most importantly I've gained so many friends and fun memories. I'm glad I am able to take away the life skills I learned and life-long friendships. I chose Seattle Pacific because they offer the exact area of study I wanted and I love the location. I also love that it's a new area where I can start the next chapter of my life.


Fordham University - Fordham Recognition Scholarship

Notre Dame has provided me with an inclusive, nurturing community, filled with diversity, resilience and driven individuals. I am grateful for Notre Dame’s rich education and commitment to social justice, which have enabled me to challenge and expand my ideas. I hope to carry my passions and intellectual curiosity to Fordham University this fall, where I will continue growing as a life-long learner and woman of impact within a supportive student environment, while taking advantage of the opportunity that NYC and its global community have to offer. Go Rams!


Cal Poly Pomona

Coming to Notre Dame has probably been one of the best decisions I have ever made. With teachers who supported me, friends who were there for me, and a family who encouraged me to do my best, I was able to grow in confidence, persistence and strength. Most importantly, I have developed important life skills, made lifelong connections and have grown to believe in myself. It is clear for me to see how far I have come since first starting as a freshman at Notre Dame, and I am proud to say that I am ready to begin the next chapter of my life at Cal Poly Pomona.


Chapman University (Dean's Scholarship)
Applied Human Physiology

The lessons and values that are taught here at Notre Dame have shaped me to be a better person and leader. I have been in a diverse, supportive, and welcoming environment that I will forever be grateful for. I have learned to dig deeper, speak out, and not be afraid to make a change. Looking back to where I started 4 years ago, my freshman self would not believe all that I have accomplished and changed. I have grown to be more confident and outspoken and determined to be a justice advocate and community leader.  As I go into college and beyond, I will take what I learned from ND and apply it in my academics and personal life. I will be headed to Chapman University with new adventures and memories to make, but I will always look back and treasure the time I had here at ND with my second family. Go Panthers!


McGill University
Physiology & Physics

ND has given me the best four years of foundation and preparation I could ask for. It has allowed me to explore my passions and interests in a safe environment, while also teaching me critical life skills and lessons. The emphasis on social justice and advocacy has shaped me into a critical thinker and has made me passionate about using my voice for change. I'm excited to start a new chapter at McGill University, and continue to grow as a life-long learner. Go Martlets!


University of Nevada, Reno - Luna Level Scholarship & Newmont Mining - John S. Livermore Scholarship

Notre Dame has been a foundation for my learning and growth as a life-long learner and student in this world and I've found my passions here. I chose UNR because it has well-established programs and classes for me to choose from as well as great research opportunities for undergrads. I'm excited for the next four years and I know Notre Dame prepared me well. Go Wolf Pack!


University of Washington


Notre Dame has taught me how to search for the most that life has to offer. Whether I am searching for opportunities at institutions, job opportunities or internship opportunities, I now have the foundation to push myself, challenge myself, and immerse myself in as many opportunities as possible. Notre Dame has also emphasized the beauty in everyone’s unique differences that make all of us who we are, and that respecting, listening, and understanding those who may hold different views than us is important now more than ever.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Computer Science

I am incredibly grateful for the kindness that ND has shown and I will always rely on the numerous lessons I've learned from this community. Notre Dame has encouraged me to prioritize social justice in every aspect of my life. My goal as a computer scientist will be to improve people's well-being using technology. From classes like AP U.S. History with Ms. Johnson and Peace and Social Justice with Ms. Savino, I have learned about the various issues in society. In college, I hope to study abroad so I can listen to people's stories from all around the world.


William Penn University - Lacrosse Scholarship

Throughout my years at Notre Dame I have learned so many valuable lessons. Most importantly, I have learned the importance of putting yourself out there and trying new things. When I first came to Notre Dame I was a very shy and quiet kid, but coming into such a welcoming community allowed me to break out of my shell and be more open to things. My junior year I tried out for the lacrosse team and made it. This has been one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only did I get to play the sport I loved, but I got a family out of it too. I chose William Penn because I can continue playing the sport I love and I got the same feeling of welcoming when I walked on campus. Go Statesman! 


University of Chicago
Environmental Science

Over my last four years at Notre Dame I have changed immensely. I have learned so many important life lessons and realized the value of my voice. I am so grateful for the safe community that ND has provided which helped me develop my confidence and expand my worldview. I know the friendships I have made will live beyond my four years here. I still have so much to learn and am so excited to continue my journey at UChicago. Looking forward to freezing in the famous Chicago winter!


University of Utah
Computer Science

Notre Dame has taught me how to be a woman of impact and how to use my voice to make an impact. I am grateful for all the opportunities that ND has provided me with and can't wait to continue to use these qualities in college. I have chosen to attend the University of Utah in the fall where I hope to continue to be a life-long learner.


University of Chicago - University Scholar, Dean's Scholar
Law, Letters & Society

Notre Dame has allowed me to expand my passion for social justice and learn about diverse global communities. I am thankful for the countless opportunities that ND has given me and for the connections and friendships I have made. Thinking back to my time as a freshman, it is clear that I have grown in determination, resilience and confidence. As a life-long learner, I am excited to experience all that Chicago has to offer both academically and socially!


Chapman University - Thurgood Marshall Scholarship

I am so grateful for my time at Notre Dame because of the wonderful friends and experiences that it has provided me with. I met friends who will hopefully last a lifetime and learned so many amazing things from so many amazing teachers that will genuinely stay with me throughout college. I knew Chapman U was the school for me because of their emphasis on research in their psychology department and the diversity within their community.


University of Portland - Holy Cross Scholarship
Political Science & Global Affairs

During my time at Notre Dame, I have been able to form so many bonds with not only fellow students but also with teachers and staff members. I was able to seek guidance that helped me grow as a student and as a person. All of the knowledge that I have gained both in the classroom and outside the classroom will continue to guide me in the next few chapters of my life. I chose UP because of how much the community reminded me of ND and I know that it will be the perfect place for me to continue as a life-long learner and as an advocate for social change. Go Pilots!


Boston College - National Merit Scholar
Economics & Political Science

I've always had a desire to pursue a degree which focuses on socioeconomic relationships. Notre Dame has given me an invaluable social justice education which has fortified that interest, and I am excited for the opportunities Boston College will provide me with to continue learning about the world through a humanitarian lens. With the goal of law school in my sights, I am excited to see where the next four years take me!


Seattle University
Creative Writing

I have never doubted that attending Notre Dame was the best decision I could have made for high school. I found a fantastic and supportive community of other students who were as passionate about school and making the world a better place as I am. I’ll always be thankful for the love, support and preparation for college that I received at ND. When it came time for me to choose a college, I wanted somewhere that would feel as much like a home as Notre Dame has. I wanted an equally passionate, creative, driven and supportive environment. That’s why I chose Seattle University. Thank you for helping me to hone my skills and become the person I am today. Go Redhawks!


Northeastern University - Dean's Scholarship
Journalism & Political Science

Notre Dame's emphasis on social justice, leadership and becoming a life-long learner has shaped me into who I am today. I’m so grateful to have been part of such an incredible community these past four years. I am beyond excited to go across the country and start a new adventure in Boston. Go Huskies!


UC Davis - First Year Aggie Scholarship

After four years at Notre Dame, I can confidently say I’m graduating with more than just a solid education. I’ve gone through several interest changes as I grew from freshman year to senior year; from law to computer science, to finally business. I wouldn’t have been able to figure out my career passion without the help of my teachers, mentor and counselor, who guided me through finding out what I really loved to do. I know that I’m leaving Notre Dame with friends, internship experience and memories that will last a lifetime. I chose UC Davis for its lively student community, plethora of research and internship opportunities and challenging academics. Even though I’m definitely going to miss my alma mater, I’m excited to begin a new chapter of my life in college. Go Aggies!


Gonzaga University - A Dussault Scholar
Biology, Pre-Veterinarian

Notre Dame has taught me many things throughout my four years that I know have shaped me into who I am today. I am glad to be able to take away the skills ND has taught me as well as the friendships and memories that have come with it! I can't wait to continue my educational journey at Gonzaga University next fall! Go Zags!


Scripps College
Economy & Policy

Throughout my time at ND I have was challenged to be the best, in and out of the classroom. The teachers and faculty created a safe space for me to grow from my mistakes to become a college-bound young woman. The all-girls environment of our school made me realize how important it is to have a community of strong woman around me, and I am so excited to have that at Scripps College. I cherish the time I have spent being a regent, but I am beyond excited to be an Athena. Incipit Vita Nova! 


Chapman University - Dean's Scholarship

I'm so honored to have simultaneously explored my creative endeavors, studied at an academically rigorous pace and developed strong friendships within my time at Notre Dame. As part of the 2021 Tiger class, I've been surrounded by the most passionate, ambitious and loving group of classmates I could have ever imagined. To follow my passion for storytelling and continue my love for writing at Chapman University's Dodge College is a dream come true, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. Forever a Tiger, but go Panthers!


University of Arizona - Arizona Recognition Award
Natural Resources

Notre Dame’s tight knit community has allowed me to be a global upstander. Notre Dame’s supportive sisterhood, friends and mentors have pushed me to find my voice and to serve my community. At U of A, I look forward to continuing to use my voice and to continue being the woman of impact I am. Bear Down!


UC Santa Cruz

Attending Notre Dame these past four years has been a difficult, fun and enlightening experience. As a fourth generation student, I learned that I need to advocate for myself and to always work hard no matter how difficult times, or classes, may seem. I will always be grateful for the things I’ve learned here and for the friendships I’ve made. I will take all of these lessons learned with me to Santa Cruz and I will do my best to make my family, friends and mentors proud.


Duke Kunshan University - Merit Award
Computer Science & Design

Thank you to Notre Dame for teaching me about the value of diversity and learning about other cultures. The confidence ND has instilled in me allowed me to take the leap to pursue a global education in China! The Mandarin language program and Ms. Liao was especially instrumental in my decision to go abroad and I can't wait to build off what I learned in class.


NYU Stern School of Business

I am grateful for such an amazing experience at Notre Dame. Throughout my four years, I have been able to pursue all of my various interests and make memories that I will cherish forever. ND has shaped me into who I am today and I will truly miss the welcoming, supportive and loving community here. Looking back, I have definitely become more confident and perseverant. Though ND has become a safe space for me, I know that I need to step out of my comfort zone to grow. I chose NYU because life in New York City is such a different change of pace from what I am used to, and I can't wait for my next four years there!


University of Central Florida
Ecology, Evolutionary & Conservation Biology

These four years at Notre Dame have been such a wonderful experience and I am so grateful for all of the support that the ND community has offered me. Notre Dame has provided me with the opportunities that I needed to learn and grow and discover what I am passionate about. I can clearly see how much I have grown as a woman of impact since my freshman year and I am so excited to continue my journey at UCF! Go Knights and Charge On!


Johns Hopkins University - National Merit Scholar, Hodson Trust Scholar
Neuroscience & Public Health

Notre Dame has shown my potential, it has made me into a changemaker, and now it is my turn to show the world what I am made of. Thank you, ND, for lovingly watching me grow and for challenging me to become the women of impact I stand here as now. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of the Notre Dame community, for life.



Pitzer College

I am so thankful for my four years at Notre Dame, from all of the friendships I have formed to the people guiding me on my journey. Notre Dame has taught me so much in the classroom and outside of it, instilling the all-important values of social justice and responsibility. Throughout my four years, I feel like I developed into a person who not only understands the world around them but takes charge. I look forward to continuing learning and growing at Pitzer college. Go Sagehens! 


Pepperdine University - University Regent Scholar
Political Science

After four years at Notre Dame, I found the confidence to be outspoken about my ideas and beliefs regardless of who is listening. For me, the law field has been the way I see opinions influencing society, and practicing law would be the way to inhibit change within my communities. Community and leadership are qualities in schools that I look for because of my time at Notre Dame and I am ecstatic to continue my passions at Pepperdine University. Go Waves!


Northeastern University - Dean's Scholarship
Explore Program for Undeclared Students

The nurturing environment that I have experienced at Notre Dame has given me the confidence to attend Northeastern University. I am so grateful to all of the wonderful teachers and classmates who have helped me to find my path and I cannot wait to take this next step in my life. The all-encompassing education that I have received at ND has played such a large role in forming the person that I am today. Go Huskies!


Brillantmont International School

Over my four years at Notre Dame, I think that I was really able to develop as a person. I developed a worldview through experiences with students and teachers, and I hope that I can keep that mindset in years to come. Learning about the world is something I have always liked, and now I'm taking another step in that direction. In the upcoming school year as I attend Brillantmont International School, while taking a gap year before college, I plan on truly finding what I want to do with my life and how I can make my own mark on the world. For college, I was looking for a place that could provide a similar experience as Notre Dame: a place where I could learn more about the world and the people who live in it. I'm excited to see how going international will affect me and allow me to truly hone my skills. On y va! ¡Les veo en unos años!


Purdue University - Presidential Scholarship

Over the last four years, Notre Dame has been a tight knit community that has supported and taught me so much. I am grateful for the experiences I have had and the skills I have learned during my time at Notre Dame. I look forward to continuing my education at Purdue next year. Boiler Up! 



Northeastern University - Dean's Scholarship

Being a student at Notre Dame has compelled me to be a global citizen. In four years, I've had the pleasure of experiencing a rich and challenging education alongside some of the most inspiring and kind people. Like NDSJ, Northeastern University challenges and supports me to pursue opportunities outside of school, such as jobs and internships, that enhance experiential learning. Looking back, I am grateful to NDSJ for revealing the woman of impact within myself, and I look forward to discovering what the future holds for me in Boston!


Syracuse University - SU Orange Distinction Award

Throughout my four years at Notre Dame I have been able to gain self confidence and understand what it means to be a true life-long learner. When looking for a university I wanted a place where I could continue to grow and thrive as a student and young woman. After visiting Syracuse, I knew it was the place where I could continue to transform into the changemaker I desire to be. Thank you Notre Dame for all the memories and support during the past four years! Go Orange!


Trinity College Dublin
Biological & Biomedical Sciences

My experience at Notre Dame has made me a more confident and driven person. I take bigger leaps into the unknown, knowing that I have the ability and the support to take my life in any direction. My Notre Dame education has opened my eyes to the vastness of the world before me. Every person has a story, and I am ready to begin the next chapter of mine. 


Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology

My freshman year, I came in with far-reaching hopes and dreams about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. Four years later, I can confidently say that I've become a stronger leader and advocate than I ever could've imagined. At Notre Dame, I've received unconditional support, encouragement and constant challenges to intellectually explore my endless curiosities, assertively lead and push myself into the spotlight, and ambitiously pursue my passions. The ND community has always been unbelievably welcoming, diverse and inspiring, and I am thankful for the space it has given me to grow, thrive and authentically be myself. I have discovered how I want to and will make my mark on the world, and gained the knowledge and skills I need to succeed. I will always be grateful for the life-long friends and mentors that I've met here, and I can't wait to continue my journey at UCLA!


Santa Clara University - Merit Scholar

Through leadership opportunities Notre Dame has taught me what it truly means to be a woman of impact. I enjoyed being surrounded by other powerful and inspirational young women throughout my four years at ND, but I have especially enjoyed becoming women of impact together. Thank you to all of the amazing teachers and staff who have helped us grow into who we are as we leave ND. We will take the lessons we learned inside and outside of the classroom with us to college and into the real world. The support I have received at ND has guided me towards my dream of being an educator. I chose SCU because of it's similarities to ND's values and the proximity to home. I know that being in this environment will continue to foster my journey as a life-long learner and as a future educator. Go Broncos!  


New York University
Individualized Study

As I graduate from a school that has formed me into a confident, life-long learner, my heart is filled with gratitude. Gratitude for all of the ND teachers that have taught me invaluable life skills and my classmates with whom I have made long-lasting friendships. As I move on to the next part of my life, I know I will find the same love and support at NYU as I go and try to make the world a better place. 



UC San Diego

Throughout my four years at Notre Dame, I was able to make so many close and supportive friends that allowed me to learn more about myself and build my confidence. Now, I'm able to recognize my own accomplishments and genuinely say that I'm proud of myself and who I've become. I hope to continue this growth and develop more confidence as I go to college and pursue my passions. Thank you to the Notre Dame community for all of the opportunities and memories that I've been able to experience. Go Tritons!


California Baptist University
Theatre Program Scholarship

Coming to Notre Dame, I was a scared little freshman eager to make friends. Today, I am a not-so-scared little senior who has definitely made friends that will last a lifetime. The Notre Dame experience has lead me to so many new opportunities. I chose California Baptist University because of the environment and how it is so similar to Notre Dame. Knowing this, I will forever have a home in SoCal and in downtown San Jose. Go Lancers!


University of San Francisco - Presidential Scholarship

These past four years at Notre Dame have taught me to push myself out of my comfort zone, and that the best things in life come out of challenging myself! I am grateful for ND's supportive community that has allowed me to explore my interests and gain a better understanding of what I am capable of. I am looking forward to spending the next four years at the University of San Francisco and all the greater things ahead! 


Loyola Marymount University - Leavey Foundation Scholarship, Chancellor’s Annual Scholarship, Seaver Annual Scholarship

My experience at Notre Dame shaped me in more ways than one. I not only received an excellent education, but I was able to learn a lot about myself along the way. As a first generation Latina, the path to college was not the easiest, but I am beyond grateful for all those who offered their help along the way. I chose Loyola Marymount because of their emphasis on service, diversity and hands-on learning opportunities. I look forward to becoming an expert in my field, and to making the world a better place. Go Lions!


Indiana University, Bloomington - San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the IUAA Scholarship
Studio Art

I am very thankful to have been a student at Notre Dame for the past four years. In these years I have made life-long friends and memories, and learned how to be a global citizen inside the classroom and out. I will be leaving this school with new-found leadership skills and a passion for social justice. In my hunt for college I searched for a school outside of my comfort zone and one that had a tight knit community, similar to the one I experienced at Notre Dame. I am beyond excited to continue pursuing my passions at Indiana University, alongside a few of my fellow ND alums! Go Hoosiers! 


UC Berkeley - Regents' & Chancellor's Scholarships
Political Science

Although I learned a lot from my classes, it's the people - the friends and mentors I call family - who have taught me what I needed to know for life. This community of strong women taught me what it means to demand justice, accountability and respect... and to do it all with love. ND gave me the opportunity to experience a loving sisterhood, while expanding my worldview and fostering my passion for social justice and leadership. I am eternally grateful for my experience here, for all the teachers, mentors and friends who have guided me and supported me, allowing me to flourish in a place without judgement. It has been a true pleasure to have called Notre Dame my home for these past four years and I cannot wait for the exciting, educational journey that awaits me at UC Berkeley. Go Bears!


Chapman University - Provost Scholarship
Graphic Design

Notre Dame has given me an education that has shaped me into a person who will stand up for my community. I found life-long friends and family here. From graphic design freshman year, to visual storytelling this year, I have grown as an artist at ND and I hope to continue my love for design in college. I chose Chapman University because of their strong emphasis on the arts and the creative fields as well as their connection to creative industries in LA. I'm excited to leave and start my journey at Chapman University next year. Go Panthers!


UC Davis
Cognitive Sciences

As I look back at my four years at Notre Dame, I have realized that I have changed in many ways. Notre Dame has helped me become a confident young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what is right. I chose to attend UC Davis because it is a great school with ample opportunities for me to explore new things. I will always be grateful to Notre Dame for helping me be the best I can be. I’d also like to thank all of the teachers that have led me through my four-year journey at Notre Dame. The teachers here are hands-down the best. Excited to start the next adventure at Davis. Go Aggies!


Carnegie Mellon University
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Notre Dame has given me such an amazing community and unforgettable friendships these past four years.  I'm so happy to have become the outgoing, passionate and curious learner I am today, and am so grateful to my peers and teachers who have supported me along the way.  Without my experiences here, I would definitely not have the courage to travel across the country to attend CMU.  I'm really excited for the next steps on my academic journey at a university with such a collaborative and rigorous learning environment.  Go Tartans!


Texas A&M University - Maroon Merit Scholarship
Forensic Sciences

Notre Dame has been an amazing experience from the start and has shaped me into the person I am today in so many ways. I am so grateful for all the support I have received over the years from teachers, classmates and friends. I can't wait to continue my academic journey and use the important lessons ND has taught me to continue to be a life-long learner. I am so excited to continue this journey at Texas A&M University. Go Aggies!


Harvey Mudd College
Mathematics & Computational Biology

Notre Dame has instilled in me a strong sense of self and afforded me countless opportunities to pursue my passions and leadership. I came to Notre Dame shy and soft-spoken with little to no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Four years later, I am a leader and full of ambition and ready to make my impact on the world. I am ever grateful to all of my teachers, peers and closest friends at Notre Dame that accompanied me on this journey and made my high school experience special. As I turn the page to the next chapter of my life, I know that Harvey Mudd College will continue to support me just as Notre Dame supported me and I am beyond excited for all the new experiences the future holds for me.


Seattle University - Achievement Award & McGoldrick Alumni Scholarship

Notre Dame has personally allowed me to grow individually in ways I didn't expect. I learned that I can be a community leader, a woman of impact, a justice advocate and so much more. With the support of the teachers, friends and opportunities that ND has to offer, I came to understand I am not limited in capability at all, and I grew in my own confidence, while also being more open to new things and change. The reason why I am going to Seattle University is because I found ND and Seattle hold many similarities: passionate about social justice, a tight community and diversity. Thank you ND for providing me with an excellent environment to grow and prosper, and I am super excited for my new journey at Seattle U!


West Valley College
Film, Television & Electronic Media

When I first came to Notre Dame, I had no idea what to expect. For the past four years I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities. I have so many fond memories that I will cherish throughout my future endeavors. I picked West Valley because they have the program I want out of all the community colleges. I am excited for this new phase of my life. 



UC Merced

Notre Dame has helped me figure out who I am and to embrace all of myself. It has also taught me to learn more about anything and everything that interests me. Combining these two ideas I learned that I want to dive deep into psychology because I am very interested in how people make their decisions.  I chose UC Merced because they have a great psychology program and because they have a Black Student Union (BSU) and a step team that I am very excited to join.



Lafayette College - Marquis Fellowship & CaPA Scholarship

I am extremely honored to be part of the incredible Notre Dame family, and part of the amazing Tiger class. My fellow Tigers never fail to inspire me with their diverse talents, academic skills and kind, compassionate personalities. Thank you Tigers and thank you Notre Dame for supporting me on my journey of self-discovery, and shaping me into the woman that I am today. Over the last four years, I have expanded my worldview, started my journey as a social justice advocate, found wonderful friends that know just how to make me smile and made memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will be continuing to pursue all of my interests across the country at Lafayette, where I will have the freedom to explore and find the ways in which I will make a positive impact. Notre Dame has kickstarted my journey as a person of impact, and I hope that I will be able to make you all proud. Cur Non!


Oxford College at Emory University
Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology

I knew this class was something special from the very first day in 2017 when this community gathered in Pardini Park and looked up to watch the rare solar eclipse that had been bestowed upon us. This class set the bar exceptionally high from the beginning and has never stopped reaching for the stars. I wanted to give a huge thank you to the mentors that shaped us into the women of impact we are today. With the help of the faculty and this loving community, our class has grown into life-long learners, spiritual seekers, justice advocates and community leaders. We should be proud of our growth and all the steps we’ve taken as a team to better ourselves and the world around us. I would not be the person I am today without the support of my classmates and, for that, I am eternally grateful. The time has finally come to spread our wings. Go Eagles!


Sonoma State University

When I first came to Notre Dame I was shy and afraid of disagreeing with other people, but Notre Dame taught me how to advocate for myself and for others. Now I understand that being different from others is not a bad thing and I am confident in being my own individual. I chose Sonoma State because of the opportunities I will have there like meeting with the teachers one-on-one, being on the dance team next year and being able to visit home on the weekends. Notre Dame has shaped who I am as a person and I will be forever grateful. Go Seawolves!


Harvey Mudd College

My past four years at Notre Dame have taught me how to be a life-long learner which has shaped me into the person I am today. I am now a confident and curious thinker, eager to make a difference, something my freshman self had always aspired to be. Not only did I gain an amazing education, but I also got to make lasting memories and friendships that I will cherish forever. I am so grateful for the ND community that has helped me pursue my interests and taught me soft skills I will utilize in the future. I am excited to spend my next four years at Harvey Mudd College and hope to use the skills I learned at ND to flourish in college and beyond! 


University of Victoria
Biology & Business

These past four years at Notre Dame have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. The friendships, memories, and experiences I’ve had/made at ND are ones that I’ll carry with me my whole life. When I look back at who I was freshman year to the confident woman that I am today, I know that I have ND to thank for that. Coming to ND was one of the best choices I made and I can say with conviction that I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. As this chapter of my life comes to a close I’m excited to be starting a new chapter in Canada at the University of Victoria. Go Vikes!


UC Berkeley
Data Science

My journey at Notre Dame has helped me grow and find my true passions and interests in both my personal and academic lives. Notre Dame’s emphasis on being a woman of impact has motivated me to pursue STEM in order to make a positive impact on the community. I am incredibly grateful to have attended a school that has a diverse and supportive community of faculty and peers who encouraged me in achieving my goals. I am so excited to find a similar community at UC Berkeley as I embark on my new journey. Go Bears!


New York University
Liberal Studies

Looking back at these four years, I am so incredibly grateful that I got to spend them at Notre Dame. I have learned the importance and power of education and ND has really shaped me into a person driven by helping those around me. I am so excited to spend the next four years at New York University (NYU) and see how much further I can take my learning and make an impact in more communities.



San Francisco State University

Notre Dame has taught me how to be a leader and a voice for those who may not have one or be able to use theirs. I will be bringing this to college to take charge and work for the things that I care about, and for the people that I care about. I believe I will be able to do so as a nurse at San Francisco State University, for I am quite excited and very grateful to Notre Dame.



American University - Dean's Scholarship
Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics & Government (CLEG)

Throughout my four years at Notre Dame, I have experienced many moments of gratitude and encouragement. I am grateful to have been part of this community and for the change to participate in many of the educational opportunities offered. Notre Dame has expanded and fostered my love for history, politics and leadership. ND has made me into the woman I always wanted to be. I cannot wait to attend American University in Washington D.C! Go Eagles!!



Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Provost Achievement Scholarship
Environmental Science

These past four years at Notre Dame have flown by, but are possibly some of the most important years of my life. Through ND, I have been able to learn the importance of diversity, loving others and sharing kindness with those around me. The education I've received was not just all books. I learned important life skills as well. Another amazing thing about Notre Dame is the faculty and staff. I learned the importance of connecting and self advocating in my education and learning process. Virginia Tech's faculty has a similar focus and attention on their students, emphasizing the avocation aspect, regardless of class size. I am very excited for the next four years of my life, whatever comes my way, and am grateful to both God and Notre Dame for my education, preparation, and foundation moving forward in my faith and in the world. 


New York University
Computer Science

I entered Notre Dame as a timid and quiet girl who was curious to explore her passions and leadership. Now at the end of my Notre Dame journey, I leave as a confident and courageous leader who hopes to make an impact on the world and continue the pursuit of my passions in New York. I want to thank my mentors and classmates for inspiring me and shaping me into a woman of impact. I would not be the woman I am today without the endless support and love I have received from my Notre Dame family. My high school experience will always stick with me whether it be the memories I have made with my best friends or the valuable lessons I will carry with me to college. I am grateful for my journey at Notre Dame, and I am so excited to continue my journey at New York University! 


Gonzaga University

Notre Dame is the place where I truly found myself and what I am passionate about. I will never forget the lessons I’ve learned here, both inside and out of the classroom. 




UC Davis
Computer Science

Notre Dame has provided me an amazing holistic experience over the past four years. I can recall the day I attended the open house in Pardini Park and the robotics demo. Then I made the best decision of my life - to attend ND. I am eternally grateful for all the encouragement and support of my teachers and mentors, as well as the wonderful community of my peers. Besides becoming an avid learner, I have been able to cultivate some unforgettable friendships. I am excited for the next phase of my life at UC Davis. Go Aggies!


Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Computer Science

As I reflect on these past four years at Notre Dame, I realize that I have learned so much beyond what it means to be a student. ND has taught me how to be a confident leader, a life-long learner and, above all, a strong justice advocate. I am immensely grateful to be a part of this community and for the long-lasting relationships I have formed here. I look forward to embarking on a new chapter in my life at Cal Poly where I will delve deeper into my passions with the help of their “learn by doing” philosophy, endless opportunities and uplifting community. Go Mustangs!


Cornell University
Industrial & Labor Relations

Notre Dame has changed my life in the best way possible. Thanks to the caring faculty, my four years here were full of learning and growth. The brilliant student body with its diverse interests and perspectives encouraged me to be my most authentic self. The close-knit community here made all the difference and helped shape the person I am today. I look forward to joining the other talented and bright ND alumnae and starting the next chapter of my education at Cornell. Go Big Red!


Seattle University
Interdisciplinary Arts

Notre Dame has given me the best experiences and memories I could have asked for. I’m so thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned here and friends I’ve made during these last four years. Notre Dame’s kind and supportive community has encouraged me to explore outside the Bay Area and spread that same kindness. I hope that after high school I may be able to take what I’ve learned here at ND and share it with others.



Fordham University - Jogues Scholarship

Notre Dame has taught me to be a woman of impact and a life-long learner. Because of ND, I will continue to be a social justice advocate for the rest of my life. I am thankful to the ND community and my fellow Tiger classmates for creating everlasting memories and my second home. Thank you to the ND faculty for helping to shape me into the woman I am today! I’m so excited for my future at Fordham University! Go Rams!



UC Berkeley

Over the past four years, Notre Dame has truly taught me what I need to know for life. The sisterhood I’ve found here has empowered me to pursue my passion for leadership and to use my voice for change wherever I go. I will always cherish the friends and memories I've made, and I'm endlessly grateful for all the women of impact who have supported me in my growth as a life-long learner, community leader and justice advocate. No one exemplifies ND’s spirit more than the Tigers; I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive class, and I know all of us will change the world in our own extraordinary ways. I’m excited to continue my journey at UC Berkeley, a school that embodies ND's commitment to community and diversity (and its proximity to boba). Go Bears!