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As the Griffins finish up their Notre Dame education, they are sharing reflections of their high school years and hopes for the future.

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Emily Tieu

Vassar College
International Studies

Notre Dame's emphasis on being a life-long learner has pushed me to grow in my academic studies and as a leader. I will forever miss the tight-knit community that has shown me kindness throughout my four years at ND. It is because of my teachers, mentors and fellow students that I am on the path to becoming a Woman of Impact myself. I am thrilled to continue my exploration about the world around me at Vassar College. Go Brewers!

Sophia Meckstroth

University of San Diego - Trustee Scholarship
Marine Biology

I am so grateful for all of the support and guidance I have received in the last four years. Notre Dame has allowed me to discover what my true passions are and has thoroughly prepared me to step into the real world. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by such a diverse and strong community and have made so many amazing friends. Besides the beautiful campus and ocean-side location, I have decided to attend the University of San Diego because, similarly to Notre Dame, there is a significant emphasis on global education and social justice. I am very excited for this next chapter in my life, and Go Toreros!

Lily Donahue-Nott

West Valley College - Transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - Cal Veteran's Scholarship
Business Administration

Notre Dame taught me how to be an empowering leader for my fellow young women in the world. I choose this path because I know I will get the best education in order to make my dream of running my family's, women-owned business. 

Giselle Bonilla

San Jose State University
Political Science

Notre Dame has taught all I need to know about social justice. With this, I am able to apply my knowledge to political science. I knew I was going to take this path when Notre Dame gave me the opportunity to go to the Ignatian Family Teach In in Washington, D.C.  I knew my passion for politics was realized when I went there. I was exposed to Jesuit teachings and applied what I had learned at Notre Dame in a speech I made for DACA recipients in front of senators. I chose SJSU for its wonderful feel on campus and the fact that I will be close to home.  

Ashley Boomer

University of Southern California - Presidential Scholarship

Notre Dame truly taught me how to think outside the box and make connections to understand the world around me. I chose the University of Southern California because it also values critical thinking and encourages interdisciplinary learning. I am so excited to take advantage of USC's incredible opportunities using the foundation that ND helped me build. I can't wait to move to sunny Los Angeles and be a Trojan! Fight On!!

Kadence Martinez

University of Oregon - Minds Move Mountains Scholarship
Communication Disorders & Sciences

The last four years at Notre Dame have allowed me to learn, develop my voice, and understand the importance of creating positive impact. The various immersion trips I attended with Notre Dame helped me build this passion for making a difference and advocating for people in need. That is why I am attending the University of Oregon to pursue a degree in communication disorders and sciences and a career in speech pathology.

Piya Juneja

UC Davis
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Notre Dame helped me realize and expand my love for the sciences and gave me the skills to feel confident to pursue a biology major. Using the skills I gained from Notre Dame, I decided to choose UC Davis because of its strong emphasis on STEM and research.

Gweneth Moore

University of California, Santa Barbara

I’m grateful for the steadfast support and educational opportunities I’ve received from the Notre Dame community. Thank you to the teachers and mentors who fostered my passion for learning, leadership and social justice advocacy. I’ll carry the knowledge, connections and powerful voice I’ve developed here to college and beyond. I feel well prepared and excited for my upcoming journey at UCSB. Go Gauchos!

Mia Frame

George Mason University Honors College - Mason Excellence Award
Forensic Science

The best decision I ever made was to take biotechnology my junior year at ND because I discovered just how much I enjoy working in a lab. I decided to major in forensic science because of how much I loved the class and my interest in criminology and science. I chose George Mason because they offer forensic science as a major and because of its proximity to Washington, DC, and the internship and career opportunities I will have because of the location. I look forward to starting my journey across the country with all of the life skills I have gained while at ND. 

Divya Nair

Johns Hopkins University
Molecular & Cellular Biology

Notre Dame has built me into the curious and driven young woman I am today. Being part of ND’s community has encouraged me to push myself academically and has fostered my passion for science, research, and medicine, all fields I hope to pursue at Hopkins. More importantly, Notre Dame has opened my eyes to my power and potential as an individual in this world. Through co-curriculars and community events, I have become a young woman dedicated to social equity and justice, unafraid to stand up for what I believe in. I’m incredibly excited to take these qualities and skills with me to college and beyond. Go Bluejays!

Clara Oberg

The University of Evansvlle - UE Academic & Scholar Awards
Exercise Science

Notre Dame has offered me so many opportunities and I am incredibly grateful to have attended a school that has such a strong, diverse and supportive community. My teachers, mentors, and peers have all challenged me to be a life-long learner, teaching me lessons I will carry with me into the next chapter of my life at the University of Evansville. My acceptance into Evansville's six-year freshman direct-entry doctor of physical therapy program would not have been possible without Notre Dame's focus on developing confident Women of Impact. Go Aces!

Kylie Kawamoto

Arizona State University - New American University Scholarship, President's Award

Notre Dame's supportive community and emphasis on becoming a global citizen allowed me to discover what I am passionate about. The friendships I made and the academic growth that ND provided shaped me into the person I am today. I chose Arizona State University's downtown campus because it reminds me of ND's environment and provides the opportunity to experience life away from home. I'm excited to continue my academic journey at ASU! Go Sun Devils!!

Victoria Moore

Chapman University - Provost Scholarship

Notre Dame has taught me to have more confidence and to challenge myself in order to expand my education and knowledge. I am going to miss our supportive ND community and all of the close friends I have made. I chose Chapman because of how peaceful it felt stepping onto campus (and it’s only a ten minute drive to Disneyland).

Alina Ali

UC Santa Barbara

The community at ND is so incredibly powerful and diverse. We pushed each other to set higher goals in school, in sports and in life. I am very lucky to have made some of the best friendships these past four years as everyone is part of the tight-knit community of our Griffin class. ND instilled in us the importance of learning and making change. Because of the rigor of academics the past for years, I feel entirely prepared to succeed in UCSB and beyond. ND established a great foundation for us all that we can build upon as we graduate. Go Gauchos!

Melissa Bobila

University of San Francisco - Scholar Award

Notre Dame has not only provided me with an amazing community of supportive and compassionate students and faculty, but has also given me an education that emphasizes women’s empowerment, leadership, and social advocacy. I’m beyond appreciative to have learned alongside young women that are passionate to make change in our school community and beyond! My experience at Notre Dame has inspired me to carry on these three values into college as I pursue nursing! I have chosen to attend a school that shares these same principles so that I can continue on this path of growth and empowerment as a student and leader at USFCA.

Julia Lugos

Seattle University - Academic Achievement Scholarship
Environmental Studies

I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by incredibly intelligent and supportive friends and teachers throughout my four years at ND. Notre Dame has taught me the importance of using the knowledge that I gain in the classroom to empower myself to make change in the world.  Similarly to Notre Dame, I chose SU for its downtown location, tight-knit community, and emphasis on social justice. I am so excited to continue my passion for environmental justice in Seattle.

Kaitlyn Kumar

University of Southern California - Trustee Scholar & Viterbi Fellow
Mechanical Engineering

I am thankful for the supportive and close-knit Notre Dame community. My friends and mentors have encouraged me to take risks and pursue the challenging path of engineering, and the robotics team gave me invaluable experience and confidence. Notre Dame’s emphasis on social justice and women of impact has empowered me to make a difference using technology. I will be attending USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering because their mission is to use engineering to create technology that benefits society, and they value interdisciplinary collaboration. I look forward to pursing both my passions in engineering and dance. 

Reeya Patel

George Washington University - Presidential Scholarship
Political Science

I chose George Washington University because it will continue to help me grow, just as ND did, in the field of politics and the beautiful learning environment of Washington DC! I am excited to take what I’ve learned at Notre Dame - empathy, critical thinking, resilience, and a passion for change - to the monuments and buildings of GW. 

Isabella Giubileo

Benedictine College - Maathai Scholarship

Notre Dame opened my eyes to the importance of social activism. At Benedictine, I saw that same passion towards a more equal and caring world. I feel so blessed to have found yet another community of people who will help me further my faith and values. Truly, it was the similarities to Notre Dame that Benedictine possessed that made me confident that I found another home away from home.  

Shruti Sridhar

Stanford University
Biomedical Computation

Notre Dame has empowered me with confidence to explore my passions in computer science and biology. During my four years, I have developed a service-minded outlook, grown my leadership skills, and have been surrounded by such a diverse, supportive community. I am so excited to embark on my next chapter at Stanford, due to its emphasis on intellectual curiosity, interdisciplinary research, and the unique campus culture. Go Trees!

Mahima Desai

Virginia Commonwealth University - Presidential Scholarship

Being a Notre Dame student has shown me the importance of working with others, life-long learning and creating a positive impact. ND has given me opportunities to truly develop my teamwork and communication skills and, with this, I know I am ready for the challenging yet collaborative field of medicine. I chose Virginia Commonwealth University because of their guaranteed medicine program as well as their diverse student body. I am so excited to explore Richmond, my new home for the next eight years, as I pursue both my B.S. and M.D. degrees. Go Rams!

Inez Ramirez

Saint Mary's College of California - Febres Cordero & St. Mary's Scholarships
Theology & Religious Studies

I plan to take my strong sense of faith and confidence to Saint Mary’s College and to make the best of every situation that comes my way. I will always remember that I am part of a greater community and an amazing band of sisters. It has taken a team to make my educational dreams come true, and I will always be thankful to the teachers, mentors, and classmates that helped me. I chose St. Mary’s because I know it will be the best school for me, full of friends and academic support, and I know that it will put me on the road for a successful future in theology and religious studies. To my future as a Gael!

Ria Jain

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Pre Human Biology & Society

Notre Dame empowered me to become a strong academic learner and a social justice leader of my community. I am grateful for all of the support that my teachers and peers have given me to truly discover my passions. I am very excited to continue my quest of comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of human biology and society at UCLA and make an impact in the world through my contributions. 

Sara Murphy

Middlebury College
Environmental Science

Notre Dame allowed me to discover my academic passions, from the language to science courses. I plan to study a wide variety of fields through the liberal arts education, as well as continue to be involved in social justice movements I learned hands-on through downtown. I can't wait for the change in scenery from urban San Jose to rural Vermont, taking my lessons of open-mindedness and empowerment with me. Roll Pants!


Sarah Hendrickson

University of San Francisco - Presidential Scholarship
Performing Arts & Social Justice

 At Notre Dame, I grew my appreciation for the diversity that is such an integral part of the Notre Dame community. With the University of San Francisco being the third most diverse university in the country, I am excited to get to study among diverse voices as I have at Notre Dame.  I was also able to develop my love for the arts through Notre Dame's VAPA program, which has led me to select Performing Arts and Social Justice as my major. I am looking forward to studying in a liberal arts setting where I can continue to develop my voice as a woman of impact.


Srija Ponna

University of Southern California - National Merit Finalist Presidential Scholarship
Biological Sciences

My experience at Notre Dame as part of a supportive community helped shape me into the person I am today. The wide range of unique opportunities offered by ND has inspired me to pursue my passions in STEM, social justice, and many other subjects, and has allowed me to grow into a confident leader. I am truly grateful for the incredible memories I made and the valuable life lessons I learned as a student at ND. I chose USC for its interdisciplinary academic opportunities and strong science program. Fight on!


Mikaela Brennan

Parsons Paris - Merit Scholarship
Strategic Design & Business Management

If the graduate you imaged yourself to be as a freshman does not align with who you are now as a senior, take pride in the difficulties you have weathered, and continue to strive confidently towards a bright, albeit often uncertain, future. 


Alexia Gutierrez

Pitzer College

As a student-athlete, I am grateful to countless Notre Dame teachers, staff and classmates for an excellent and academically-rigorous education with a social justice advocacy focus. Playing varsity golf while balancing academics allowed me to develop stronger organizational skills, which I will take with me to my dream college, Pitzer. Small class sizes, undergraduate research, playing on the Pomona-Pitzer golf team and being able to take classes at all five Claremont colleges were top reasons I chose Pitzer. I can’t wait to apply the leadership and academic skills I gained at Notre Dame to my new SoCal home. Go Sagehens! Chirp! Chirp! 


Elizabeth Fernandes

University of Southern California - Leadership Scholarship
Design, Technology & the Business of Innovation

I have really come to appreciate Notre Dame’s mission to create socially-just leaders and life-long learners. Over the years, I have taken advantage of several opportunities, both within and outside the classroom, to help me find my voice and be a positive force for change in the world. The interdisciplinary nature of USC’s program will help me explore the connections between the fields of design, technology and business in the context of social entrepreneurship.


Arushi Bansal

University of Chicago
Political Science and Applied & Computational Math

Notre Dame has taught me the power of using my voice for social change and has given me the tools to continue serving my community in the future. I am so thankful to the faculty who have constantly supported and encouraged me to explore my passions. I chose the University of Chicago as it values the same innovative and interdisciplinary thinking that Notre Dame has taught me these past four years.


Amelie Licea

Saint Louis University - Arrupe Scholarship
International Studies

I am extremely grateful to have been able to attend Notre Dame these last four years. I have seen myself and my friends growing into women of impact, and am excited to see where this next chapter of our lives takes us. I chose to attend Saint Louis University Madrid because of how much it reminded me of Notre Dame. SLU-Madrid is a tight knit community with an emphasis on being a global citizen that strives to make an impact on the world. From using the city as our classroom to being a life long learner, Notre Dame has prepared me to confidently reach out into the world. 


Anika Asthana

Princeton University

Ending school early was upsetting. I have absolutely loved going to ND, and have made the most incredible friends here. What's special about ND is the core of sisterhood and community, and I love that it's been strengthened through this tumultuous time. Over the past four years, I've learned how social justice activism can be intertwined with academics. I can't wait to continue exploring that at Princeton, and uphold its motto of "In Service of Humanity." Go Griffins and Go Tigers! 


Kanika Khemka

University of the Pacific - Regent's Scholarship
Music Industry Studies

Without coming to Notre Dame, I would never have joined theater and found my passion for audio and sound engineering. That has added to my love of music which has directed me into the career path of my dreams. ND also brought me a sense of home for the past four years, and I hope to continue having that feeling at UOP. I'm grateful for every opportunity ND has brought me because I have learned what I need to know for life. Go Tigers!


Olivia Nguyen

Chapman University

Although I am saddened that my four years at Notre Dame are finished, I am empowered, educated and, most importantly, confident as I step towards the next chapter in my life. I am forever grateful for the continuous support from my family, mentors, coaches and peers. Throughout my four years in this community, I have gained a deeper perspective on social justice, advocacy and service to others. I chose Chapman University as it reflects the values found at Notre Dame, specifically educational leadership, academic excellence and integrated thinking. As a first-generation student, I am excited and honored to be able to continue my education at Chapman in hopes of making a lasting impact in the world. Go Panthers! 


Charlotte Ng

Carnegie Mellon University
Materials Science & Engineering

I am so fortunate to have been surrounded by such a passionate and empathetic community at Notre Dame. During these past four years, I have been challenged and inspired by my peers and teachers to develop my voice and become an advocate in the community. Notre Dame’s curriculum and emphasis on social justice helped me discover my passion for both engineering and advocacy, and has prepared me for the next stage of my life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to study materials science and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, a school that also values diversity, justice and leadership. Go Tartans!


Jovanna Solomon

Santa Clara University

Notre Dame has helped me find a confident voice and I will forever be grateful for the family and community at ND that has helped shape me into the empowered young woman I am today. I can not wait to continue my studies at SCU, and to continue to live out my Notre Dame values!


Abby Gordon

Indiana University

Notre Dame allowed me to discover my academic interests and explore my passions. I’m grateful for the amazing friendships and tight-knit community that has surrounded me for the past four years. I’m beyond excited to continue my education at Indiana University. Go Hoosiers!


Fiona Reyes

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Environmental Management & Protection

I am very grateful for the amazing teachers and the unique opportunities I've had at Notre Dame. I really appreciate Notre Dame's emphasis on social justice and becoming a global citizen, and how those themes are present in every class that I've taken. Notre Dame has taught me a lot and helped me discover my passions. I am excited to take the knowledge and skills that I've gained from Notre Dame to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Go Mustangs! 


Rebecca Guglin

Reed College
Environmental Studies

Notre Dame gave me both confidence in myself and the humility to look at the world as a global citizen, understanding the intricate ways that each of us is intertwined with bigger issues. I learned the value of education in social justice and the power of a small community to change the world. So many of the skills and passions I have today, from knitting to world history, stemmed from my classes at ND and the interactions I had with teachers and classmates. I chose Reed College because it is a place that celebrates learning for the sake of learning and seeks to foster the intellectual independence of students. Also, it doesn't hurt that their mascot is the Griffin!

Camille Rovero

Chapman University - Dean's Scholar
Animation & Visual Arts

I will be forever grateful for all the things I have learned during my four years at Notre Dame. Notre Dame's emphasis on leadership and justice has really helped me to become more confident in myself and my decisions. I chose my college because I believe them to have a strong sense of community and an amazing film school. 


Neharika Jain

The University of Pennsylvania

I can say without doubt that I have become a leader at Notre Dame. Notre Dame has taught me how to care for others and be confident in myself. Moreover, the faculty and students at ND have always encouraged me to aim high and pursue leadership positions through which I have learned how to resourcefully overcome obstacles, connect with communities near and far, pursue justice and grow. I chose to attend the University of Pennsylvania next fall because I will continue to develop as a leader and justice-seeker through a multi-faceted education. I will be challenged throughout college but, because of these last four years at Notre Dame, I know I am equipped with the tools to succeed. I am forever grateful to have been a student at Notre Dame and will carry what I have learned with me through life.

Cecily de Leon

Chapman University - Dean's Scholarship
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

Notre Dame has provided countless opportunities for me to grow. I value the community that has empowered me to become a Woman of Impact through leadership, connection and commitment. I have learned to chase after my passions and to continuously seek knowledge. I will miss the ND community that has become my family. Thank you for the love and support you have shown me during the past four years. The memories I have made here will be taken with me wherever I go. With the confidence and curiosity that Notre Dame has instilled in me, I am excited to start the next few chapters of my life at Chapman University! Go Panthers! 

Neha Thakur

University of California, Berkeley
Cognitive Science

I am beyond grateful to Notre Dame for shaping me into the passionate social advocate I am today. The close sisterhood, inspiring teachers and intellectual opportunities sparked my growth and confidence over the four years. Notre Dame's focus on social justice and advocacy inspires me to create change in the world, and I will take these values with me to Cal in the fall. Go Bears!

Katelyn Yu

Computer Science & Engineering

We were gangly little birds, tottering on unsteady legs, peering over the edge of our nest, gazing down at the drop before us. We stumbled back, unsure, terrified of the fall. After all, our wings were still of downy fluff, the stuff of clouds and dreams and unreachable things. But we weren’t alone. We had teachers to show us the air currents that would let us soar farther and faster than before. We had mentors who taught us to never shape our dreams to fit who we are now and instead propel ourselves upwards to reach them. And slowly, we fostered courage in each other as we playfully raced to the edge. We grew into our wings and began to trust them. Then suddenly, it wasn’t about the drop anymore. It was about the great big world that we could see up to the horizon and beyond. It was about the world that is ours to seize and shape and make the most of. ND has given me the faith that I can soar high in the sky without losing myself or my dreams. I will continue my journey at UCLA.