As the Vipers finish up their last few weeks at Notre Dame, they are sharing reflections of their high school years and hopes for the future.

You can view a list of the Class of 2019 awards and honors here.

Trisha Talla

University of California, Davis
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The diversity at Notre Dame nurtured me to reach my full potential as a confident, resilient and open-minded individual. Engaged in dialogue with my peers, I am challenged to think critically and assert my own opinions. I chose UC Davis because, aside from its wonderful scenery, it is also diverse. Interacting with students from all over the world, I will be exposed to different perspectives that will enhance my own knowledge. As an aspiring surgeon, I will also be provided with countless opportunities to participate in medical research and do health-related internships. I can't wait to be an Aggie! 

Thao Vu

University of California, Irvine
Biological Sciences

Notre Dame has allowed me to foster my passions for learning, leadership and social justice. My four years have truly empowered me to grow into the confident individual that my younger self never would have expected. I am so fortunate that I have found an inclusive, optimistic and opportunity-filled new home at UCI and can’t wait to see what adventures are in store! Go Anteaters, zot zot zot!

Taylor Wiley

Creighton University - Grace Keenan Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts
  • Notre Dame introduced me to my passion for technical theater. This passion turned into rewarding years in the program and inspired me to continue working on my passion by studying to get a minor in technical theater.


ZZ Khan

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to use all the experience I've gained as a leader at an all women's institution to thrive and build/find my own community in the large population of this university. 


Bianca Romero

Santa Clara University
Environmental Studies

Notre Dame has changed me in more ways than I can count. The people I have met while here, from staff to students, have changed me for the better and formed some of the most meaningful relationships I have. I am so happy to see my Viper sisters going off on their own promising paths. I decided to attend Santa Clara because so many of the Notre Dame values are echoed and upheld in the SCU community. I am excited to continue working with social and environmental justice and global learning in this new, thriving community. 

Alekhya Gurram

Rice University
Biochemistry & Cell Biology

I am so excited to begin my college journey in Houston next year! Just like ND, Rice offers the perfect combination of a city life and amazing opportunities to pursue my passions. I am forever thankful for ND’s emphasis on leadership, social justice and women's empowerment that have shaped who I am today. With its unique residential college system and beautiful sunny campus, Rice is the best possible place for me to be happy about learning and meeting new people!

Anoop Dhindsa

University of the Pacific - Regent's Scholarship
Pre Dental

Notre Dame taught me how important it is to involve myself in my community. Whether that's through advocacy or new friendships, it's important to reach out and try new things! I chose the University of the Pacific because they offered me a path towards a professional career where I can help hundreds of people. I love their campus and I can't wait to be a part of it.

Yolanda Ochoa

Saint Mary's College of California - Febres Cordero Scholarship, Saint Mary's Scholarship
Psychology & Justice, Community & Leadership

Notre Dame taught me the importance of community, leadership and social justice. Over the past four years, I was able to grow into my own person and find my passions. When looking for colleges, I knew I wanted to continue to have all these things. Saint Mary's is a perfect fit with the exact mission I was looking for. I'm excited to see where the knowledge and skills I learned at ND take me in college. Go Gaels! 

Genevieve Richards

Cornell University
Policy Analysis & Management

Notre Dame has instilled in me a sense of social justice that I know I will take with me my whole life. The supportive community of students has made me into the confident, ambitious person I am today and provided me the opportunity to make lifelong friends. I am excited to study policy analysis at Cornell and, most importantly, I will be within walking distance of boba. Thank you ND and go Big Red!

Emma Everett

Chapman University
Peace Studies

Notre Dame has really influenced me to choose my major at Chapman because of the exposure to social justice issues and how to be an upstander. In college, I will strive to be a woman of impact and someone who works for the larger community. 


Nancy Tejeda

Dominican University of California - Merit Scholarship

Notre Dame has taught me how to become a woman of impact, inspiring me to advocate for not only myself but salient issues as well. I was also able to gain a greater sense of awareness, influencing my personal growth. I find Dominican to be an ideal match because I’ll be able to have the resources to make a change in this world.


Varsha Nekkanti

University of California, Berkeley
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and Business Administration

My time at Notre Dame has provided me with a complex understanding of the world and an incredibly strong, supportive community of sisters. Since freshman year, I have constantly felt challenged to think outside the box and leverage my passions for greater change—two facets I hope to bring to college. UC Berkeley was a great fit for me because it has an excellent engineering and business school, a unique program for me to pursue my dual-interests and is close to home!

Christie Maly

University of California, Berkeley
Pre Economics

I am so grateful to the wonderful faculty and my supportive peers at Notre Dame. These past four years have been such a formative experience to shape me into the confident person I am today. With its renowned economics program and history of student advocacy, UC Berkeley is the right choice for this next step in my educational journey. I am so excited to see what the future holds. Go Bears!

Nadia Truong

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Notre Dame has helped me develop and strengthen a hard working ethic that will be utilized in college, in the real world and in my future adventures and challenges. I decided to attend Cal Poly SLO because of the welcoming environment and beautiful location. Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” philosophy is very similar to ND and I truly believe this method of teaching has greatly benefited me. Finally, Cal Poly SLO seems like a great place for me to find multiple opportunities to flourish and succeed. 

Jayel Ambat

Loyola Marymount University - Arrupe Leadership Award
Mechanical Engineering

Notre Dame's supportive community taught me resilience by helping me learn to bounce back from every failure. The influence of ND's compassion, commitment to social justice and my participation on the robotics team played major roles in determining my college decision. LMU's genuinely welcoming environment, dedication to community service and stellar mechanical engineering program further influenced me to choose this university. 

Kelli Pang

George Washington University - Presidential Academic Scholar
Business Administration

The Notre Dame community has continuously inspired me to be a spirited and optimistic leader for social change. ND has helped me develop a strong sense of confidence, resilience, and adaptability that I look forward to taking to D.C. I am excited to join George Washington's diverse and innovative community and continue to develop my passions through their Women's Leadership Program. Raise High! 

Maria Mavrogenes

Boston University

Without the support of my peers and faculty at Notre Dame, I would not be where I am today. I have chosen to attend BU because of the amazing opportunity to study abroad in London during my freshman year as part of a specialized program for undecided majors. I could not be more excited to experience four seasons. GO TERRIERS! 

Katherine Garcia

Marymount Manhattan College - Trustee's Scholarship, Theatre Producing & Management Award
Theateer Producing & Management

My time at Notre Dame has taught me so much about myself and the things I'm passionate about. It has helped me to discover my passion for theatre and for art as advocacy. When I first learned about Marymount Manhattan College, I saw all of the parallels between the university and the things that I love most about ND, from the small, tight-knit community to the urban campus and diverse, open-minded student population. I'm thrilled to be able to take everything that Notre Dame has taught me and use it as I go forward to college and my artistic career.

Jackie Cornelison

Babson College

I'm grateful to ND for introducing me to the concept of social entrepreneurship; a career that will allow me to utilize my love for service and leadership. My time at ND further developed my passion for service, taught me how to convert my concern for others into action and gave me the confidence that I can be a successful, influential woman in the business world.  I'm so excited to attend Babson College - a school that uniquely focuses on developing entrepreneurial leaders.  I know Babson will help me become the social entrepreneur I want to be so I can make my impact on the world. Go Beavers!

Maddy Specht

Willamette University - Trustee's Scholarship

Notre Dame's science classes and Ms. Burson's psychology class have deepened my passion for understanding the human mind and behavior. At Willamette, I know I will be given the opportunity to continue to foster my learning through the rigorous academics and the open and caring community they provide. I'm very fortunate to have had a home a Notre Dame and I'm excited to find adventure waiting for me at WU. Go Bearcats!

Armaan Tiwana

University of California, Berkeley
Cellular & Molecular Biology, Genetics

Notre Dame’s compassionate support system, focus on social justice and challenging academics have shaped me into the person I am today and inspired me to pursue my passion for science. I am beyond grateful for the time I have had here and look forward to continuing my academic goals over the next four years. I believe that Berkeley’s innumerable research opportunities, exceptional academics, and thriving community will truly help me blossom to my fullest potential. Go Bears!

Mariana Haro Candelas

Harvard University
Computer Science

At Notre Dame, I've had the opportunity to explore my passion for social activism and computer science. I am thankful for the diverse and inspiring community at ND. I'm excited to continue pursuing my passions at Harvard this fall and cannot wait to be a member of such an amazing community.

Karina Santoso

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Applied Mathematics

I am grateful for Notre Dame's small, tight-knit community which has allowed me to become extremely self-confident and sure of who I am. I look forward to transitioning to a larger school environment in a big city. I am excited for the wide variety of people I will meet and opportunities available for me at UCLA!

Nicole Vierra

Loyola Marymount University - Arupe Scholarship

Notre Dame has given me such a supportive sisterhood, amazing friends and inspiring mentors that have pushed me to follow my dreams and serve my community. At LMU, I look forward to taking what I have learned here and using it to better understand the world around me and to continue being the woman of impact I know am.

Sophia Barwegen

California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO)
Environmental Management & Protection

Through my experience with the Independent Science Research class at Notre Dame, I grew as a scientist and was deeply inspired to spend my college days working to better conserve our environment. I choose to attend Cal Poly due to to their "Learn by Doing" approach in classrooms and the strong emphasis on sustainability. I am incredibly thrilled for my next few years at Cal Poly SLO, from exploring their living laboratory at Swanton Pacific Ranch to serving as a backpacking/hiking guide with Poly Escapes. Go Mustangs!

Gabi Danitz

Northeastern University - Dean's Connections Scholarship
Mechanical Engineering

My four years at Notre Dame have shaped my aspirations for the future and transformed my understanding of the world around me. Though I will miss the community I found here, I am beyond excited to venture across the country and begin a new adventure in Boston. 

Alexia Moustakas

University of California, Davis
International Relations

Going to school at Notre Dame has helped me become the confident and independent young woman leader I am today. These qualities will definitely help me as I transition into a large public university. I'm looking forward to continuing to explore my passion for languages and cultures through my major and study abroad, and also potentially through a minor in linguistics or sociology. I was attracted to UC Davis because of its diverse student body and the wide variety of programs offered. I'm very excited to start in the fall. Go Aggies!

Lily Johnson

University of California, Irvine
Computer Engineering

At Notre Dame, I discovered that I love being challenged by my diverse classes and extracurricular activities. In the same way, UCI will continue to challenge me and provide ample opportunities for growth through an amazing education and plenty of new adventures. As a future UCI engineer, I am so excited to make innovative research discoveries and lifelong memories!

Sophie Davidson

University of Saint Andrews

Notre Dame taught me to be a global citizen and learn from my surroundings to find common threads in all people. Studying abroad at St. Andrews will help me continue to grow these global connections and pursue history in a culturally-rich setting. Thanks to ND, I am going into the future confident and ready to assert myself.

Samantha Lee

Johns Hopkins University

Notre Dame has cultivated my passion for social justice, allowed me to pursue my love for learning both in and outside the classroom and taught me the true meaning of leadership. I am ecstatic to take the confidence, resilience and leadership skills I have gained from ND to Baltimore, Maryland next year. As an aspiring pediatrician, I am thrilled to be attending Johns Hopkins where I can take advantage of countless research opportunities, dive deeper into my current passions while also exploring new avenues and even experience a little bit of snow! Go Blue Jays!

Sahithi Madireddy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Through my time at Notre Dame, I have gained the confidence to explore my passions in science and immerse myself in social justice. I am so excited for the next four years at MIT to explore new communities and to use the opportunities I've been given to make an impact.

Anissa Kumar

University of California, Berkeley
Operations Research & Management Science, Data Science

My four years at Notre Dame have not only provided me with a supportive sisterhood and exploration of my academic passions, but also helped me act on my genuine interest in making change in the world. I am beyond excited to further develop my educational interests and social justice perspective at UC Berkeley, a school that enables me to uphold the values of empowerment and integrity that Notre Dame has instilled within me. Go Bears!

Sonya Shankar

University of California, Berkeley
Cognitive Science & Dance

Notre Dame has shown me the importance of becoming an empowered female, instilling in me the ability to pursue my passions without doubting my worth. The inclusive and warm community that Notre Dame offers is truly unique, fostering students in becoming women of impact. Being part of the Regent Collective Dance Company throughout high school has furthered my growth as a student and also as an artist. The University of California, Berkeley will allow me to delve into my passion for cognitive science and simultaneously train at one of the most renowned centers of the arts and in a diverse and open-minded community very similar to Notre Dame.

Laura Yien

University of California, Davis - Regent Scholarship

I can confidently attribute my academic and personal growth to Notre Dame's nurturing environment. It is thanks to my driven and intelligent classmates that I am continually challenged to think critically about the world and my own perceptions. The support of the ND community, as well as its downtown location, has especially helped me grow into the confident and independent woman that I am today. I chose to attend UC Davis because of its collaborative academic environment and down-to-earth community, which reminded me of ND. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as an Aggie!

Kathleen Fadrigon

Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles - Mount & Provost Awards

Over the past four years Notre Dame has taught to be leader in and outside of the classroom. This community has helped me become the confident person I am today. With the experiences I had at ND, I hope to bring those what I have learned with me to Los Angeles. 

Cassidy Wallace

University of California, San Diego - National Merit PwC Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Biochemistry/Chemistry & Human Development

Over the past four years, Notre Dame has instilled in me not only a dedication to hard work, but also an appreciation for the unique diversity of our Bay Area community. In going to UC San Diego, I hope to share these values with a new population, as well as further my interests in research and the biological sciences so that I may one day realize my dream of becoming a doctor.

Alma Iboa Escalante

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Political Science

Notre Dame has served as both an academically fulfilling and socially conscious niche. I've learned to take every opportunity, whether it ends up being a success or a failure, as a means to grow. I can't wait to start Cal Poly Slo in the fall! 


Isha Trivedi

George Washington University, Presidential Academic Scholarship

The urban environment and dedication to social justice I was immersed in during my time at ND has helped me grow and become a better version of myself––the person I am today. I can't wait to bring the skills I've developed throughout high school and grow even more through my time in college and within the exciting city of D.C. Raise High!  


Shruthi Shyam

University of California, Berkeley
Cognitive Science

Notre Dame has helped me learn more about my own identity and helped me understand who I want to be in college and in the future. I have truly learned inside and outside the classroom how to be a social advocate. I am grateful for the foundation Notre Dame has given me and am excited to be able to utilize what I have learned in my college life and in the future. I know that with everything Notre Dame has taught me I am ready to enter Berkeley's bustling and active environment. GO BEARS!

Samira Smith

Sonoma State University
Elementary Education

While at Notre Dame I have been able to grow into an individual who is able to make independent and educated choices. Without the wonderful people I have met at Notre Dame, I don't know if I would be the same person I have grown to be. I have the same feeling on Sonoma's campus as I do when I walk around ND every day. 

Taylor Humphreys

Cal Poly Pomona

The experiences I've gained while attending Notre Dame, both educational and social, have helped me grow as a rising adult. Every class has been a new learning opportunity for me to discover my passions and values. I'm so excited to start this new chapter of my life at Cal Poly Pomona and apply all of the valuable lessons I've gained from Notre Dame.

Yuthika Ram Dasaradhi

University of California, Irvine
Biological Sciences

Notre Dame has taught me how to be confident in myself. Being part of an empowering sisterhood at such a supportive school has given me a strong foundation, which I can further shape at UC Irvine. I chose UC Irvine because of both the inclusivity and diversity of the campus, as well as the opportunities provided for pre-medicine students. I am excited to grow as a leader and a learner at UC Irvine. Go Anteaters!

Zenaz Sarkari

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Physiological Science

Notre Dame has truly been an enlightening experience which brought out the best in me. I found a home filled with amazing friendships, numerous opportunities in leadership and academics, as well as a strong network of women committed to improving our world. At UCLA, I will continue to immerse myself in research, pursue my love for biology and enjoy the never-ending sunshine. Can't wait to be a Bruin!

Jacqueline Borges

San Jose State University
Environmental Science

Attending Notre Dame was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have learned so much about life, education, spirituality and friendship over my past four years and I wouldn't trade the experiences I have been through for anything. I chose San Jose State because it had the programs I wanted, it has a very similar vibe to Notre Dame and is the place where I could envision myself thriving! 

Thuong Le

University of Oregon, Clark's Honors College
Clinical Psychology

Notre Dame has taught me that you will never have to face any struggles in life alone. Being able to walk into a teacher’s or counselor’s office at random and talk was the best gift ND has given me. Thanks to ND I know that I deserve and can find support at anytime and any place. I decided to chose a university that shares this great quality and the minute I met my psychology advisor at the U of O, I knew it was the place for me.

Laila Khattab

University of San Francisco - University Scholarship & J. Paul Getty Scholarship
International Studies

I'm so grateful for Notre Dame's small, tight-knit community that has instilled a passion for global education and social justice within me. USF reminds me a lot of ND through its diverse community, small class sizes, and even the same school/class colors! I am so excited to head to the city to continue learning about the world and its people. Go Dons! 

Christien Garcia

California State University, Fullerton
Liberal Studies

Notre Dame’s early introduction to social justice and making a change in our society really inspired me to continue on the path of helping and understanding more about others in our greater community while in college. Because of the kind and supportive community here, I was able to grow into the positive leader I am today who is ready to take on the new challenges ahead of me. I will definitely miss the family I have made over my last 4 years, but I am also excited to take on the next chapter of my life with all the lessons and memories Notre Dame gave me.  

Tanvi Krishnan

Scripps College

I love Notre Dame’s supportive all-girls environment, and I always knew I wanted to go to an all-girls college. Scripps has a beautiful campus with an amazing psychology program, supportive faculty, and a diverse student body with students from out of state and other countries! Go Athenas!

Haley Cornelison

Whitman College - Whitman Achievement Award

I have always enjoyed helping others, and the social justice emphasis at ND has only helped me grow as a leader and global citizen. I am excited to be attending Whitman College next year where I will be able to pursue my two passions; biology and soccer. I look forward to spending the next four years in a truly unique place with the tools that ND has provided me with. I am absolutely excited to see what my future has in store! Go Blues!

Riya Shrivastava

Carnegie Mellon University
Business Administration

Notre Dame's focus on creating Women of Impact and social justice gave me the confidence and the drive to work towards creating a better world. Notre Dame has shaped me into a strong and independent woman. I chose to attend Carnegie Mellon University because of the glimpses of Notre Dame that I saw in it; the collaborative and supportive environment and the push to create impactful students. I am excited to take what Notre Dame has taught me to Carnegie Mellon and further build on the Woman of Impact that Notre Dame has turned me into. 

Alexandra Mason

Gonzaga University - Tuition Exchange Scholarship
Nursing & Spanish

My experience at Notre Dame has made me realize my passion for helping others. Through my experience here I have grown to love community service and I am excited to continue this work at Gonzaga. My academics at Notre Dame have prepared me for success at Gonzaga and I cannot wait to continue studying Spanish. Go Zags!!

Priscilla Guadarrama

New York University
Liberal Studies

Notre Dame has taught me the value of a rich and diverse education where my ideas are constantly being challenged and expanded. I chose NYU because of its extended global community, which ensures I will be surrounded by people from all walks of life. I am beyond excited to take what ND has given me to the Big Apple this fall and continue to be a lifelong learner at NYU!

Janelle Conlan

Loyola University of Chicago - Damen Scholarship
Environmental Studies with Policy

Notre Dame has given me the opportunity to grow into myself and explore with sports, immersions and various classes. I am grateful to have attended a school that teaches us strong core values such as social justice and to have the support of an amazing sisterhood. I am excited to start this next chapter of my life and continue growing and learning at Loyola University of Chicago.

Juliana Dines

University of San Francisco - Presidential Scholarship
Environmental Studies

I am so grateful for the friends I've made and the support I've received during my time here at Notre Dame! I know I'll cary these lessons and friendships with me to college and beyond. I'm excited to attend USF in the fall, along with some fellow Vipers, and study environmental studies in an urban setting! If you need me, I'll be 50 minutes away. Go Dons!

Astrid Dominguez

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Liberal Studies

Notre Dame has helped shape the person I am today. Everyone who I have met at Notre Dame has had a huge impact on my life. It is because of my peers, teachers and mentors that I have accomplished all I have during my time at ND. Thank you to ND for the life-long friendships I have created here and for preparing me for this new journey to come. I am proud to say I will be attending Cal Poly SLO this coming fall. Go Stangs!

Clara Matlack

Colorado College

Notre Dame has taught me how to ask the important questions, including the questions that lead me to decide that a gap year is the best option for me. Currently, with ND’s support, I am applying for three different internships, one of which I will be working this coming fall. ND has made sure that we understand what it means to be a global citizen, and so for the latter half of my gap year, I plan on doing a bit of volunteering and traveling abroad through Workaway.

Julie Ann Hendrickson

Drexel University - A.J. Drexel Scholarship

I'm so grateful for the community I've been able to build over the past four years and how it's led me to my college decision. I'm excited to continue my education in an urban and diverse atmosphere similar to ND.

Molly Robinson

George Washington University - GW Leadership Award
Political Science

I am extremely thankful to Notre Dame for teaching me that my voice matters and helping me tremendously in developing that voice. I hope to continue to develop and use my voice to enact change next near at George Washington University. Raise High!

Abby Pacheco

San Diego State University

Notre Dame has helped me learn a lot about how to be an independent woman in this world. A woman who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in and cares deeply about her community. Every person I have met at ND has positively impacted my life, and I am so grateful for that. I can't wait to use all the skills ND has taught me over the past four years to make sure my experience at SDSU is amazing!

Kathryn McLaughlin

Princeton University
Computer Science

Most of all, I am going to miss the people I've met at Notre Dame, but I know that what I have learned from these relationships has fully prepared me to travel across the country and continue my studies at Princeton. I am beyond excited to learn about computer science and its potential social applications through Princeton's phenomenal engineering school and liberal arts curriculum. Bye ND, hello real weather, and Go Tigers! 

Tessa Muller

Loyola Marymount University
Political Science

I really enjoyed my time at Notre Dame. I learned a lot about the value of community and about my responsibility to fight against injustices. I chose LMU because I felt that, as a Jesuit university, it promoted similar values. Go Lions!

Lauren Malley

Vanderbilt University

I am beyond grateful for my education at Notre Dame which has helped me both grow as a global citizen and look for a higher purpose in my life and career. With its emphasis on social justice, Notre Dame has helped me become a strong, independent woman. I am incredibly excited to continue seeking change in the world at Vanderbilt. Anchor up!

Sara Kazemi

Drexel University - Founder's Scholarship
Biological Sciences

Notre Dame has allowed me to gain a more worldly perspective with an emphasis on social justice I would not have received anywhere else.  I am grateful for the lasting bonds I have made here.  I know that I've grown as a person and I'm confident I will carry Notre Dame's values on with me in such a modern and diverse city like Philly.  Go Dragons!

Chiara Cantos

University of California, Santa Cruz
Marine Biology

Attending Notre Dame has truly shaped me into the confident and passionate leader I am today. I am so grateful for the community I’ve been a part of, the rigorous education I’ve received, and the global and diverse perspective I’ve developed. I am excited to continue my lifelong journey of learning at UC Santa Cruz and to live out the same values I’ve learned from ND.