Leah Rome-Floyd

Leah Rome-Floyd

Social Studies Teacher, Academic Lead

B.A. Social Science, Secondary Education, Geography, University of Vermont
California Clear Credential: Single Subject Social Studies

Professional Associations
National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE Cohort X)
National Council for the Social Studies

Courses Taught
World History AP, U.S. History AP

Personal Statement
For the majority of my career, I have been a World History teacher. The reason I am passionate about teaching this subject is two fold.
First, I am passionate about global citizenship and awareness. It is very important for students in my classroom to walk away with a sense of ownership of their own identities and how they see their place within our broader society. Teaching content rooted in the history and diverse cultures of the students I teach is fundamental to my classroom. I find deep value in students naming where they come from, their identities and how these elements have been challenged throughout the course of history. Students are engaged in my classroom because they see the value of the content and the relatability to how this learning will impact their future.
Second, I am a literacy teacher. I have focused my own learning on understanding the literacy standards students need in order to be successful beyond high school. This includes, breaking down complex primary and secondary sources, developing scaffolding strategies targeted towards argumentative writing and developing speaking skills through debate and seminar. It is my hope that every student in my classroom will, by the end of the year, have the ability to take a firm stance on a topic and to be able to support that stance with carefully selected evidence. I believe these skills are fundamental to their success in college courses as well as working professionals.