Strategic Plan Vision Statement

By 2025, Notre Dame High School will be the center for women’s leadership in Silicon Valley.  The school will be recognized as the model for: a robust culture of engagement that supports women’s leadership; a professional learning community that influences women’s leadership; women’s spiritual leadership in the 21st century.

School-wide Initiatives

ND Reads Program

Chosen to highlight an issue connected to the school's mission, ND Reads selections are read by the community and integrated throughout the curriculum. The program also features a visit from the author.

Innovative Schools Network

A member since 2012, Notre Dame has been recognized for programs which engage students with rich inter-disciplinary content and methodologies that promote academic skills as well as empathy and ethical awareness.

Justice & Leadership

Notre Dame's distinctive Education for Justice & Leadership initiative ensures that core concepts of personal responsibility, solidarity, stewardship and advocacy are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Educating for Career & Life Success

Technology, Engineering & Design

Notre Dame's Technology, Engineering & Design program, one of only a few at the high school level across the country, offers 7 courses including Advanced Placement Computer Science.

Technology as a Tool

Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy meets the learning needs of individual students and promotes a platform-neutral learning environment that allows for personal choice.

Faculty/Student Research

Students have opportunities to work on industry-leading research projects with faculty including a current NASA project with Caltech, led by science teacher, Lee Pruett.