ASB - Associate Student Body

ASB members are elected to represent their peers and the school. The mission of ASB is to develop a deeper sense of unity, promote the practice of justice and peace within the school and greater community, provide for more efficient execution of student body business, inspire school spirit, and encourage scholastic achievement. Positions include: ASB School Council, ASB Class Council, ASB Homeroom Reps & ASB Class Cheerleaders. 

PMLT - Peer Ministry Leadership Team

The Peer Ministry Leadership Team seeks to lead, inspire and invite the Notre Dame community to the experience of faith. Encouraged by the values of spirituality, community, and ministry, the Peer Ministry Leadership Team will offer love, companionship and hospitality to the community so that all students can explore their spirituality with openness and encouragement. Peer ministers commit to serving the spiritual needs of the Notre Dame community. As student advisers to Campus Ministry, members play an active role in Campus Ministry events and programs throughout the year.  

Campus Ministry (CM) Homeroom Representatives

Campus Ministry Homeroom Reps are elected to lead and invite their classmates to experiences in spirituality, service and justice. The mission of the CM Homeroom Representative is to keep their homeroom informed of ministry and service opportunities, foster solidarity and prayer in the homeroom community, and provide support to a variety of CM programs.

TASC - Teaching, Advising and Serving our Community 

TASC Service ‐ Strives to empower students in their service-learning experiences and encourage a spirit of service and solidarity. They provide service experiences for the larger Notre Dame Community and lead local drives to support local community partners.

TASC Justice  - Serves the justice education and advocacy needs of the Notre Dame community. TASC Justice leaders offer opportunities to participate in justice campaigns,  education, philanthropy, and advocacy events which focus on serving and celebrating our local and global communities.  As student advisers to Campus Ministry, members play an active role in Campus Ministry events and programs throughout the year. Our Mission is to expand Notre Dame's awareness of the greater community through service and the giving of oneself to others.

SAB - Student Affairs Board

The Student Affairs Board is made up of students from each grade level who are selected by the Director of Student Life and are loyal to the Notre Dame Community. These young women are entrusted with serving the Notre Dame Community by listening to student needs, representing student ideas and keeping students informed. The goal is to improve student life at ND and provide a forum where voices can be heard. 

Facing History Student Leadership Group

Notre Dame is part of the Innovative Schools Network sponsored by Facing History and Ourselves.  Educators and students from the schools in the Bay Area work together and are united by the common commitment to the Facing History themes of justice and being an upstander.  The goal of the Facing History Student Leadership Groups (FH SLG) is to develop a network of students who meet regularly for academic and social opportunities, facilitate inter-school exchanges between different and diverse schools within the ISN and develop leaders who are a cohort of activists.   

SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions

Students Against Destructive Decisions is made up of students from 10-12 grade who are selected by the group moderators and are committed to the mission of helping youth make healthy decisions. SADD leaders are entrusted with delivering educational outreach to younger peers in Junior High to help them cope with difficult situations in life such as internet safety, bullying, drugs & alcohol, peer pressure, sexual situations and unhealthy friendships. As representatives of Notre Dame High School, SADD leaders will help educate their younger peers, while serving as helpful role models. 

Notre Dame Ambassadors

As the ambassadors of Notre Dame San Jose, it is our mission to serve as representatives of the school, and to communicate the values and experiences surrounding Notre Dame to prospective students and their families. As the link between the school and the community at large, it is our responsibility to be polite, presentable, and friendly, and to accurately and honestly recount our personal experiences as a student and convey the sentiments of the Notre Dame Community.

Ambassadors will represent the school in an effort to help recruit incoming high school students. They will learn to present themselves - and thus the entire Notre Dame community – positively and professionally, and will become role models for younger students.

Students will learn to organize and lead events for prospective or incoming students. This includes creating ice breakers and activities and leading group discussions, as well as gathering supplies, answering questions, and greeting potential and new students and their families.

Students will help organize and participate in school events such as Open House, Frosh Orientation, Class Visits, and High School Information Nights. Students will acquire skills in planning, organizing, and executing important events.

Most importantly, Ambassadors promote the school, and provide an accurate and genuine representation of what it means to be a student at Notre Dame.

NHS - National Honor Society

Students must submit an application for membership to NHS. Students are selected for membership based on the information they provide in their online application to the faculty Scholarship Committee. The criteria for selection is set by national bylaws and include a minimum GPA of 3.0, good character, evidence of significant leadership, and community service. Students will submit their information (including service hours, co-curricular activities and leadership on campus and off campus) by mid-September and will be informed of the committee’s decision by the end of September. Students must complete and submit the form on Moodle in order to be considered. The following document gives instructions for application and expectations for selection. Online Application for 2017-18 To Come