Students with an interest in the arts and self-expression have a unique opportunity to grow and showcase their talents through our award-winning visual and performing arts program. Under the tutelage of teachers who are acting artists-in-residence themselves, students experience the arts in heart of the downtown SoFA District.

Through a unique and comprehensive array of theater, dance and music curricular and co-curricular opportunities, students gain hands-on experience that prepares them for college and careers in the field of perfroming arts.

At Notre Dame, visual arts includes ceramics, photography, mixed media, graphic design and many others. Our downtown location provides easy access to more than ten galleries and opportunities to experience art as both audience and featured artist.

Notre Dame offers thirty-three curricular and co-curricular offerings in visual and performing arts. You can read course descriptions and learn about course prerequisites in this section.

About Us

Leslie Bock


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Imani Hopkins

Performing Arts Coordinator, Teacher

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Christopher Johnson

Visual Arts Coordinator, Teacher

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Sarah Kane

Director of Theatre Production, Teacher

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Sandy Mahler


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Louis Stone-Collonge

Technical Theater Director