#1034 JOURNALISM                         
10 credits - Grade(s)  All
Prerequisite:  C or better in English

This course, designed for students with a love of writing, develops journalistic writing and objective style, and teaches InDesign, layout and editing skills.  Students are responsible for producing the school newspaper, the Crown and Shield, and work both in print and online. Once the instructor has covered the basics of journalism, the class is run like a real newsroom and is primarily student-directed. Like Yearbook, this class can be taken several times during a student's four years. The course does not replace the core English requirement.  This course is offered as an 8th period class after school Monday through Thursday.

10 credits - Grade(s) All
Prerequisites: None

This course provides opportunities for students to develop their critical thinking, design page layouts, develop mastery in basic photography and photo editing skills. Students will prepare profile features, learn the art of storytelling through the eyes of another individual, and practice their interviewing and observation skills. Students will prepare sports coverage, develop their academic writing, and cover school events. Students are responsible for the following information gathering: interviewing, editing, and copy writing (headlines, captions and subheadings). Students will prepare their work using full visuals, combining photojournalism and graphic design. They will present their combined content in a single unified theme as they tell the story of our academic school year. Like Journalism, this course can be taken several years during a student's four years.

Students are not required to have a camera, but it would be useful.

10 credits - Grade(s) 10, 11, 12
Prerequisites: Yearbook I, English grade of B or better and photography experience required
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

Yearbook II is a course designed for the student with interests in publication, layout design, editing, and/or journalism.  The course begins during the summer at Yearbook Camp, where students and the advisor meet to plan the theme, general layout and design of the entire book.  When school begins, students function as editors or section leaders of the Yearbook and master complicated design and layout techniques as well as the publication process.  Yearbook I and II students work as a team to complete the book; Yearbook II students are expected to assume leadership positions.  Like Journalism, this course can be taken multiple times.