The diploma with emphasis is designed to recognize Notre Dame’s holistic approach to learning and reflect Notre Dame’s academic pathway program. The diplomas acknowledge the student’s involvement in both curricular and co-curricular programs over four years. Students wishing to graduate from Notre Dame High School with a diploma with emphasis need to meet the requirements in the specific area of emphasis. Students should work with their mentor and counselor to ensure that they are meeting the requirements. Diplomas with emphasis are awarded in the following areas:

  • STEAM Emphasis
  • Social Justice Emphasis
  • Visual and Performing Arts Emphasis

STEAM diploma with emphasis

Core Classes

Electives (choose at least 3)

Choose any courses from TED as an elective

Introduction to Engineering   

Geometry/Geometry Honors      

Trigonometry/Trigonometry H 

Physics (one of 2 levels)   



AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science Principles - OR –

demonstrated familiarity with computer programming

Introduction to Graphic  Design

Calculus (counts as 2)—at any level – College Prep or AP

AP Biology (counts as 2)

AP Chemistry (counts as 2)

AP Environmental Science (counts as 2)

Biotechnology (counts as 2)


TED courses

Advanced Photography/Digital Photography

Computer Science A: AP

AP Computer Science Principles

Advanced Graphic Design

Visual Story Telling   


Co-Curricular Activities—choose at least 1 over 4 years:
Participation in Robotics or Technical Theater for at least 2 years
Required for Junior/Senior year:
Senior Service Learning Project: related to the use of technology and the arts w/education focus

Social Justice diploma with emphasis

Core Classes

Electives (choose at least 3)

Global Studies / Global Studies H

English (all 4 years)

Modern Language Level III/III H

Peace & Social Justice

Gospel Stories/Gospel Choices

Self, Spirituality, and Scripture 

Contemporary Social Issues (Social Studies)

Contemporary Themes in Liberation (Religious Studies)

Integrating Voice, Culture, Identity (English)

AP Environmental Science (counts as 2)

World Religions

Co-curricular participation --choose at least 2 over 4 years:
Participation in Justice Immersions offered in the Global Education program 
Involvement in Campus Ministry Student Leadership or Facing History and Ourselves Student Leadership
Service as Campus Ministry homeroom representative
Speech and Debate—Advocacy/Debate
Required for Junior/Senior year:
Senior Service Learning Project—related to a social justice issue (local or international)

Visual and Performing Arts diploma with emphasis

Core Classes [choose any year-long courses]

Electives (choose at least 3)

Note: core courses may serve as areas for electives

Drama 1A: Evolution of Performance and

Drama 1B: From Page to Stage (both semesters required)

Dance: Genesis and Revelation (both semesters required)

Introduction to American Musical Culture and Intrduction to Musical Composition (both semesters required)

Introduction to Graphic Design

Introduction to Visual Expression

Introduction to Photography

Introduction to Ceramics

Symphonic Band

String Ensemble

Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics – Wheel Throwing

Advanced Photography/Digital Photography

Mixed Media

Advanced Pen and Paint

Advanced Graphic Design

Visual Story Telling

Drama – Value in Performance

Introdcution to American Musical Culture

Introductio to Muscial Composition

Co-curricular: (Choose at least 2 areas of participation over 4 years)
Speech and Debate—Oral Interpretation/Dramatic Interpretation/Humorous Interpretation
Participation in Yearbook or Journalism in the areas of design and layout   
Participation in Technical Theater—Fall Play, Spring Musical, Children’s Play
Participation in Musical Theater or Drama Special Projects
Participation in String Ensemble
Participation in Dance for Musical Theater
Participation in Regent Harmonies or Performance Choir (40 weeks)
Participation in Regent Collective Dance Company (40 weeks)
Involvement in VAPA Leadership Program

Required for junior/senior year:
Senior Service Learning Project that is related to the student’s artistic discipline/area of creative expression