Two semesters required


5 credits - Grade 9 – required class 
Prerequisite: None     
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

This required course will combine physical education units that emphasize team building, sportsmanship, personal fitness, and physical empowerment skills through self defense training, with the addition of a health and wellness component.  During the team building/sportsmanship unit students will develop skills and behavior appropriate for team/individual sports activities. The personal fitness unit will cover skills in Tae-Bo, kickboxing, and core conditioning with pedometers, weights and medicine balls.  The health and wellness unit will explore topics such as: nutrition and eating disorders/body image; sexuality and healthy relationships; drug and alcohol awareness; mental health/stress management; and bullying/boundary setting.

5 credits - Grade(s) all 
Prerequisite: None – Limited enrollment, preference will be given to seniors. This class is for Visual and Performing Arts credit but can be taken exclusively for a Physical Education credit.  

This course is designed to provide an introductory view of dance as an art form. Our main focus will be to introduce and establish various dance techniques, investigate the history of dance, condition the body to maximize strength, and analyze the various aesthetics of dance. Dance will be integrated through video, literature and live performance. We will culminate our overall knowledge by pairing historical landmarks with the evolution of dance today.

5 credits - Grade(s) all   
Prerequisite: Survey of Dance Techniques and Aesthetics or Instructor Approval. This class is for Visual and Performing Arts credit but can be taken exclusively for a Physical Education credit.

This course will focus on the technique, structure and creation of expressive choreography for performance. Each student will gain knowledge of body function and ability, while exploring its possibilities and limitations. With the foundation of the history of dance, the goal of this course is to provide a knowledge base, practical skill and performance experience in dance. Students will develop a working dance portfolio that can serve as a stepping stone toward further studies.

5 credits - Grade(s) 10, 11, 12 
Prerequisite: None 
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

An invigorating all-levels yoga practice. Students will start with sun salutation and get familiar with other dynamic segments that will generate some sweat and leave them feeling energized and more flexible.  New students can build a strong base while more advanced students can go deeper into the poses with variations such as chaturanga and backbends. Gain flexibility, strength, and stamina and always leave feeling energized and stretched out.

5 credits - Grade(s) 10, 11, 12     
Prerequisite: Approval from the athletic director 
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement                 

This option is open to any 10th-12th grade student who competes on a Notre Dame interscholastic team. Students may elect to receive one semester elective PE credit for their participation at the varsity level or equivalent in an interscholastic sport.

To qualify for credit, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Participate for one full season on a varsity team at Notre Dame
  • Meet daily attendance guidelines for practices and competitions as established by the team coach/athletic director.
  • Adhere to team rules and guidelines by the coach.
  • Adhere to athletic policies as stated in the Notre Dame Athletic Handbook.

Students wishing to exercise this option should elect this course at the scheduling time in March. The athletic director with the team coach will verify that the student has met the requirements for credit at the end of the season. The verification will be submitted to the registrar with a pass/fail grade.