College Prep Classes

5 credits - Grades 12 
Prerequisite: Advisor approval, department chairperson approval, discussion with vice principal of academic affairs 
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement 

The Senior Independent Study Project is a course of independent study designed for academically motivated seniors who have exhausted the curricular offerings in a particular academic department.  The students must design semester courses of study (Art, English, Modern Language, Social Studies) for themselves, outline a written project and procure a project advisor.  The advisor must approve the course of study and the final project in advance.  This course allows time for the serious student to pursue areas of interest in depth and for academic credit.  

  • Students may complete a Senior Independent Study Project only if they have successfully completed all of the available courses in a given department.
  • Students who wish to complete an independent study project must first identify an advisor, provide a written description of the project, and submit the advisor-signed proposal to the department chairperson and the vice-principal, academic affairs for approval.
  • If the advisor is no longer available to oversee a project when school begins the following year, the student must identify another advisor.
  • No projects should begin without prior approval.
  • All projects must be approved by May 1st of 11th grade.

5 credits - Grade(s) 11, 12
Prerequisite: Department Approval
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

Each department uses teacher assistants in a variety of ways.  Generally, a teacher assistant is involved in grading; sorting and preparation of course work.  The students also assist the teachers with classroom activities.  Candidates for this course are required to complete tasks with minimal assistance.  A student may be a teacher’s assistant for one semester only.

Teacher Assistants are used in the following areas:

ASB                                     Foreign Language                             Performing Arts  

Technology                        Social Studies                                  Religion

Visual Arts                          Mathematics                                     Science

English                                Physical Education                         Counseling

Co-Curricular Electives

2.5 credits per semester – year long class - Grade(s) All
Prerequisite: audition 
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

The Notre Dame ASB Cheerleaders consists of 7 individuals from each class. This co-curricular leadership position is for students with dance experience, displaying good citizenship, school spirit, and are living examples of the mission of Notre Dame. Students are required to attend weekly 7 o’clock morning meetings, weekly leadership meetings, all team rehearsals, meet deadlines for calendared events, organize and promote student, class and school participation and have fun! Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA and cannot hold an ASB or class office.

5 credits - Grade(s) all  
Prerequisite: This 2.5 Co-Curricular Credit is available to any student athlete who competes on a Notre Dame Interscholastic Team 
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

To qualify for credit, student athletes must meet the following criteria:
Participate in 1 full season on a Freshman, Junior Varsity or Varsity team at Notre Dame.

  • Meet daily attendance guidelines for practices and competitions as established by the coach/athletic director.
  • Adhere to team rules and guidelines by the coach.
  • Adhere to athletic policies as stated in the Notre Dame Athletic Handbook


#1044 SPEECH AND DEBATE                                                                                    
2.5 credits  (per semester) - Grade(s) All
Prerequisite:  None
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

This course is designed for the student who is interested in joining and competing for the Notre Dame Forensics Team.  The student will gain valuable skills in oral delivery, critical thinking, analysis of current events, and team work.  Students may choose to compete in one or more state and national Individual Events, or one of four national debate formats. The purpose of this course is to give the competitive speech and debate student the opportunity to improve her communication skills through actively competing in local and state tournaments.  Students will learn to research and create speeches and arguments on various topics, includingpolitics and social justice issues. 

Students enrolled will be expected to prepare their own speech piece, or research and prepare their own debate arguments, attend weekly meetings, practice with the team at least twice a week (more during weeks before tournaments), compete in a minimum of one tournament per semester, assist their teammates in tournament preparation, and turn in assignments related to their events.  This course is offered as an 8th period class after school through the Speech & Debate program.

2.5 credits (per semester) - Grade(s) All
Prerequisite: None    
Does not meet CSU/UC requirement

Elected: Associate Student Body (ASB) School Council, Class Council, Homeroom Representative, Class Cheerleader
Selected: Peer Ministry Leadership Team (PMLT), Student Life Committee (SLC) Teaching, Advising and Serving our Community (TASC) Core/Service Reps

To qualify for a 2.5 Co-Curricular Credit, students in both elected and selected leadership positions must the following criteria:

  • Attend mandatory meeting as scheduled.
  • Hold a 2.5 or better GPA, and maintain the eligibility requirements during the academic year they are holding office
  • Adhere to the  Leadership Code of Conduct
  • Students must also be current and up to date with all service requirements and be in good standing with the Director of Student Life.

Each elected/selected position has different mandatory meeting and training requirements.  Students interested in applying for leadership positions should check the Leadership page of the Notre Dame website for more details.