Notre Dame Students use Facebook to Spread Compliments

By Claire Crinion '13

At Notre Dame, social media is not just likes and statuses. Students have created a forum on Facebook for sending support and encouragement to their peers. The page, called ND Compliments, was started anonymously by ND students, and other girls are invited to share words of praise and admiration for their classmates.  The forum is part of trend, begun to counteract cyber-bullying, that has spread throughout many high schools across North America.

ND’s Compliments page has gained more than 300 followers within a week of being started. Students have taken full advantage of the opportunity to share kind words about their ND sisters, with compliment updates at regular intervals every day. The compliments range from inside jokes between friends, to anonymous accolades from strangers. ND girls have praised each other for everything from having amazing style and being really in touch with their culture, to girls’ hard work on student council & in athletics and being great friends. Emily Cox (’15) commented, “I think it’s a great idea that reminds students that high school isn’t just about the grades, it’s about friends and sisterhood. The fact that we managed this without letting it turn into a gossip page just shows how unique the ND community is.” Senior Laura Pagan agreed, saying “ND Compliments is a good idea because it reminds people that they’re appreciated in a way that can also be lighthearted and funny.  Even though it’s anonymous, everyone can see the page and see the sort of connected community that we have here.”

The encouragement, kindness and compassion that students have shown their ND sisters on this forum reflects the values that Notre Dame tries to bring to life in our young women. The students are what make ND the caring and inclusive community that it is. The love and thoughtfulness students have demonstrated with ND compliments are a fantastic example of the school theme for the year, Pass it On. 


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