A Notre Dame graduate is a life-long learner who:

  • is college prepared
  • can access, integrate and apply knowledge across the curricular areas
  • can use a variety of resources –  civic, cultural, technological, creative –  to learn about her world
  • is able to wrestle with complex ideas and arguments
  • approaches her education with passion
  • respects diverse viewpoints and moves beyond assumptions
  • makes connections  and applies concepts beyond the curriculum to make informed choices
  • uses  technology comfortably, understanding its power, its limitations, and its mandate for ethics

A Notre Dame graduate is a spiritual seeker who:

  • recognizes and respects the Catholic perspective according to the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
  • respects diverse religious perspectives
  • honors the dignity of the individual,  embracing faith, gender and community affiliations
  • engages in prayer and personal reflection
  • develops healthy relationships with self and others
  • embraces environmental stewardship

A Notre Dame graduate is a justice advocate who:

  • seeks justice in local and global communities
  • recognizes and articulates social justice issues as reflected in Catholic Social Teachings
  • participates in direct service and stands in solidarity with others
  • acknowledges the inherent power and gift of diverse perspectives

A Notre Dame graduate is a community leader who:

  • makes choices grounded in knowledge, spirituality and justice
  • discerns  her passions and talents and develops skills for her life’s work
  • recognizes the legacy and contribution of women and connects to the tradition of Notre Dame
  • develops a positive sense of self, a dignity for self and a reasonable expectation of self
  • finds her unique voice and supports the voice of others throughout her journey of creative expression
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