Notre Dame High School is pleased to offer you the ability to access your daughter’s current grades and attendance via the internet in the language of your choice.  To access this information you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click here.  Using the drop down select the language of your choice. 
  2. Click on create an account – this will take you to a new page 
  3. Enter your first name, last name and email address.  In the “Desired User Name” field, create the user name for this account.  It is usually something you are familiar with and that is easy for you to remember.  In the “Password” field, you again create a password that you are familiar with.  Reenter your chosen password.
  4. In the Link Students to accounts:
    1. In the first field enter your daughter’s name
    2. In the access ID field enter the information as found on line 6a [field is case sensitive]
    3. In the Access password field enter the information found on line 6b
In the relationship field use the drop down to choose the correct relationship – failure to do this will cause an error and you will need to reenter all the information again
  1. Hit enter to complete the process.  You will then receive a congratulatory notice that your account has been successfully created and you can login using this new information to view your daughter’s information

f.    If both parents wish to have their own accounts, the second parent can create their own login and password in the same manner.  A unique/different email address must be used for each parent account.

  1.  Remember to log off when you are finished
    1. Access ID:        XXXXXXXXXXXX (unique for each family)
    2. Access Password is:    XXXXXXX (unique for each family)

You may track academic progress from any location that has internet access.  If you do not have internet access, the public library has computers open to access your child’s records.  Please keep your passwords confidential so only you can access the information.

The Grades and Attendance tab will allow you to check assignments and scores by clicking on the blue percentage across from a class.  To email the teacher a question or concern, please click the blue teacher’s link.  The Grades History tab will show you the grades your child received in previous grading periods.  The Teacher’s Comments tab is used to access current teacher comments for your student and the School Bulletin tab has a link to the current announcements for our school.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Power School please contact the school office at 408-294-1113 ext 2102 or

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