You can avoid a tax liability and support Notre Dame San Jose.

Donating a highly appreciated asset may allow you to avoid a significant portion of your tax liability while still receiving a charitable deduction. The gift of an appreciated asset is also a powerful way to support the mission of Notre Dame San Jose.

How Stock Donations Benefit You.

  • A federal income tax charitable deduction when you itemize
  • Deduct the full fair market value if you’ve held the stock for at least one year
  • Use your deduction up to 30% of your adjusted gross income; carry any unused deduction forward for up to five additional years
  • Avoid paying capital gains tax on all stock donated to Notre Dame High School

How Can I Make a Gift of Appreciated Securities to Notre Dame San Jose? 

The following information can assist your stock broker or bank in the transfer and delivery of securities:

For donations to Tuition Assistance 

Security Deposit
Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015
Account: 814-017750
Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose

For donations to the Endowment 

Security Deposit
Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015
Account: 814-015848
Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose
For donations to the Annual Fund 

Security Deposit
Morgan Stanley DTC: 0015
Account: 814-017749
Account Name: Notre Dame High School San Jose

If you hold the physical securities, you can directly mail or hand deliver the certificate(s) without any endorsement or assignment to:

Notre Dame High School
Attn: Development Department
596 South Second Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Please enclose a letter stating the purpose of your gift. And in a separate envelope, please include a signed stock power form for each gift.
Please note: that except for your signature exactly as your name appears on the stock certificate, the stock power form should be blank. You may obtain a stock power form from your banker or broker.

I’ve Already Made My Gift. Now What?

Please notify us of all stock gifts. A transfer document only gives the name of the stock and the value per stock. It can take months to discover the name of the donor who actually made the stock gift unless we hear from you first.

  • Notify us by e-mail –   
  • Notify us by phone – (408) 294-1113 ext. 2181
  • Notify us by mail – see above


If you have any questions about giving stock, please call the Advancement Office at (408) 294-1113 ext. 2125, from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. You may also email Leah Schnoor at      

Please note: We strongly encourage you to discuss your tax situation with an attorney or accountant.

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