It's That Time of Year - Science Projects!

It's that time of year again - science projects!  In the midst of our very own March madness, with Spirit Week, Woman's Place Project, the Young Women's Advocacy Summit, and the WASC visit, the biology classes are spending hours outside of class designing and setting up projects, predicting and writing hypotheses, and collecting and analyzing data. The biology room has been lively lately with students working in teams of two or three setting up their projects.  Harveen Sekhon, Simran Vakil and Elizabeth Tran (not pictured) are testing the effect of different pH levels on the germination of bean seeds using three solutions of hydrochloric acid (pH 1, pH 3, pH 5) and two solutions of sodium hydroxide (pH 9 and pH 11) with distilled water (pH 7) as a control. Other projects include the effect of different hydrogen peroxide solutions on radish seed germination, the effect of different salt concentrations on bacteria growth, the effect of population density on plant growth and the effect of pH on bacteria growth.  These hands-on projects are just one way the science department extends learning outside of the classroom.

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